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Juniper networks ssg 20

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Highmark delaware dental coverage We can remind metworks though? Track orders as soon as they have been dispatched. Customer Reviews. Since, security of a network is vital, the first and foremost task is to change the Juniper Networks SSG 20 router Default Login and Password to something more personal and secure. Ethernet Extenders. Ethernet Cables.
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Donald trump healthcare changes Popular IP mispellings As a business that carries EEE waste as part of our business process, we with the Environment agency requirement, to be registered as a Waste Carrier Broker. Sg Stand. You can also verify our registration number at the EA website. Ethernet Extenders.
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12v cummins for sale Or, in most cases, users find a way to forget them! View All Computers And Laptops. Hard Drives. Find a seamless wireless channel instead of what the router finds automatically. Open Command prompt In command prompt type netsh wlan show all You junipdr see a list of all wireless networks lake county society florida the channels being used in your vicinity. Computer Fans. As an established and respected business, we have the required Public, Professional and Employers Liability Indemnity insurance.
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How much does a 5.9 cummins weigh Solid State Drives. View All Network Storage. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Customer Reviews. Popular IP mispellings Core i7. Mobile Phones.

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An RJ to DB-9 adapter is supplied. AUX P or t. W e do not recommend using this port. The A UX port is typically assi gned to be the. The baud rate is adjustable fr om bps to 1 bps. P or t is offlin e. T raff ic is passing through. The baud rate is. P ort might be on but is not receiving dat a. Each mini phy sical interface module PIM supported on a device has the f ollowing.

Figure 3 show s. Y ou can install up to two mini PIMs in a device. T a ble 4 describes the meaning. C hannel B 2. C hannel B 1. T ype Name Color State Description. Blinking Indicates training is in pr ogress. Off Interf ace is idle. Off Indicates that no traff ic passing thr ough. Off Indicates that B-Channel 1 is not activ e. Off Indicates that B-Channel 2 is not activ e. Off Indicates that ther e are no alarms or f ailures.

Off Indicates that the loopback is not acti ve. Green On steadily Indicates a carrier was det ected and the. Off Indicates that carrier detect is not ac tive. Off Indicates that the serial interf ace is not in. Off Indicates that no traffic is passing thr ough. The y must be installed in the front panel slots. This section describes the back panel of an SSG 20 device:. Po w er Adapter. The first tr ansceive r WLAN 0 uses the 2. The second radio tr ansceiv er. The tw o radio transceiv ers can work simultaneously , F or information on.

A one-hole grounding lug is provided on the back of the chassis t o connect the. T o ground the device befor e co nnecting po wer , you connect a grounding cable to. Unlike diver sity antennae , which function as a pair ,. USB 1. When the. USB storage de vice is installed and configur e d, it automatically acts as a secondary. The USB host module allows file tr ansfers , such a s device configurations , user. The USB host module. T o use a USB flash key t o transfer files between the de vice , perform the follo wing.

Sa ve the files fr o m the USB flash ke y t o the internal flash storage on the de vice. Bef o r e remo ving the USB flash key , stop the host module with the exe c. It is now s afe to re mov e the USB flash k ey. If you w ant t o view the s av ed file information on the USB flash ke y or internal flash.

This chapter describes how to inst all an SSG 20 device in a standard inch. T opics in this chapter. The location of the chassis , the lay o ut of the equipment rack, and the security of. Observing the follo wing precautions can pr e vent shutdo wns , equipment f ailures ,. Products Safety Guide. Be for e working on any equipment, you should be aware of. Ensure that enclosed racks ha ve f ans and louvered sides. Y o u can front-mount an SSG 20 device int o a standar d inch equipment rack.

T o front-mount an SSG 20 device , you n eed a number 2 philli ps scre wdriv er not. T o install an SSG 20 device ont o a r ack:. Align the rack mount ears t o the device. Place the screw s in the holes and us e a phillips screw driver t o secure them. Mount the device on the rack with the pro vided scre ws. Plug the po wer supp ly int o the po we r outlet. T o connect the interface cable to a de vice , perform the f ollowing steps:.

Hav e ready a length of the type of cable used b y the interface. Insert the cable connector into the cable-connector port on the interface. Arrange the cable as f ollow s to pr ev ent it from dislodging or developing stress.

Secure the cable so that it is not supporting its own w e ight as it hangs to. Place any e xcess cable out of th e way in a neatly coiled loop. Use fasteners t o maintain the shape of the cable loops. T o connect the power t o a device , perform the f ollowing steps:. Plug the DC connect or end of the pow e r cable into the DC pow er re ceptacle on. Plug the A C adapter end of the po wer cable into an A C pow er source. An SSG 20 device pro vides fir ew all and general security for networks when it is.

This section. Y o u can connect your SSG 20 device to the untrusted network in one of the. Connecting Ethernet Por ts. T o establish a high-speed connection, conn ec t the pro v ided Ethernet cable from the. This Ethernet. Untrust security zone. The device autosenses the corr ect speed, duplex, and.

Y o u can connect to the untrusted networ k with an RJ straight thr ough se rial. Ethernet ports on the de vi ce to the t elephone outlet. Figure 5 show s basic network cabling conn ections for a device.

This figure show s. This section explains how t o connect the device mini PIMs to an untrusted network. In the case of Annex B models ,. A signal splitter divides the tele phone signa l int o low-fr equency v oice signals for.

Y our se rvice pro vider. There ar e also splitters that you ma y be able to install y ourself, depending upon. If y o u are installing such a splitter y ourself,. Y ou connect the othe r. Y o u may need t o install a microfilter on each telephone , fax machine , answ ering. The microfilter filters. Y o u install the microfilter on the.

Figure 6 sho ws an e x ample of a microfilter and a splitter that you install on y our. Y ou must obtain the appropriate mi crofilters or splitters fr om your service.

T o conne ct the mini PIMs to a device , perform the f ollowing steps:. Use fasteners t o maintain th e shape of the cable loops. Connect the Device to an Int ernal Network or a Workstation. Y o u can connect y our local area netw or k LAN or w orkstation with the Ethernet. An SSG 20 device contains fiv e Ethernet ports. Y ou can use one or more of these. Y ou can also connect one or all. If you ar e using the wireless interface , you need to connect the pr ovided antennae. If y ou hav e the standard 2d B omnidir ectional antennae , u se scr ew s to.

Bend each. If you are using the optional external a ntenna, follo w the connection instructions. When the device is. While the device has a def ault fact o ry. This chapter contains the follo wing sections:. NOTE: After you configure a de vice and verify connectivity thro ugh the remote network,. After r egistering your product, use the W ebUI to obt ain the subscription for. F or more inf ormation a bout r egistering your product and obt aining. Y o u can configure and manage a device in se ver al wa ys:.

T o configure. T o initially use the W ebUI, th e workst ation on which you run the W eb. Y o u can also access. T o configure the device , you enter. F ore more. Ref ere nc e G ui de fo r Scre enOS 5. Networks enterprise-lev el management application that ena bles y ou to control. T o establish a console connection, perform the f ollowing steps:.

Plug the female end of the supplied DB-9 adapter into the serial port of your. Be sure th at the DB-9 is inserted properly and secured. SSG Be sure that the ot her end of the CA T5 cable is inserted properly and. Launch a serial terminal-emulation program on yo ur workstation. The r equired. If y ou hav e not yet changed the def ault user name and passwor d, enter. Use lo wercase letters only.

The login and password fields are both case-sensitive. F or information on ho w to configure the de vice with the CLI commands, see. Optional By default, the c onsole time s out and terminates automatically after. T o remov e the timeout, enter set console timeout 0. Using the W ebUI. T o use the W ebUI, y ou must initially be on the same subn etwork as the de vice. Ensure that y our workst ation is configur ed f or DHCP or is statically configured.

L aunch y our br owse r , enter the IP ad dr ess f or the bgroup0 interf ace the default. IP address is The W ebU I application displa ys the login prompt as shown in Figur e 8. T o establish a T elnet connecti on, perform the follo wing steps:. Start a T elnet client app lication to the IP addr ess for the bgr oup0 interface the. F or ex ample , enter telnet The T elnet appli cation display s the login prompt. Optional By default, the console time s out and terminates automatically after.

This section describes the default sett in gs and operation of an SSG 20 de vice. T able 5 describes the default z one bindings for ports on the de vices.

A bridge group, bgroup, is designed to allo w network users t o switch between. By default,. Y ou can configure up to four bgr oups. If you want t o set an Ethernet o r wirele ss interface int o a bgroup, y ou must first.

Unsetting the Ethernet or wireless interface th at is in a bgroup places the interface. Once assigned t o the Null security zone , the Ethe rnet.

Port Label Interface Zone. T able 6: Wireless and Logical Interface Bindings. Y o u can change the default IP addr ess on the bgroup0 interface to mat ch the. F or configuring a wireless interf ace to a bgr oup,.

ScreenOS Refe ren ce Gu id e. There ar e no other default IP addr esses configur ed on other Ethernet or wir eless. Wireless i nterface. Specifies a wir eless interface , which is. Logical In terfaces. La yer2 interf ace vlan1 specifies the logical interf aces. T ranspar ent mode. T unnel interf aces tunnel. This interface is for VPN. NOTE: The bgroup interface does not w ork in transpar ent mode when it contains a. This section describes opti onal configuration:.

Changing the Root Admin Name and Pass wor d. The root admin user has complete privileges to configure an SSG 20 de vice. A dministrat or Name : Enter the following, then click OK :. Confirm New P assword:. The easiest way t o set the date and time on the device is to use the W e bUI to. A pop-up mess age pr ompts y ou to specif y if you ha v e enabled the daylight.

Click Ye s to synchronize the sy stem cloc k and adjust it according to. Bridg e Group Interfaces. Grouping interfaces sets interfaces in. Y ou can unset an interf ace fr om a group and assign it t o a different. Inter f aces must be i n the Null security zone bef ore they can be. T o place a grouped interf ace in the Null secu rity zone , use the. T o config ure a gr oup with Ethernet and wireless interfaces , do the follo wing:.

By default, any o ne in your netw ork can ma nage a device if they know the login and. Y ou can configure the de vice to be managed only from a specific host on. Manag ement Ser vices. The domain name defines the net w ork or subnetwork that the device belongs to,. The hostname and domain name. Host Name: name. Domain Name : name. The default r oute is a st atic route used t o direct pack ets addressed t o networks that. If a packet arriv es at the device with an.

Gatewa y: selec t. Manag ement Interface Address. The T r ust interf ace has the def ault IP addr ess Y o u can change th e default IP address on the trust interface. F or example , you. The SSG 20 device allo ws y ou to configur e a backup interface f or untrust failo ver. Set the backup interface in the Null security zone with the unset interface. Bind the backup interface t o the same security zone as the primary interface. NOTE: The primary and ba ck up interfaces must be in the same security zone.

T ype: track-ip se lect. This section pro vides information for co nfiguring the wireless interf ace on the. T o u se the wireless local ar ea network WLAN capabilities on.

States or Japan, then you must use the set wlan country-code command bef ore a. WLAN connection can be established. This command sets the selectable channel. All wireless clients that need to connect to in the T rust zone must. Y ou can also configure the device t o. If you want t o use any of the other wireless. Specifying SSIDs allow s you t o hav e multiple wireless networks r eside in the same. An SSID name can have a maximum of.

If a space is part of t he SSID name stri ng, then the st ring must be. Y ou can configure the device to use the 4 SSIDs on. F or ex ample , 3 SSIDs. Use the set interface. SSID: netscreen op en. Authentication: open. Encr yption : none. Y o u can set an SSID to operate in the same subnet as the wir ed subnet.

This action. T o set up a wireless interf ace for basic configuration, do the follo wing:. T o set an ethernet and wireless interf ace to the same bridge gr oup interf ace , do the. Authentication and Encr yption. This section explains how to configur e the mini phy sical interface modules PIMs :. Y ou can configure additional. F or more inf ormation, see. If y ou ar e using a T elnet or Console session, enter.

Authentication Encr yption. Open Allow s any wir eless client to access the dev ice. Shared-k ey WEP shared-k ey. WP A2 T o do this, y ou must obtain the. Y ou can. F or ex ample , to cr eate a new subinterface. Zone Name: Untr ust select. Y ou can also configure a static. These v alues must matc h the values that the service provider has. By default, the device uses LLC-based multiple xing for each virtual circuit.

Multiplexing Meth od: LLC s elected. T o config ure the user name ros wel l and passwor d area5 1 for PPP oE and bind the. Userna me: roswell. Ask your service pro vider if there. Y o u need to also specify that the de vice is to. Make sure that y ou select. PPP oA instance. T o configure the static IP addr ess 1. Static IP: select. If the. Y ou can either. T elecommu nications Union ITU.

As a dial-on -demand service , it has fast call setup. I SDN is also a circuit-switched service that can be used on both. ISDN pro vi des a service router with a. The ISDN interface is usually configured. T o config ure the ISDN interf ace , do e ither of the follo wing:. Primar y Number : DS-1 multiplexing method in North Americ a. A T1 interface operates at a bit-r ate. The devices support the f o llowing T1 DS-1 st andards:.

T o config ure the T1 mini PIM, do either of the following:. W AN Configure: main link. W A N Encapsulation: cisco-hdlc. Zone Name: un trus t. The E1 interface is a standar d wide area network W AN digital communications.

The devices support the f o llowing E1 standar ds:. T o config ure the E1 mini PIM, do either of the following:. Binding a PPP Profile: junipe r test.

Y ou ca n configure the serial interf ace as a primary or backup interf ace , which is. T o config ure the V. Inactivity T imeout: F or information on ho w to configur e the V. The devices are configur ed with a default policy that permits workstations in the. T r ust zone of y our network to access any r esource in the Untrust security zone ,. Y ou can configure policies that direct the de vice to permit outside. F or information. Ref ere nc e G ui de. The SSG 20 device pr ovides v ariou s detection methods and defense mechanisms to.

F or example , yo u can apply port scan protection on the Untrust zone to stop a. By default, no traffic is permitted. T o permit traffic to cr oss.

Select the. F or more information about configuring th e network security options av ailable in. V erify External Connectivity. T o verify that workstations in your network can access resources on the Internet,. Reset the Device to F actor y Defaults. If you lose the admin passwor d, you can reset the de vice to its def ault settings. Y o u can rest ore the device t o its default settings in one of the follo wing wa y s:. F or further info rmation, see the A dministration.

Y o u can reset the de vice and rest ore the f actory def ault settings by pr essing the. T o perf orm this operation, you need to either vie w the device status. T o use the reset pinhole t o reset and r estore the def ault settings , perform the.

Locate the reset pinhole on the rear panel. Using a thin, firm wire such as a. A message on the Console states that er asu r e of the. W ait for one to two seconds. The Console mess age now st ates that the de vice is waiting f or. Push the reset pinhole again for four t o six seconds. The Console message verifies the second r eset. The device then r e sets t o its original fa ct ory settings. When the device resets ,. Console display s device bootup messages. The system generates SNMP and.

After the device has r ebooted, the Console displays the login pr ompt for the. The login for username and password is. If you do not follo w the complete sequen ce , the reset process cancels without any. If the de vice. Ser vicing the Device. This chapter describes service and maintenance procedures f or an SSG 20 de vice. T ools and P ar ts Required. T o replace a component on an SSG 20 device , you need the follo wing tools and.

Replacing a Ph y sical Interface Module. Both SSG 20 models have tw o slots in the front panel fo r wide area network. The SSG device must be pow ered off befor e you can r emov e. The instructions in the guide warn y ou about situations that. Before w orking on any equipment, y ou should be aw are. They ar e not hot-swappable.

Removing a Blank F aceplate. T o maintain proper airflo w through the SS G device , blank fa cep lates should remain.

Do not remo ve a blank faceplate unless. The messages will go on for a few pages. After receiving the Loaded successful message, respond N to the message Save to on-board flash. When prompted to run downloaded system image, answer Y. Loaded successfully! Save to on-board flash disk? Run downloaded system image? If you inadvertently responded Yes to Save to on-board flash , then continue onto step 7, but make sure you perform the note in step 8.

The boot loader update utility will now run. Don't power off or interrupt the process. It may render the system non-bootable. Please don't power off during update. Otherwise, the system can not boot again. Update needed! Are you sure you want to update Boot Loader?

Done Update Boot Loader Done Verify Boot Loader Done Boot Loader has been updated successfully!

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Juniper Networks SSGSB for sale (refurbished). We sell Juniper Networks SSGSB Secure Services Gateway 20 at great prices and offer a full warranty on the Juniper . SSG5 and SSG20 Documentation (Products are EOS) The SSG5 and SSG20 have both reached end of service and areno longer supported. If you need SSG5 or SSG20 documentation . SSG The SSG 20 is a modular platform that delivers Mbps of Stateful firewall traffic and 40 Mbps of IPSec VPN throughput. The SSG 20 is equipped with five on-board 10/ .