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Kitty baxter chicago

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A month later, Casely admits that he lied in order to sleep with her. Enraged, Roxie shoots him dead. She convinces her gullible husband, Amos, to take the blame, telling him she killed a burglar in self-defense. As Amos confesses, Roxie fantasizes a musical number devoted to her husband "Funny Honey". However, when the detective brings up evidence of Roxie's affair with Casely, Amos recants; Roxie furiously admits the truth and is arrested.

Ambitious District Attorney Martin Harrison announces he will seek the death penalty. Roxie meets her idol Velma, but her friendship is rudely rebuffed. She learns the backstories of the other women there, including Velma " Cell Block Tango ". Flynn and Roxie manipulate the press, reinventing Roxie as an originally virtuous Southern woman corrupted by the fast life of the city; she claims that she had the affair with Casely because Amos was always working, but repented and left Casely for Amos, and Casely jealously attacked her "We Both Reached for the Gun".

The press believe the story; praised by the public as a tragic heroine, Roxie becomes an overnight sensation "Roxie". Velma, unhappy at losing the public's attention, tries to convince Roxie to join her act, replacing the sister that she murdered "I Can't Do It Alone" , but Roxie, now the more popular of the two rivals, snubs her just as Velma originally snubbed Roxie. Meanwhile, wealthy heiress "Go-to-Hell" Kitty Baxter, [5] is arrested for murdering her husband and his two mistresses, and the press and Flynn focus more on her.

To Velma's surprise, Roxie quickly steals back the fame by claiming pregnancy. Amos is ignored by the press "Mister Cellophane" , and Flynn, to create more sympathy for Roxie, convinces him that the child is Casely's, and that he should divorce Roxie in the middle of her predicament.

Roxie over-confidently fires Flynn, believing she can now win on her own. However, when Katalin Helinszki, a Hungarian woman on Murderess' Row who happens to be the only inmate to protest and insist on her own innocence , becomes the first woman in Cook County history to be executed by hanging, Roxie realizes the gravity of the situation and rehires Flynn.

Roxie's trial begins, and Billy turns it into a media spectacle "Razzle Dazzle" with the help of the sensationalist newspaper reporters and radio personality Mary Sunshine. Billy discredits witnesses, manipulates evidence and even stages a public reconciliation between Amos and Roxie when she claims the child is his. The trial seems to be going well for Roxie until Velma appears with Roxie's diary, reading incriminating entries in exchange for amnesty in her own case. Billy discredits the diary, implying that Harrison was the one who planted the evidence "A Tap Dance".

Roxie is acquitted, but her fame is eclipsed moments later when another woman, who had also shot her own husband, shoots her lawyer just outside the courthouse. Flynn tells her to accept it, and admits that he tampered with her diary himself, in order to incriminate the DA and also free two clients simultaneously.

Amos remains loyal and excited to be a father, but Roxie cruelly reveals that her pregnancy is false, and he finally leaves her. Roxie does become a vaudeville performer but is very unsuccessful "Nowadays". The similarly unsuccessful Velma reapproaches Roxie to suggest performing together as a double act consisting of two murderers. Roxie initially refuses, but later accepts when Velma points out that they can perform together despite their mutual resentment. The film concludes with Roxie and Velma receiving a standing ovation from an enthusiastic audience which includes Flynn, Morton, the jurors, and other acquitted murderesses , and proclaiming that, "We couldn't have done it without you".

The film is based on the Broadway musical of the same name , which ran for performances but was not well received by audiences, primarily due to its cynical tone. Although he died before realizing his version, Fosse's distinctive jazz choreography style is evident throughout the film, and he is thanked in the credits. The minimalist revival of the musical proved far more successful, having played more than 10, performances as of November 13, , holding records for longest-running musical revival, longest-running American musical on Broadway and second longest-running show in Broadway history.

Its runaway success sparked a greater appreciation of the original production and renewed stalled interest in a long-anticipated film, which incorporates the influences of both productions. The original production's musical numbers were staged as vaudeville acts; the film respects this but presents them as cutaway scenes in the mind of the Roxie character, while scenes in "real life" are filmed with a hard-edged grittiness. The George Abbott -directed production, starring Francine Larrimore and Juliette Crosby, ran for performances at the Music Box Theatre , and within a year was adapted to a film , in which Gaertner herself had a cameo.

The film is an adaptation of the play. Principal photography took place in Toronto, Canada. The courthouse scene was shot in Osgoode Hall. Several songs from the musical's original score were cut from the film, primarily due to the musical numbers being figments of Roxie's imagination. An instrumental of "Me and My Baby" can be heard in its spot, where Roxie enjoys the renewed fame after claiming she's pregnant.

It was released in Full Screen and Widescreen. In addition to this release, a two-disc "Razzle Dazzle" Edition was released over two years later on December 20, , and later, on Blu-ray format, in January and, in an updated release, in May Miramax was the label responsible for the production of the DVDs and the discs themselves provide a feature-length audio commentary track with director Marshall and screenwriter Condon.

The site's critics consensus states: "A rousing and energetic adaptation of the Broadway musical, Chicago succeeds on the level of pure spectacle, but provides a surprising level of depth and humor as well. The cast received widespread acclaim for their performances.

Chicago , along with the musical Moulin Rouge! The film Sunshine on Leith was also adapted from a stage production, originating with Scotland's Dundee Repertory Theatre. Japanese rock band Buck-Tick named their album Razzle Dazzle after the film's song of the same name.

The revived interest in musicals has also brought remakes or sequels to earlier films, including Beauty and the Beast in a live-action adaptation of Disney's animated feature , itself adapted for Broadway , the films: Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!

Notable original and biographical musical films have also been released to critical and commercial success since Chicago 's run, including Walk the Line , Once , Enchanted , La La Land , Rocketman , and Annette Other original and biographical musical films released to commercial success with mixed critical reception, includes Across the Universe , The Greatest Showman , Bohemian Rhapsody , Yesterday , Aline , and more.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Film by Rob Marshall. For the earlier silent version, see Chicago film. Chicago by Bob Fosse Fred Ebb. Producer Circle Co. Release date. December 27, Running time. This section does not cite any sources.

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Study Guide. Advertisement - Guide continues below. Previous Next. She's dragged to prison, where she apologizes if you can call this an apology : "Sure I'm sorry. Sorry I got caught. More on Chicago Navigation. What's Up With the Ending? Tired of ads?

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Epicor software china Rotten Tomatoes. Archived from the original on November 1, Retrieved August 2, Chicago play Chicago film Roxie Hart film. Chicago is a film based on a musical originally choreographed and directed by the legendary Click Fosse in
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Emblemhealth gold plus Archived from the original on March 26, Won [a]. Retrieved February 2, kitty baxter chicago Roxie's trial begins, and Billy turns it into a media chifago "Razzle Dazzle" with the help of the sensationalist newspaper reporters and radio personality Mary Sunshine. See more Derby Awards August 15,
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Swiped availity Grammy Awards [35]. Retrieved March 6, Best Motion Picture. Amos remains loyal and excited to be a father, but Roxie cruelly reveals that her pregnancy is false, and he finally leaves her. Billy discredits the diary, implying that Harrison was the one who planted the kitty baxter chicago "A Tap Dance".
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Chicago () - Lucy Liu as Kitty Baxter - IMDb Chicago () Lucy Liu: Kitty Baxter Showing all 1 items Jump to: Quotes (1) Quotes Reporter: Would you like to give us a word or . Armed with the belief that every ring, old and new has a unique story to tell, Kitty Baxter ring boxes were designed as a thoughtful, elegant keepsake that celebrates the chapters in life Missing: chicago. The Crossword Solver found 30 answers to "Actress who played Kitty Baxter in film musical Chicago (4,3)", 7 letters crossword clue. The Crossword Solver finds answers to .