accenture diversity and inclusion
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Accenture diversity and inclusion

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At Accenture, pay equity means that our people receive pay that is fair and consistent when considering similarity of work, location and tenure at career level. We conduct an annual pay equity review, and our last review was conducted in November Certain subsidiaries, including recent acquisitions, and countries with de minimis headcount were excluded from the analysis.

Discover how our commitment to , people from a variety of cultures, beliefs and backgrounds makes us more innovative. We believe the future workforce is an equal one. Learn more.

We are constantly enabling change so everyone can contribute equally. Our people with disabilities have access to the latest technology, resources and training for a barrier-free workplace.

We embrace authenticity at work—including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. We take action to create more opportunities for employment and advancement for our people from underrepresented communities. Our support for mental health and wellness accelerates our culture of equality and helps everyone to thrive. Learn how we infuse inclusion, diversity and sustainability into our procurement practices. Read more. We combine industry expertise and advanced analytics to help organizations advance inclusion and diversity.

Gender Equality. Disability Inclusion. Ethnic and Racial Diversity. Supporting our Clients. Skip to main content Skip to footer. What we believe. View Transcript. Inclusion Starts With I The importance of an inclusive work environment. How we foster a culture of equality. One global constant at Accenture is outreach to women, and its support for more than 80, takes many forms.

In , women participated in events in locations across 35 countries, and in , the company expanded events to locations in 40 countries. Accenture strives to provide an environment and culture that empower its women to define their personal approaches to success, and the global theme provides tools to help women define success. In their own words, the women — from around the world, at different stages of life, ages, roles and levels — define what it means to be successful and discuss their individual paths to success.

The company also has a tool to help Accenture women create a blueprint for defining their personal success. By responding to the questions, women can gain a clearer understanding of what is most important to them personally, what they value most and where they derive their greatest satisfaction.

Overall, Accenture is a diverse company by definition and by geography. What makes it an inclusive company is its deliberate focus on the people who make up Accenture and what they bring to their teams and clients every day.

A combination of respect and accountability governs the actions of the company from recruitment and training to succession planning and management diversity. The result is an environment that encourages all people to strive and achieve and to help each other and their clients become high performers. You can unsubscribe anytime. August 1, rrivero 50 Out Front.

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