who has bcbs highmark
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Who has bcbs highmark highmark blue cross blue shield of delaware medical policy

Who has bcbs highmark

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Highmark Comprehensive Care plans typically have higher premiums to afford you lower deductibles to make it easier to access frequent medical services with lower out-of-pocket costs. HSA-qualified health plans allow you to contribute pre-tax dollars to your health savings account to be used to pay for a wide variety of qualified health expenses, lower your taxable income and never lose the funds you build through to retirement.

HSAs continue to grow in popularity for people who want more control over their health care spending, lower taxes and supplemental retirement resources. Catastrophic plans provide coverage for unexpected major medical events for young adults under 30, as well as those who qualify for an ACA-qualified hardship exemption. Offering lower premiums than traditional plans, catastrophic coverage is a popular approach for young, healthy individuals who do not rely on frequent medical attention.

Choose from a wide variety of network providers for lower out-of-pocket costs with this HMO Gold metal tier level plan. Check to see if your preferred physician is a participant in this network. Just call We can also help you determine if you qualify for a premium tax credit subsidy.

We make it easy to understand and simple to help you select the best coverage while saving the most money each year. Call your local Highmark Direct Retail Store or click the link above to schedule an appointment. Store Locations.

Use your zip code to find a store in your area or check the listing below the map. Enter your zip code:. Make This My Store. Member Login Contact Us Privacy. Cancel Submit. The ZIP code you entered is outside the service areas of the states in which we operate. TTY call The ZIP code you entered is outside the service areas of the states in which we offer plans.

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WebHighmark Inc. or certain of its affiliated Blue companies also serve Blue Cross Blue Shield members in 29 counties in western Pennsylvania, 13 counties in northeastern . Web rows · Feb 24,  · Highmark Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Pennsylvania: PUI-Unallocated/Not Assigned: PUJ: Georgia: Anthem Blue-Cross Blue-Shield of Georgia: . WebHighmark is the largest health insurer in Pennsylvania with million members. Upon forming a partnership with Mountain State Blue Cross Blue Shield in , Highmark .