wageworks wont let me change to healthcare
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Wageworks wont let me change to healthcare aldo group address montreal

Wageworks wont let me change to healthcare

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You can manage and check your account through Health Equity and WageWorks online, over the phone, or mobile app. For the latest information, visit www. To Register enter your first and last name, your date of birth, your home zip code and the last 4 digits of your Employee ID Number 90…. Download the EZ Receipts app so that you are able to file claims and take care of Card use paperwork from your smartphone or mobile device.

The amount of your contributions to the plan must be determined prior to the beginning of the plan year. It cannot be changed unless you have a change in your family status marriage, divorce, spouse employment change, childbirth, adoption, death of spouse or dependent , you terminate employment with the University, or a change occurs in your dependent care payments which is beyond your control.

If you have a change in family status during the plan year, you have 45 days in which to change your deduction. For the current plan year, you may submit a claim for an eligible expense at any time during the plan year to Health Equity and WageWorks. Health Equity and WageWorks Health and Dependent Care reimbursement forms are available in the Human Resources, Payroll and Employee Benefits Office for your use when submitting claims, can be downloaded or submitted via mobile app or online by accessing www.

Box , Lexington, KY With your claim form, you must include an itemized receipt or Explanation of Benefits EOBs , especially if your insurance paid a portion of the expense. Itemized receipts must contain the five pieces of information required to help ensure the approval of your claim. They are:. Patient Name: Person who received the service or who the item is for. For retail store purchases, this may be excluded.

Provider: Who delivered the service or if a purchase, where was the item purchased. Type of Service: Detailed description of what service or product was paid for. Bag Tag is sufficient for prescriptions. Do not use highlighters on documentation. Handwritten documentation must include stamped provider information.

Do not send carbon copies or canceled checks, they typically do not include all five key pieces of information. Claims are submitted directly to WageWorks, our plan Administrator. Reimbursements are made by check or direct deposit. It typically takes between 4 to 6 days from the time you submit a claim to when it is adjudicated and either a check or an Explanation of Benefits EOB is issued or a direct deposit is made.

Each reimbursement check from WageWorks is valid for days from the date of issue. Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to cash reimbursement checks as soon as they are received. With direct deposit, you could prevent this from occurring with future reimbursements. Please note that it takes business days for the pre-note process to complete once you set up the direct deposit option for the first time. Until the pre-note is completed, reimbursement will be issued via check.

For employees enrolled in the Dependent care reimbursement plan, you can submit a reimbursement request to WageWorks for services even though you do not have funds available in your account.

Once funds become available during the current plan year, WageWorks will reimburse you for eligible dependent care claims with proper document either in full or partially depending on the reimbursement and the available funds in the account.

Each employee participating in the Medical Reimbursement Account will be issued a debit card that may be used to pay for eligible expenses at participating health care providers and pharmacies at the time of service or purchase. For a current list of IIAS merchants you can visit www. Health Equity and WageWorks will attempt to verify your transactions without asking for more information, such as using known plan co-pays.

If we are unable to do so, you will be asked to submit the itemized receipt for verification to WageWorks within 5 days of incurring the expense. Use of the debit card is an additional optional convenience but is not a requirement. If you chose to utilize the Health Equity and WageWorks debit card, please retain all receipts for your records. You may be required to submit proof of the transactions to Health Equity and WageWorks, or need it for tax purposes. If documentation is not received within 90 days, your card and those issued to eligible dependent s may be subject to suspension until documentation is received.

Each employee will have the option to utilize the Pay My Provider reimbursement option. This payment option is similar to online bank payment feature. To initiate the Pay My Provider payment option you must submit the required documentation in order for the eligible claim to be processed.

The request must be submitted by accessing www. All requests must be in place 10 days prior to the date that you want Health Equity and WageWorks to mail out the payment and the payment mail date is no more than 10 days to the service date. The Pay My Provider option can be used for as a one-time payment option, or set-up for recurring expenses.

If you terminate employment with the University and you still have money available in your Medical Reimbursement Account, you may continue to access these monies for expenses incurred after you leave as long as you continue to make your designated contributions to the account COBRA election. If you do not elect COBRA at termination and still have money available in your flexible spending accounts, you have ninety 90 days following your termination date to submit claims for reimbursement.

These claims must cover plan year expenses incurred prior to your termination date. A new program offered through our flexible spending account vendor, Health Equity and WageWorks, is the online FSA store, an e-commerce site exclusively stocked with FSA-eligible products-helping you eliminate the confusion of which products are eligible with your flexible spending account. For more information, visit www. Taxes do not apply to reimbursement checks you receive under the plan; therefore, you do not report these as income on your tax return.

Any claim you make for reimbursement under the plan cannot also be claimed as a deduction or credit on your tax return. Cookie Acknowledgement This website uses cookies to collect information to improve your browsing experience. Members will continue to access both accounts through their HealthEquity and WageWorks portals. We will notify you and your employees of any changes going forward regarding account access.

You will continue to access both accounts through your HealthEquity and WageWorks portals. We will notify you of any changes going forward regarding account access. The deal was finalized and HealthEquity and WageWorks officially became one company on August 30, In the near term, you will not have any changes or disruption to your account s or service. You will continue accessing your benefits through either the WageWorks or HealthEquity customer portals.

You will continue using your HealthEquity or WageWorks debit card. You will be notified well in advance if any debit card changes occur. HealthEquity and Wageworks A remarkable benefits partner HealthEquity and WageWorks have combined to create a new health savings and consumer-directed benefits partner for employers, benefits consultants, and health and retirement plan providers seeking to help working families connect health and wealth.

Read letter from Ted Bloomberg. Read press release. Service US-based benefits experts available live, every hour of every day. Security Strong privacy protections benchmarked against industry standards. Value Help your employees use their benefits to their full potential. Simplicity One team delivering an end-to-end solution on a single platform.

Engagement Education that helps families spend less today and save more for tomorrow. FAQ's We invite you to review the frequently asked questions listed below. Employer Questions. Acquisition When did this happen? Support Will I keep my account manager? For now, all customer service phone numbers will remain the same. You will continue to contact HealthEquity or WageWorks for account assistance.

Account Access I have accounts at both companies. How should I access my account? You will be able to access your account as usual. Product Solution Will products remain the same? Service and Operational Will my employees get new debit cards? Current open enrollment plans will remain as scheduled. Member Questions. Follow us. Connecting Health and Wealth.

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