6.7 cummins exhaust brake location
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6.7 cummins exhaust brake location highmark delaware hsa

6.7 cummins exhaust brake location

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My worries are warranty coverage based. How would this affect my 7 year factory warranty? What info can you provide me with regarding this issue? Great question! As with any aftermarket component added to a vehicle, there is potential for factory warranty complications, which is why it is imperative to select those products carefully from reputable manufacturers.

Essentially, if something as simple as a set of running boards are added to a vehicle, but they cause the frame to crack at their mounting points, any subsequent repairs would not be covered under the factory warranty if it is deemed that the running boards caused the damage. But of course, these questions are more prevalent any time we are dealing with engine upgrades due to the complex nature and expense of an engine. PacBrake as a company has years of experience in engine braking technology, servicing both light duty applications, as well as Class 6, 7, and 8, and even providing OEM in many instances.

Further, they have years or research and development put into the LoadLeash itself, before even releasing to market. Further, PacBrake complements their LoadLeash with an extensive warranty, that depending on how many miles your truck has on it at time of installation, will cover any possible damage done to factory engine components. For more information on their warranty, take a look at these two links:. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

If so, the simplest method is done by the dealer, or with a scan tool as it can confirm actual versus commanded braking function without having to mechanically remove anything. There are two common issues with the HEVE turbos that cause the exhaust brakes to not work. To remedy this, you can remove the turbo, then remove the compressor housing, and liberally clean it with brake cleaner, or similar.

Secondly, the electronic actuators are also known to fail and the only way to remedy this would be to replace the actuator, or the entire turbo. Many actuators require calibration, which also requires a trip to the dealer. Hope this helps, if you have any additional questions, please let us know.

When the exhaust brake button is turned off the noise stops. Is my turbo going out? Typically a noise like that when the brake is being engaged is a sign that something is not working correctly. The turbo can get to the point where the soot build up internally is so much that it starts affecting the operation of the electronic actuator itself and can cause odd noises when the brake is applied. Some are able to catch this early enough and have the turbo cleaned to regain proper actuation.

For your particular issue, I would have the charger further inspected to see what is causing the issue. It could be something as simple as an actuator rather than an entire turbo. I have a Ram diesel and have recently been having events where for a short time I think the exhaust brake is coming on without being directed to do so.

It did this occasionally for a few seconds over the last week but now it seems like it is stuck ON all the time. Engine will get rpms but EGT goes way up without much throttle input. Any ideas? Thank you for your question. It appears that the turbo is possibly stuck in a fixed position rather than actuating to the proper position for either driving or brake engagement. Please read the instructions carefully and apply them to get a solution to the problem.

Blown or disconnected fuses can be the culprit for the exhaust brake not working. Fixing the fuses is cost-effective and simple. Faulty relays can cause the 6. The next thing to check is Cummins relays.

Take pliers and remove the relay; the relay is also available near the fuses inside the fuse box. Take out the relays one by one with the pliers and check their connectors. Ensure no burnt wires are connected to the relay. Burnt or cut with the wires can make your exhaust brake not work. So ensure you have checked the wires and find them perfect. Checking the wires is simple; remove the fuse box and inspect the wires on the back.

Check the entire wires from start to end and ensure no wires are damaged or burnt. If you find the wire is damaged and needs repair, repair it or replace it for power continuity. For confirmation of power supply to the electronic parts, use a multimeter. Connect the wires with the multimeter and confirms wires are supplying power correctly. ECU connector is the major part that controls the electronic fuel injection system. So exhaust brake performance is directly connected with the ECU connector performance.

If there is an issue with the ECU connector, you will be unable to get the performance of the exhaust brake. ECU connector is located inside the dashboard near the engine. Take your screwdriver and remove the ECU compartment cover and inspect the connectors. Ensure all the connectors are delicate and there is no issue with them. If you find any connectors are bad or need replacement, replace them. The continuity system of your 6. If the continuity system fails to perform its responsibility, you will be unable to use the exhaust brake.

The ECU connectors can check continuity. Check the information on the connector; you will find all the information about the continuity pin on the connector. It may take some time; do not hurry; check it calmly. Check the continuity and make sure the power is running correctly.

Make sure the continuity system is working finely. I hope you will resolve the problem. If it still exists, call the professional guy to identify the problem to solve the issue.

There can be several reasons for the Cummins exhaust brake problem. But relays, damaged wires, and blown fuses are the major culprits for that problem. Check for wires, connectors, relays, and fuses.

If everything is okay, check the exhaust brake; you may have damage to it. If the exhaust brake is damaged, repair or replace it according to the situation. Check for the variable-vane actuators if the 6. You may have a problem inside the turbo clogged with carbon deposits.

Clean it to resolve the issue. You may have a problem with the relay, fuse, or wires. Exhaust brake ensures a safer ride on smooth roads, but you may face the problem over time. Fixing the exhaust brake is no doubt a complex and time taking task.

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