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Shea Butter repairs dryness and polyglycerin protects your locks from heat damage from styling tools. Contained in a cheery pink jar, the honey-scented hair mask had a slightly thicker and waxier consistency than most hair masks.

After shampooing, I scooped out enough product the size of two fifty-cent coins and spread it through the ends of my medium-length hair. I let it sit for about three minutes, before rinsing it off with warm water. When I rinsed the hair mask off, my hair felt smooth and silky; and I was able to run my fingers through it easily.

After letting my hair air dry, my tresses felt softer and smoother. I found less knots in my hair; but inevitably, it still got tangled once in awhile. I also noticed that my usually flat and straight hair had more body and volume. What I liked most was that the Essential Nuance Airy Hair Mask also kept my hair smelling yummy all day I had Korean barbecue for dinner and while my hair did smell like meat and smoke, the sweet scent of the hair mask remained and could still be detected by my friends.

I love that skinny brows are back, and I don't care what people s Beauty industry experts and enthusiasts share their travel beauty The price is rather afforable too.

I purchased mine for SGD 9. As I have really short hair, a container of this could last me for almost a year. However, I have been unable to restock this in KL since I finished my last container a month ago. Luckily I have found another hair mask that works awesome for me as well. I will share with you guys soon here. Deeply Moisturizing As what Kao Essential has claimed, the Nuance Airy hair mask has done miracles to my damaged hair.

My hair feels very soft and smooth after application, leaving it less frizzy and tangled. I feel very pleased that my hair actually appeared to be much more voluminous and shiny than before. Not only does it provide intense hydration to my dry and straw-like hair, it also makes my hair much more manageable now.

Unlike many other professional hair masks available in the market, the Kao Essential hair masks' formulations are very light, non-oily or sticky. The consistency of the hair mask is actually quite thick but does not weight down your hair. Of course I am clearly aware that I could get this from SaSa store online too.

But I just find it rather too expensive and not so worth to get it shipped to Malaysia. How to use this product I apply this hair mask while bathing every once or twice a week. I have tried applying this daily too during bad hair days where I seriously just need that extra moisture. However, some people might find the formulation too rich to be used daily. It will all depends on individual's hair condition. Basically, I will shampoo my hair clean first and towel dry them. I will then run my fingers through my hair to detangle them to ensure smooth and consistent aplication.

After that, I will gently apply and massage the hair mask onto the ends of my hair. As I am naturally born with oily scalp, I will avoid applying the hair mask directly onto my scalp. Wait for 10 minutes.

I will go ahead to shower myself and wash my face before I rinse the hair mask off. Avoid from getting your hair wet while waiting for the mask to penetrate into your hair. Remember to rinse the mask off well too as it will be very difficult and painful to get it off once it dried up on your hair.

I have personally experienced this myself before. Final Thoughts If you have been searching for a good and affordable hair mask that could help to improve your hair condition, why not give Kao Essential a try. This product would not be another over-rated or over-priced hair mask you would find in the market.

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