cummins 12 valve performance parts
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Cummins 12 valve performance parts cognizant business analyst job description

Cummins 12 valve performance parts

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Even use your own turbos. Significantly improves your diesel performance. DPS turbos are excellent 5. The best 5. DPS 1st gen Cummins Exhaust Manifold, is a 12V first gen cummins exhaust manifold built for performance, 3-piece expansion joints for durability. Direct bolt-on first gen Cummins part, flows way better than stock, cools EGT's, is a factory replacement.

OEM , Lower drive pressure, increase spool-up, power and performance. Built-in exhaust brake. A perfect 6. Stand alone electronics. Our 3-Piece 5. OE , Dodge Ford View all. Find Us. All rights reserved. All prices are entered excluding tax. Excluding shipping. We only carry quality parts manufactured by trusted brands. We will match the prices of parts that are advertised cheaper than ours, so you can be sure you are always getting the best deal.

Whether you need , , , or 2nd gen Cummins parts, we have everything stocked. Browse our huge selection of injectors, cooling system parts, air intakes, filters, differential parts, intakes, clutch parts, boost tubes, and much more.

We know you want to get your parts installed as soon as possible, and we work our hardest to ensure a speedy delivery on all of our orders. Feel free to explore our site; we offer a wealth of information on modifying your Dodge diesel, and are passionate about sharing the best methods to get the most performance possible out of your truck. If you have any questions about our selection, or a specific part, we are always here with the best technical support.

Shop our selection and order your Cummins performance parts today. Only from Fleece, a complete fuel supply upgrade kit for your Dodge Cummins. Includes a new sending unit and float to get your fuel gauge working again! Replacement turbo drain O-rings for all Fleece Performance turbo oil drain tube kits.

Contains two O-rings for the drain adapter that inserts into the engine block and one square cut O-ring for the turbo drain adapter. Straight Cut Fleece Performance hood stack covers are made from heavy duty vinyl and come complete with a properly sized band clamp to ensure a tight fit.

Replacement connector with 6 inch pigtail for use on the Cummins engine and other vehicle applications. Produced in-house, our manufacturing process includes fully automated wire cutting and terminal crimping to ensure you get the highest quality

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