2020 ram 2500 cummins towing capacity
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2020 ram 2500 cummins towing capacity jobs in baxter tn

2020 ram 2500 cummins towing capacity

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The Chrysler 68RFE transmission clicked off smooth shifts and was generally unobtrusive. Given the power band of the torquey diesel, six gears was plenty. The one difficulty I faced in a more urban environment was height. Yes ó city problems ó but worth mentioning. Thankfully, Ram offers a more traditional 8. I heard a narrative at the Ram HD launch surrounding the power tailgate release, rear air suspension, and cargo camera.

In theory, someone can utilize those three buttons in that order and hook up to their gooseneck trailer with ease. As mentioned above, the drivetrain was great. With a trailer attached, it made acceleration effortless, and braking was aided by an automatic exhaust brake.

It adds a good deal of confidence when towing at night. I can usually come up with one or two items I dislike about a particular vehicle. In this case, it was difficult to find anything too glaring. The truck is quite tall and the noise of the big Cummins turbodiesel could be quieted a bit.

In general, though, the Ram was an excellent companion for my racecar-hauling needs. Trucks are so luxurious these days. Sounds like a capable and well-executed hauler from FCA. If you stick to a smaller enclosed like I have, the Tundra will pull it fine as-is. Only need a if you go with something big. They are very swanky though, even in prior-generation trim. Im debating buying this exact truck to tow my lb 30 ft travel trailer. Did the truck seem well planted and very stable towing?

Hey Kipp! Yes, this truck was very stable with the trailer attached. Any half ton would have a rough time with something that long.

The coil-based suspension as opposed to leaf springs improves tide quality quite a bit. Nice review! They employ a grid heater incorporated into the air intake system. Additionally, the truck features a Trailer Hitch Light to help you to view your trailer hitch for easy hitching day or night.

The Ram boasts a maximum payload of 4, pounds when equipped with the 6. Skip to main content. Shopping Tools. Menu Main Menu. Main Menu. Ram Life. Skip to main navigation. Watch a live feed displayed in the Digital Rearview Mirror provided directly from a trailer camera connected at the rear bumper. Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring Get live tire pressure readings for up to four trailers delivered digitally to the Driver Information Digital Cluster Display on your dashboard.

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