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Cognizant healthifyme

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Crack Your Fitness Formula now! A Connected Fitness Ecosystem Improve your health holistically, more consistently and experience change like never before. Better Tech. Better Health.

A connected fitness ecosystem that helps you achieve your health goals faster and more consistently. Elite Coaches Best-in-class Coaches for supreme guidance and motivation. Better Health Insights Detailed insights to keep you on track and help you improve your health regimen. Healthify with Pro. Like a Pro. Know More.

It tracks your glucose every minute. So you know what to eat and when to burn. Smart Scale Smart in every way, the Smart Scale breaks down body weight into body fat, muscle mass, protein, hydration and bone mass. According to crunchbase. In , HealthifyMe decided the time was ripe to expand its operations. It began its global rollout in Malaysia. Within the first month alone, it had over 15, subscribers.

Buoyed by its success, it began exploring new territories, first in Indonesia and the Middle East and later in Singapore and Brunei. Our vision is to make healthy living accessible for all. In , Ria, which now handles 80 percent of all user queries, was integrated into Alexa built-in devices and added to Amazon Echo speakers as an Alexa skill. Health is about more than physical fitness. In , HealthifyMe made the decision to broaden its remit after recognizing that mental wellbeing is just as important as physical health.

We all know that making wise decisions about our dietary choices is easy enough when we cook our own meals, but all our careful planning and sensible decisions tend to go out the window the moment we look at a takeout menu.

The consequences for most have been devastating. Not so HealthifyMe, though, who credits the increased interest in health and wellbeing inspired by the pandemic with doubling their user base and revenue. Speaking to todaysnewnews.

We want to expand more into Southeast Asia. According to its official website , 80 percent of its users have seen a decline in lifestyle disease indicators. A further 50 percent have seen a 15 percent decline in lifestyle disease indicators. Since its launch, HealthifyMe has teamed up with numerous brands for campaigns and projects aimed at delivering its healthcare message to as many people as possible.

It now enjoys an outstanding 4. HealthifyMe operates on a freemium model, offering basic services free of charge but additional features, including access to personalized nutritional and fitness advice from qualified professionals, via paid subscription. As republicworld. The platform, which was launched in collaboration with Cowin and is available on both the website and app, offers real-time information on available slots at local vaccine centers. Each year, HealthifyMe hosts a tech product event in which it shares its vision for the coming year, showcases the newest technology, and discusses its key partnerships and launches.

As thenewsminute. Having cornered the market in personal health and wellbeing, HealthifyMe is now moving into the corporate space. Promising increased engagement, team-based activities, individual progress reports, and access to personalized coaching and diet and workout plans, the expectations are high — based on the results, it seems to be meeting them.

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Answer (1 of ): As a former employee for this organisation I would highly not recommend it. I'm a medical professional and I had to join as a fitness consultant. For starters they wrote . Jul 25,  · Since its launch, HealthifyMe has teamed up with numerous brands for campaigns and projects aimed at delivering its healthcare message to as many people as possible. Just a . Cognizant has deep expertise providing business process transformation and managed services across the healthcare ecosystem. We draw upon decades of transformative industry .