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Kevin J Anderson, one of the founders of Superstars who is probably best known for his Dune books or Star Wars books, has a story in there, too. Pup is snoring away on the other side of the desk, so time to get some writing done.

Hope all is well with you. First, Happy Holidays! I hope you and yours including your furry friends are well. I am currently sitting here typing away to the snores of my girl as she keeps me company.

Victory is mine. Or you could read it now, which is why I just went and hit publish instead of put it on pre-order until mid-January. Paperbacks are making their way to other stores.

Kobo is having a sale in Canada and the U. Check it out here. I made the foolish? A very good sign of a good neighborhood IMO. Unfortunately I realized that by writing the Housebound Holiday book I wrote myself into a corner and I have yet to decide how to get myself out of that corner.

See CliftonStrengths for an explanation…. That may lead to my recording audio versions of the books at some point, though, so who knows it may work itself out in a positive way. Probably for most of us at this point.

I just got the call that my grandpa passed away. My pup and I were able to visit with him and his lovely wife on our way back to Colorado seven years ago and it was a good visit. But the man I knew always had a good heart and a gentleness about him. He loved my grandma and was by her side until the day she passed. He was a gifted craftsman, too. Those were good years when they were with us. We lost touch after my grandma and then my dad died. But thanks to the efforts of his new wife we were finally able to reconnect about a decade ago and spend those few days together.

He deserved that happiness. It was a good end for a good man who made the best of a tough start. No large print on these ones because each one is about an inch-and-a-half thick in regular print. And for those who have already read all the books, I do expect there to be more, but this has been a year and I may have a big move up ahead, so unfortunately no timeline to provide yet.

And if you have already read it, PD Workman has a list of additional free mysteries available right now up on their blog. And now I think I might expand that to a novel with a mystery involved as well which takes more time. Unfortunately, I do have a few things to tie up before that next title will be out. I have some non-fiction titles that needed updating and since non-fiction is what pays the bills at the moment, that has to take priority.

Skip to content December 14, aleksabaxter. Not a new book, sadly, but…something else. June 10, June 10, aleksabaxter. But I do want to know. But if that is you, now you know what happened. June 8, June 8, aleksabaxter. April 1, aleksabaxter. February 6, aleksabaxter.

December 14, December 19, aleksabaxter. Just when Maggie May Carver thinks her life is finally going to settle into happy newlywed bliss, a very scary man finds her and asks for her help in solving a thirty-six-year-old murder. While a smart person would say no, Maggie feels compelled to at least give it a chance.

October 3, aleksabaxter. See CliftonStrengths for an explanation… That may lead to my recording audio versions of the books at some point, though, so who knows it may work itself out in a positive way. June 7, aleksabaxter. Love you, Grandpa. May 25, aleksabaxter.

I like to email clients in between sessions with articles, worksheets, and helpful strategies based on client needs. Watson Behavioral Health Inc. Your new journey starts at Watson Behavioral Health where you will get a combination of therapeutic interventions that are tactical and beneficial to many of life's stresses.

We are suited and skilled in various areas of child and adolescent behavioral issues, mental health, family conflict, marriage issues, etc. We look forward to hearing from you. Are you feeling discouraged, powerless, or hopeless? I can help you find a safe haven, whether you lost it, you are trying to build it, or you feel like you never had it. I have always enjoyed working with children, adolescents, and their families.

In addition to my work with children and families, I also offer assessment and treatment planning services for adults on the autism spectrum and with other developmental concerns.

Office is near:. If you are a professional career woman who feels pulled in different directions then you have come to the right place. Is everyone competing to get a piece of your time and energy? I am an expert at helping busy professional women restructure their lives so they feel less stressed and more fulfilled. My purpose is to help you create balance so you can live a healthier, happier and more productive life.

Are you experiencing any level of anxiety or experiencing life challenging issues? Or, are you experiencing challenges in your relationship or having a difficult time in coping with today's climate? Life is full of challenges, and if you've been looking for a therapist who is empathetic and who can integrate a spiritual framework in the counseling process - look no further. Are you in search of support? Perhaps you need help identifying and working through things that are keeping you from feeling content in your life?

Maybe you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depleted, or just not yourself. I strive to create a warm, supportive environment where you can safely explore yourself and the issues troubling you. It is my mission to help you navigate experiences and challenges within your life, in a way that is both meaningful and oriented with your personal goals, in order to foster healing and growth, as you see it! Feeling unsure about your personal goals? We can work on defining those, too!

Let's begin! If you are looking for a holistic approach to counseling, I can help. My philosophy is to equip you with the strategies that enable you to live a fulfilled and rewarding life.

I partner with you to navigate the obstacles you are experiencing, as well as empower you with the courage and confidence to confront past and future obstacles. I employ the psychological strategy that is necessary to help you with your unique issues.

Waitlist for new clients. I believe that entering therapy is an act of courage and trust, and I take that trust seriously. I strive to provide a safe, compassionate, and respectful therapeutic experience. I also believe that therapy works best when it is collaborative. Not accepting new clients. Hi, I'm Genobia. What's your story? My ideal client is someone who is willing to evaluate the story of their life so far, revise this current chapter, and to make a rough draft of the next chapter.

Whether you are dealing with a life transition, anxiety, depression, burnout, or grief, this chapter can have a happier ending, if you are willing to work with me. Atlanta, GA Have you been struggling in your relationship? Have you just lost someone you love? Do you sometimes question your worth and lovability? You do not have to be alone in your journey. I can help you unpack what's going on with curiosity and compassion. I offer the emotional support and guidance you need to find a sense of wholeness and empowerment instead of avoidance and isolation.

I draw from a variety of therapeutic approaches because therapy isn't one size fits all. I have been working with people in Atlanta as a licensed clinical psychologist for36years.