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Dragon naturallyspeaking by nuance

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Internet connection activation : An internet connection is required for automatic product activation a quick, anonymous process and to access online help. Dragon Home version 15 speech recognition. Act now. Ready to purchase Benefits The most intelligent speech recognition for home use. Featuring Nuance Deep Learning Technology. Dictate at the speed of thought. Dictate homework assignments, emails, chronicle your family history and more Transform your ideas into text at the speed of thought.

See what Dragon fans are saying. The ease of use and the learning curve of the software were great. Pretty much load it, spend a few minutes training and I was up and running. I'm 14 and have a problem with reading and writing which is related to dyslexia. I really like the read back function. I have just started using Dragon, and it has totally changed my Internet usage. Now that I can type the Internet has really opened up to me. Email and calendar Keep up with your inbox and calendar Email friends and family by dictating, editing and sending messages with Microsoft Outlook, or with Gmail—the most popular web-based email application.

System requirements. Dragon Home digital download. Free hard disk space: 8GB. Supporting operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7, 8. Web browsers: Internet Explorer 11 or higher, or current version of Chrome or Firefox.

Sound card: Sound card that supports bit recording. Dragon will never leave you speechless. Keep up with documentation even on the road or out in the field.

Dragon works with popular form factors such as portable touchscreen PCs. And Dragon Professional Individual syncs with Dragon Anywhere now with 12 months access included , letting you create and edit documents of any length by voice directly on your iOS or Android device for seamless productivity no matter where your job takes you. With advanced personalization features, like the ability to create custom commands and custom words, Dragon Professional Individual allows you to tailor it to the way you work for big productivity gains.

Feature demo See how to use the auto-texts feature to insert frequently used text and graphics Open a new window. Dictate into a digital voice recorder and Dragon will automatically transcribe the recordings when you connect to your desktop.

Streamlined setup makes transcription faster and easier than ever. Feature demo See how to use a digital voice recorder and Dragon to transcribe voice files into text Open a new window. Faster processors yield faster performance. Supported operating systems: Windows 7, 8. An Internet connection for product download and automatic product activation a quick anonymous process.

Dragon Professional Individual for documentation productivity. Drive documentation productivity—all by voice Put your voice to work to create reports, emails, forms and more with Dragon Professional Individual, v15—now with 12 months access to the Dragon Anywhere Mobile app included at no additional cost. Act now. Ready to purchase To order in volume Contact sales. Find your solution. See Dragon at work Let Dragon work for you As a business professional, you face heavy documentation demands each day.

See how Dragon Professional Individual can work for you. Dragon learns the words and phrases you use the most to minimize corrections Optimizes accuracy for speakers with accents or in slightly noisy environments such as an office cubicle Smart Format Rules automatically adapt to how you want abbreviations, dates, phone numbers and more to appear Apply formatting by voice, such as bold or underline Work within popular business applications.

Work on the road Get documentation done anytime, anywhere Keep up with documentation even on the road or out in the field. Learn more about Dragon Anywhere. What people are saying about Dragon Professional. Dragon is a part of my window. It helps me do what I do. I use Dragon to dictate my messages and don't even have to hit the enter key to send them.

A simple "click Send" command is all it takes.

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