nuance speakers specs
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Nuance speakers specs

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Nuance speakers specs Perfect speaekrs speakers. The selling was unscrupulous and so many got suckered into buying this overpriced crap on long term payment plans. You are using an out of date browser. Please message with pictures and prices. Search titles only. Diffusori hifi da pavimento Marten Django xl.
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Nuance speakers specs Anyway, I am not here to trade words. Free returns. Nuance Spatial Tower Speakers. Maybe the selling technique was suspect. Available inventory. Musical Goodness.
Amerigroup florida kid care providers She was rocking 2 Alexa in stereo. Not Specified 2 Items 2. Very good condition. Sorry to be so tribal but you actually ever heard good speakers? Skip to main content.
Epcs form change healthcare I auditioned using dark side aja. Bookshelf speakers. For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. Very Good Condtion!! Musical Goodness. Solidly built, great sounding Center speaker from Nuance.

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I agree that they are wwwaaayyy to over priced. I see ads all the time of people seliing Nuance for fractions of their retail price. One guy I knew was selling his XL I think , which he paid over 20, for, for only 5, Still overpriced in my opinion. Which really doesn't matter. I don't think I've ever heard of this brand. I'm familiar with Fluance but not nuance Yesterday I thought I knew of them, today I've convinced myself that I don't, but I'm not actually convinced.

I realize that made no sense. I own a pair and sold my entire Apogee collection for them. They are great quality and a true audiophiles dream. Keep on rocking. Originally Posted by Florian. Originally Posted by GMichael. JoeE SP9. No i am serious, i learned from this forum that its the music that counts and not the speakers and prices.

So i sold my Apogees and bought some Nuances. I am dissapointed at how the brand is treated here and for my choices. You guys should straighten up! Come on Flo. Won't you join us over here? Mmmh, sorry guys but i traded them in for the nuance home cinema set so that i can sell the high end vinyl setup go into digital audio using my high end squeeze box and enjoy simulated 5. Originally Posted by PAT. I want the old Flo back. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.

Replies: 10 Last Post: , PM. By macduffy in forum Speakers. Replies: 9 Last Post: , PM. Underpowering speakers? By gdew in forum Speakers. Replies: 23 Last Post: , AM. Floor Speakers 2-way or 3-way???? By bcexpedition in forum Speakers. Replies: 4 Last Post: , PM. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. You may not vote on this poll Love um 4 You can call this guy names, but you did ask our opinion on the speakers I think the statement above does describe the general consensus on the speakers although I suppose a less aggresive descriptor could have been used.

That said, if you are happy with them, then that is all that matters. Join Date Jul Location Mortsel, Antwerp, Belgium, Europe, Earth Posts 3, ooh, yeah, before i forget, the link i gave you is a link to a forum, in the topic is a link to nuance's site, there you will find nothing, the only useful thing i found there was a manual, which proves my point of mass made speakers.

Posts 13, Originally Posted by Florian I own a pair and sold my entire Apogee collection for them. Keep on rocking The sky must be falling. Keep on rocking I'm so terribly hurt. You didn't give me the option to buy that Apogge stuff. I would have traded you straight up for some Nuance POS. There is a reason Canadian speakers are good quality. I heard them in one of their hard sell mall locations. I build speakers with the finest of drivers and components.

I walked out of there shaking my head and laughing. A real con job. Nuance company were box stuffers of the worst order. The founder a Known con man. Get over it. I bought StudioLab speakers: shit of the same ilk back then. I grew up and actually learned something about audio and electronics thanks to an engineering education. Drivers crappier than anything you can buy at Princess Auto in the bargain bin.

And vinyl Black wood grain thermowrap not veneer, crossovers with small gauge wires in the coils and electrolytic caps. I just helped gut the top of the line model with a buddy who found them in a dumpster. These were targeted at frat boys who think loudness equals quality.

Sorry to be so tribal but have you actually ever heard good speakers? More negative comments about them except from another defensive guy her at this link. Is it you again? Now looking for information on the lawsuits against International Stereo, Nuance and Baker about criminal sales and financing schemes. Fat chance. Anything the salesman told you is a lie.

Baker is one of the great and colourful hucksters in the consumer audio trade. He's like a turn of the century snakeoil salesman. You really begin to believe his speakers will get you laid! How do I know all this? A long time ago, I worked for him A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.

Welcome to AudioScience Review. The comments following his reviews should be the only place for us to comment.

Never defended nuance before now so wasn't me and it's not nessacary to be insulting to make your point. I was not aware of any of what you just posted and it's disheartening to see. I knew only very recently about how much nuance was over pricing and giving high sales commissions for product pushing. However as I mentioned I was not exposed to the high pricing or the q demonstration that I hear about either.

I auditioned using dark side and aja. I'm not a rich man so would not pay crazy for anything. What I paid for my nuance 5. Took a couple of weeks to decide. They are what sounded good to me that fit my budget. Did I hear better speakers. Yup lots of them. Paridigm monitor series being my choice then, but not at an extra grand that I didn't have. Again the best I heard for my budget.

A decent starter system that lasted several years while we grew kids plus I sold all the speakers used for Are nuance speakers worth what I hear some payed for them. Hell no. Are they worth what I payed. And thanks to that used market I now run the very paradigm speakers I wanted then in my ht now, except their sub.

Do I know good gear. Yup pretty sure I do. Will I spend stupid to get it. My hobby over the last 4 years is finding speakers in need of restoration. Stuff that's being sold as parts or damaged are often repairable. That's how I got my paridigm setup mostly.

I sell them after fixing them. Thanks for the links btw. Very insightful. Again my apologies. I was so triggered by the word Nuance. Some small bookshelves were in the same location as the giant ones we gutted too and my buddy is using them.

I appreciate the sentiment. I went off a bit too. Sorry for that. If it matters my whole point that I didn't do a good job of conveying btw is that good sound is relative. And like everything it follows the cost benifit line. I know this is an old post but I felt pissed that nuance is deemed crap.

It is if you pay too much. Everybody speaks highly of the paridigm atom as a great speaker. For is price point vs value it is. When new. But given the used price of atoms vs the nuance. Not even close. Btw my daughters system I put togehter with said nuance speakers with recapping and a Denon avr cost her a bucks. She was rocking 2 Alexa in stereo.

I told her I could get her 10 times the sound for a Speakers and caps and lying around roxal 55 bucks. Denon avr 40 bucks. Avantree roxa Bluetooth Result 10x the sound. You should have seen the smile on her face. Does she care that her speakers are not the best.

It's far better then she ever had. Plus she gets the satisfaction of paying for a deal and having better sound then most if not all of her friends. Sorry to babble. Weird driver mountings. Soniclife Major Contributor Forum Donor. Click to expand Soniclife said:. Look at the cut out in the grill, if done correctly it's better than the way lots of hi-fi speakers and grill works. Joined Feb 4, Messages 2 Likes 0. Hi, I'm new here.

I'm in the market for some speakers and driver units and came across some Nuance. I agree that this brand made some or many just "so so" speakers while there were lots "not so bad" when we know the kinda price tags we are talking about.

But I have a very uncomfortable feeling from one harsh comment from G above. As matter of facts we can find American flood market with crapy products tangible or intangible , and were over-acclaimed than they deserve.

There are no lack of American Speakers over-rated putting profit margin before quality. Just because they are "American", so they kept you quiet? See today no lack of great Canadian brands, soon after changed hands to Americans, were sent to m.

All these, using cheaper parts, cheaper places to maximize profit, so what's wrong with Nuance trying to make a few bucks. Contrary to that comment, I hold that many Canadian products were and are not "hard-sell" enough, and I blame them not tenacious enough to hold tight their brands at home, like many European family-owned businesses. PS: background info: I was a manufacturer myself, I know how difficult to survive in this highly competitive market as small or medium manufactory , and before that as an employee, working decades as regional executive of American corporations, I know their tricks and business phylosopy too well.

Last edited: Feb 6, Tabledance, Welcome! The above criticism of Nuance has nothing at all to do with them being Canadian. The criticism is almost entirely based on the Nuance brand being exclusively sold by the "International Stereo" chain of stores which by all accounts were not ethical in their sales techniques, pricing, and financing.

Dishonesty in s stereo retailing was not exclusive to Canada. My first industry jobs were with Denver dealers who were frequently sued and finally shut down because of unethical business practices.

As Rich points out in message 10 above, the price you actually paid depended on your luck, savvy, and negotiating skills. Fortunately this kind of speaker marketing is now mostly limited to the back of white vans. Before this thread I knew nothing of Nuance founder George Baker. Co-founder of Audio Products International, at one time the largest speaker manufacturer in Canada, he was also responsible for high quality high value brands like Energy. That said, any evaluation of George Baker and the Nuance brand should be

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WebAug 19, Nuance Speaker Wiring Diagram. Nuance Speaker Wiring Diagram from To properly read a electrical wiring diagram, one offers to learn . WebMar 22, The story goes that they would be sold as $ speakers that just happen to be on sale for half price when in reality they never sold for full price and even at half . WebNUANCE speakers High quality, Made in Canada, not "white van" speakers. Smooth, detailed, not boomy, but they can rock if needed. They have never been .