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Aetna is a well-known health insurance company that offers fertility treatment and a comprehensive host of resources to help you determine your likelihood of success with fertility treatment, find an infertility provider, and learn about fertility treatments via videos and other resources.

Its extensive online library of tools, videos, and resources around infertility that will help you learn more about fertility care and how to access it helps Aetna earn the best additional resources spot. They exclude people trying to get pregnant over 40 from some of their fertility health care. Aetna has a rating system that identifies a small number of fertility care facilities as Institutes of Excellence IOE.

This is a limited network of facilities and providers who have a great track record of providing fertility care with positive results. Aetna does not offer individual and family plans on the health insurance marketplace. They only offer Medicare, Medicaid, and employer-sponsored plans. They have an app that helps you manage your care to make navigating your coverage easier. Founded in and headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, Aetna operates in 50 states and Washington, D. The company has an A financial strength rating from AM Best.

Read the full Aetna review. Progyny is a premium fertility insurance benefit that companies are able to offer their employees to provide them with the best access to assistive reproductive technologies. It provides coverage only for fertility treatments. They provide the most comprehensive and premium coverage out of any plans on this list, giving it the top nod for assistive reproductive technologies.

A standalone policy to help employees with their fertility struggles, Progyny provides benefit packages to employers who are looking to recruit and retain employees with attractive fertility coverage. Progyny is such a good plan because its approach focuses on results instead of on reducing costs. Every member needing fertility treatment is assigned their own Patient Care Advocate who helps them coordinate appointments, provides emotional support and answers their treatment questions.

The plan sometimes includes medications for fertility treatment with next-day medication delivery. Progyny works with fertility providers at locations across the country, which is the largest national fertility network for a provider of its kind. They also offer resources for dealing with the emotional side of fertility issues and treatments. Started in , Progyny is a more recent addition to the fertility insurance market but provides a customized fertility experience for those whose employers offer the plan.

Progyny has over client companies offering its benefits to over four million employees. The fertility insurance companies that made our list have different types and qualities of coverage for fertility treatment and diagnostics. Except for Progyny, all are part of larger health care plans with fertility services offered as part of that plan. Your coverage from some of the health care insurance providers on this list might vary depending on your state.

However, all offer coverage options for those experiencing infertility. When choosing a fertility insurance provider, consider the following:. Fertility insurance is generally offered through a regular individual and family, group, or government-sponsored health plan. However, if you purchase an individual or family health plan through the health insurance marketplace , you can choose one that offers fertility services.

Some people in need of fertility coverage will also purchase a separate private health insurance policy via the health insurance marketplace that offers full health care coverage but has better coverage of fertility treatments on top of the health insurance coverage their employer offers them. Some employers also offer fertility-only coverage as part of their benefits package, but these plans are not sold to individuals.

Seventeen states have laws that require private insurers to cover some forms of infertility services, and other states are in the process of putting through legislation requiring them to cover it. Many health insurance plans offer fertility coverage outside those states, as well. To find out if your private insurance covers fertility services , contact your plan administrator. Fertility treatments are expensive, but more regular health insurance plans are starting to cover them.

This is partly because 17 states have now mandated that fertility treatments must be covered. More states are moving to legislate fertility coverage, as well. In states that do not have these mandates, you might need to get a more expensive policy in order to get fertility treatments covered. We evaluated a dozen health insurance companies that offered fertility insurance and evaluated them based on things like treatments offered, diagnostics covered, resources provided, and the focus of the plans on fertility treatment and care.

The health care insurers that made it on this list all have a reputation for providing great care, have been in business for years, and offer fertility treatments to fit your needs. We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area.

Please contact Medicare. AM Best. CNY Fertility. Family Finances. Health Insurance. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Best Fertility Insurance Expand. Best Fertility Insurance. Final Verdict. Compare Providers. How to Choose. Is Fertility Insurance Expensive? Cigna provides cost-effective coverage that includes in vitro fertilization IVF in many of their plans , while also covering a significant number of diagnostic fertility tests and other fertility treatments.

Alaska, Mississippi and Wyoming ranked the worst, receiving an F grade. If the patient is between 21 and 44 years of age, diagnostic tests and any surgery related to infertility are covered. Only 15 states require insurance to cover fertility treatments, and Florida, where Kaminski and Pritt live, isn't one of them. All individual, group and blanket health insurance policies that provide for medical or hospital expenses shall include coverage for fertility care services , including IVF and standard fertility preservation services for individuals who must undergo medically necessary treatment that may cause iatrogenic infertility.

Florida law does not mandate your insurance company to cover fertility evaluation or infertility treatment costs. Blue Cross and Blue Shield.