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Members of this tight-knit department actively interact on a wide range of topics in economics important to the country and the world, including the U.

Students share academic and collegial connections with their professors, who guide them through thought-provoking research and an intense curriculum.

With its world-class faculty and individualized attention, the PhD program prepares students to be leaders in academia, government, international organizations, and industry. Dynamic classroom interactions help students explore important economic problems, and provide the tools needed to address them—in theory and in practice.

Skip to main content. Department of Economics. Jan You currently have alerts. We can sometimes provide need-based exceptions to these rules. If you might need an exception, please let us know. Last Updated: not the date of the latest filing in this case. Assigned To: Sue Lewis Robinson. Referred To: Sherry R. Date Filed: June 23, Date Terminated: March 4, Date of Last Known Filing: Aug.

Cause: Patent Infringement. Nature of Suit: Patent. Jury Demand: Plaintiff. Jurisdiction Type: Federal Question. Notice, Consent and Referral forms re: U. Magistrate Judge jurisdiction. Disclosure Statement pursuant to Rule 7.

Case Assigned to Judge Sue L. Please include the initials of the Judge SLR after the case number on all documents filed. Alcon Laboratories Inc.

Signed by Judge Sue L. Rakoczy, Paul J. Molino, John D. Polivick, Deanne M. Mazzochi, Rachel L. Pernic Waldron, Theodore J. Chiacchio, and Erin M. Forbes - filed by Alcon Laboratories Inc. Forbes filed by Alcon Laboratories Inc. Chiacchio, Erin M. Forbes, John D. Pernic Waldron, Paul J.

Molino, William A. Rakoczy for Alcon Laboratories Inc. Pursuant to Local Rule Original Non-paper material s to be filed with the Clerk's Office. Media on file in Clerk's Office. Freeman for Johns Hopkins University added for electronic noticing. Miller for Johns Hopkins University added for electronic noticing. Scherkenbach for Johns Hopkins University added for electronic noticing. Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Sue L.

Court Reporter V. Counsel to submit the final proposed scheduling order to the court. Case referred to the Magistrate Judge for discovery and all motions to dismiss, amend, transfer and any discovery motions permitted by the Magistrate Judge. Signed by Judge Sherry R. Ordered by Judge Sherry R. Boda filed by Alcon Laboratories Inc. Boda - filed by Alcon Laboratories Inc. Motions referred to Sherry R. Boda for Alcon Laboratories Inc.

In preparation for this hearing the parties shall follow the Discovery Matters and Disputes procedure as set forth in the Order regarding discovery matters available at www. Letter to Judge Sherry R.

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Jun 23,  · On 06/23/ Johns Hopkins University filed an Intellectual Property - Patent lawsuit against Alcon Laboratories Inc. This case was filed in U.S. District Courts, Delaware . alcon responds that evidence of jhu's funding is relevant to damages in this case because jhu "seeks to boost its royalty by approximately $50 million based in part on the premise that it is a not-for-profit institution, alcon did not help fund jhu's research, and b&l would be given a far lower royalty rate given the value of its early stage . Alcon's sales and marketing prowess, and Alcon's dominant market share in the industry resulting from its investment in independent research and development. (Id at ) According .