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Adventist health clinic corcoran ca

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Anyways, I was able to make an appointment at your urgent care and the process was so easy and done all online. All of the staff were so helpful and the doctor was wonderful.

Everyone took their time with my son and gave him a proper diagnosis and treatment and he is already feeling himself in less than 3 hours. So thank you so much for providing excellent care especially when our own primary doctors refused to see us. I sustained an injury to my wrist and dreaded sitting in a waiting room — especially in an Urgent Care facility.

So fast — so efficient — and as a former health care worker I am so impressed! And it kept me out of a medical office during a time where virus transmission is at a high risk. For my condition, this approach was masterful. Grateful for the option and I applaud the professionalism of the staff. I was back to the waiting room by I told them I would take an appt at 2.

I arrived by and was in a room by I was frustrated because I had appts and the provider explained they run an urgent care. She was condescending. I have 4 kids one seen on Wednesday. I understand what an urgent care is but I also understand appts and customer service.

So disappointed. Does she know what an appt is? We did a virtual visit for a covid test following a positive at home test. We were required to log in 15 minutes prior to the appointment. The provider came on the line almost immediately. Was able to prescribe medications right then and send them to the pharmacy.

We were asked if we needed employer verification, which we did. We were told to drive to the office and wait in the parking lot until someone came out to perform the test.

We arrived, and the test was completed minutes later. Everything was fast and convenient. The staff member who performed the test answered all our questions.. We have recently required urgent care at another well known facility in Bakersfield and had to wait hours. We will definitely be back to Priority for any future needs. I was not feeling well. I had a bad cough and Congestion. Went to Temecula 24 Hour Urgent Care. I was seen right away. Completed all the paper on my phone and was taken back to have my vitals.

Once that was done I was escorted to the examination room which was cleaned and sanitized. The medical assistant ask lots of question regarding my system and all of the medications I was taking.

The x ray technician escorted me to the x ray room took xrays of my lungs. In the examination room the doctor listen to my lungs asked me about my system. She had me take a breathing treatment and a covid test and also test for flu. Covid Test and Flu test came back negative and it looks like I have a virus. The doctor bedside manner was outstanding and the staff were welcoming and very attentive. I highly recommend this urgent care. The man nurse? He apologized for this. After my injection, she instructed me to wait 10 minutes before I left the office, which I did.

Unfortunately, about 20 minutes later, when I went to the CVS store next door to fill my prescription, I had a very bad reaction to the shot I got a steroid. I felt like I was going to vomit or faint. I had to find a chair in the store to sit down. I was in so much pain, that I had to call my husband to drive to CVS from our home, to walk with me back to the Urgent Care office to see the doctor again. I have never had such a bad reaction to an injection before, not even to the two Covid vaccine shots that I received in April.

And I have received steroid shots for my severe allergy symptoms many times in my life, with no severe pain afterward. However, the PA did not explain what caused my severely painful reaction to the shot. I was in too much pain to ask questions. I don't blame the staff for the pain I experienced, although I did wonder if the shot would have hurt as badly if the male nurse had injected me lower on my bottom. I also received a presciption at this appt. The PA seemed to have a record of my previous visit there, which I appreciated.

So overall, I would rate my experience at this office a 3 out of 5 stars, or 7 out of 10! And I will go back there if necessary, even though I had such a painful reaction to the injection. I hope this long review is helpful to you in providing excellent service to all patients at your Urgent Care. They provide an important service to the Glendora community.

Thank you! They have gone above and beyond to help and treat several members in my family. I take my daughter who is disabled and I can't even Express their kindness towards her. I also get Vitamin shots there and they offer different IV Therapy too.. I am really impressed with Lani City Urgent Care. I have to see many different doctor's due to my daughters condition but also specializing in end of life care, dementia care and also writing care plans.

I honestly have never come across a care center like Lani.. I wish I had space to write in detail the love you've shown for my family and extended family and friends I've refered. Most of all thank you for allowing me to be honest without worry of judgment.

With my whole heart Thank you!!!!! Thankfully every single time the staff has been amazing. It was another assistant helping us and when she saw her crying she just held out her hand and she walked my daughter to the room, which again I know seems simple, but with an autistic toddler it can turn into a much bigger issue in those surroundings. Even though my co-pay is more here I always prefer coming here than my doctors office. So thank you again for all the entire office does, and making my girls feel comfortable and happy.

Thank you. The nurse at the front got me in and out very quickly and efficiently. I generally have say I would recommend this clinic. Many places are not the same anymore with professional treatment of patients. Well the job is super hard and half the people are not nice anymore and disrespectful to nurses. I know that wares on the medical profession.

This clinic kindness, professionalism, and efficiently is the best I have seen in over a year. I just have to say thank you for being such a professional well run clinic. It nice to see a little glimpse of normalcy from this awesome place.

I highly recommend inland urgent care. I will definitely go again when ever I am in need of their services. Thank you Inland Urgent Care. I hope my review helps people by telling them that they can go to a place that treats people so well.

Well, healing and making people better is there profession and they practice what they preach. I have been a patient of Sonja Leahy for many years. I always request her because not only is she very knowledgeable and helpful, but also very caring and sweet. She is very attentive and always listens patiently to any concerns I might have!! Also Islam the nurse is so friendly and greets you with a smile!

Today I had some questions about recent bloodwork that I had had done and he took the time to locate my charts and answer my concerns. Always so polite! I would recommend this urgent care to anyone in the Santa Clarita Valley!

Even though it was taking a while they were very patient and kind even though they were very busy. Just an all around great experience today like always! Thank you so much Sonya and staff!! When I phoned Inland Urgent Care to make an appointment for a Covid test I received easily understandable information by a very polite and friendly young woman by the name of Darrian. She patiently answered my questions. When I arrived the next day I remained in the car as instructed.

Links were sent to me and I was able to pay for the test online. A few minutes later I was instructed to come into the office. I was met by Darrian just inside the doorway of the office where she administered the Covid test. She was really nice. I received my tests results report by email by the time I got home and was happy to see I tested negative. I would definitely recommend Inland Urgent Care.

I came into Elite Urgent Care yesterday with a kidney stone anyone who has had that experience knows the pain associated with kidney stones. The staff was very welcoming but better yet very efficient. I was being seen by the doctor inside of 20 minutes.

That was exactly want I wanted to hear. I will always go to Elite Urgent Care for emergencies. By the way, I live 30 minutes away from their location. I passed up multiple ERs to get there.

Thanks Elite Urgent Care! This was the first time I used Priority Urgent Care. Staff was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I was not used to filling out a form on my iPhone, and that was a little disconcerting. The office was nicely appointed and clean. The doctor was very clear when diagnosing my problem. One medication, of the two he wanted to give me, I am allergic to and it was noted on the information page the intake PA made a copy of that I gave her.

This made me realize the physician either did not look at the paper or gave it a cursory glance and did not see the hilighted and bold typed portion of drugs I am allergic to. It is for this reason I gave one section a three. Visiting an Urgent care isn't something to look forward to but sometimes necessary.

I'm sure glad places like MVP exist. They honestly do a great job selecting their very courteous staff. I really was impressed with the friendliness and professional staff on my first visit last year. I have since visited twice for other urgent care needs for my little ones and have continually been amazed at the professionalism of the staff at the front desk, service by nurses and communication by the Doctors recommendations. Lastly thank you to everyone at MVP. In order to travel to Canada, I needed to get a molecular Covid test.

It's a bit tricky because you need to get a negative test result within 72 hours of departure, but you also need the results quickly so that you can log into Canada's system. I searched several test providers but most didn't have availability this past Saturday afternoon. I appreciated being called prior to the appointment time to clarify which test was most appropriate. They let you self-swab which is always more comfortable.

Within 20 minutes of being tested, I was called again with the result - followed by an email. It was 10pm on a Friday night and I needed to see a Doctor. I called several times and nobody answered.

Not a good sign. I decided to go anyway. The very worst. How could it not be? It's at LAX, right? Had to be All Bad. Filled out all the paperwork online before going. Walked in and the place was packed. Went out to move my car, came back and was called 5 minutes later. NO long wait! No other paperwork! Nurse walked into the exam room behind me. Doctor walked in 5 minutes later. Explained everything thoroughly -answered all my questions.

Less than 5 minutes later, the "Shot" guy jabbed me with a dose of Antibiotics --painlessly! Plus- the office was modern and nice and pleasant. Medi Cal I don't know these people and Nobody asked me to write this. We're all quick to rag about incompetent terrible service, but it's time people who do an outstanding job are commended. This was definitely not the grimey back alley morgue I convinced myself it was going to be. Reliant Urgent Care has several locations and they all have the same phone number.

It was impossible to call them to find out if they were open or if they could even help me; or if they would accept my insurance.

Someone needs to answer the phone. The entire staff was so wonderful and friendly despite how insanely busy their clinic was!

The positive attitude and friendly interactions with the staff was actually the reason I came back today to have another issue looked at. I don't even live in the city of Ladera Ranch but I'd rather drive the distance to this clinic for my medical needs because I know I will be taken care of by the sweetest and most wonderful medical staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I never write reviews either, keep up the great work girls! Thank you for your help! This has been my second visit to this Urgent Care location and I am beyond pleased with their service.

The facility itself is immaculate, the staff is beyond friendly, the wait time is very little and the Dr's are so friendly, understanding, knowledgeable. They definitely went out of their way to make sure we as customers are not only treated well but feel are comfortable during our visit. The check in system was a little tricky because I was asked to complete forms online that I was unable to do due to technical issues. I prefer the old school way anyway so this worked in my favor.

I have already started recommending family and friends that live in the area to go there when needed due to the quality service my son received. I came in at pm on Friday and no one was in the waiting room so I got seen as soon as I filled out the iPad, 4 paperwork, and gave my ID and insurance card to the receptionist. The girl who is helping me nurse or medical assistant is so sweet. Adventist Health is more than a healthcare system. We provide whole-person care to our communities and champion the greater good—from the operating room to the boardroom, we are driven by our unique passion to live God's love through health, wholeness and hope.

From Oregon to Oahu, we have a calling to always do more. Now is your chance to apply your passion to our mission. Clinic locations are located in Hanford, Tulare, and Fowler. Each clinic location will be dedicated to one provider. Candidates will have the opportunity to lead in the development of an elite and up to date Neurology service line by widening t Successful applicants will have the opportunity to practice in a brand new Gastroenterology Center.

This center has state-of-the-art equipment, three pre-operative bays, 2 GI Lab and Assesses, plans, and provides patient care in collaboration with the attending physician. Provides comprehensive health assessments, performs medical diagnosis of acute and chronic illnesses, writes prescriptions and formulates treatment plans.

Diagnoses medical co Located on the third floor of our new patient tower that opened in May of , our CPCU unit was designed for efficient delivery of care utilizing the latest technology and new equipment. This spacious unit provides

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Bella baxter Urgent care clinics are located in most parts of the country in various regions to offset emergency room visits and provide a gap in healthcare services. With my whole heart Thank you!!!!! Nearly all urgent care centers take commercial insurance and many if not most will take medicare. It nice to see a little glimpse of normalcy from this awesome place. Covid Test and Flu test came back negative adventist health clinic corcoran ca it looks like I have a virus. I have been a patient of Sonja Leahy for many years. If you need groceries, you can pick up your phone and have corcora delivered to you within the hour.
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Ocr document in nuance pdf converter mac Experts are adventist health clinic corcoran ca of a potential 'tridemic' this winter as COVID, the flu and RSV - a common respiratory virus - all peak at the same time and that possibility has hospitals across the country on high alert. The medical assistant ask lots of question xorcoran my system and all of the medications I was taking. Adventist Health is more than a healthcare system. The provider came on the line almost immediately. I have been a patient of Sonja Leahy for many years. There are two categories of health care providers for NPI please click for source purposes.
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Cvs employee 2019 health plans Providers Log in Sign up. Appointments You can privately and easily book your appointment online. So thank you so much for providing excellent care especially when our own primary doctors refused to see us. Please see the detailed information below. Even though my co-pay is more here I always prefer coming here than my doctors office. Today I had some questions about recent bloodwork that I had had conduent don el hr dept and he took the time to locate my charts and answer my concerns. Urgent Care Guide In a recent survey conducted with the Urgent Care Association, Solv found that patients were waiting an average adventist health clinic corcoran ca 24 days for appointments with their primary care provider.
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Address: Chase Ave, Corcoran, CA Website: People Also Viewed. Kings County Health Clinic. Dairy Ave, Corcoran, CA . Adventist Health Community Care. Chase Ave, Corcoran, CA Kings County Health Clinic. Dairy Ave, Corcoran, CA United Health Centers. Whitley . Adventist Health Community Care Clinic Corcoran East. Hanna Ave. Corcoran, CA Tel: () Visit Website. Accepting New Patients: Yes. Medicare Accepted: .