5.9 cummins camshaft
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5.9 cummins camshaft find doctor caresource

5.9 cummins camshaft

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Used oil carries contaminants, and the additives that help lubrication under extreme pressure have been broken down, and are much less than new oil.

So it is very important to start with new oil. There are many break in oils available. Use a break in oil that has a high zinc content. You can use a much higher zinc content than ppm. For break in you want a minimum of ppm. If your oil is low in zinc also known as ZDDP, you can add a engine break in additive. Make sure you use an additive that has a high concentration of ZDDP.

Make sure to follow oil manufacturers instructions. Having to much is better than not enough during break in. Also coat the camshaft with a camshaft paste.

The camshaft paste will stick to the camshaft and not slide off. All oil is not the same. Even synthetic oils are very different. Oils made today are made for new vehicles with emissions devices. Oil from the past, have additives that over a period of time, will plug and corrode the emissions devices on new vehicles. So the government has set new regulations for oil to reduce their effect on the emissions devices. The main additive that is removed is ZDDP. This additive was the most well known and the best at reducing wear of sliding metal components.

The reduction of this additive has caused the automotive industry to have many wear problems early on in the new regulations life. Many of the problems have been related to flat tappet camshaft wear. To resolve the problem most OEM automotive car companies have converted to roller lifters , and camshafts to match. In the case of the flat tappet camshafts all camshaft manufactures only recommend using higher ZDDP concentrated oils used in the past.

So what does this mean for new vehicles like the 6. Just because it is synthetic , or high tech, does not mean it contains enough ZDDP. If it does not, it will result in damage to the camshaft and lifter.

Good oil is a low cost solution to longevity of engine parts. Usually oil manufactures that produce racing oil have the oil you need. If your not sure give us a call and we will get you in the right direction for oil. Note: most oils do not contain that high of ZDDP levels.

In most instances you will need to add extra ZDDP to your oil. Also make sure they know your application. So if you are driving your vehicle on the highway and racing, pulling, or drag racing it, you will need to consider using two oils. Typical race oil changes are 2 3 races down a pulling track or drag track.

Remember you only have 2. This is small compared to our high performance tractor engines that carry gallons of oil. Also keep in mind that severe duty conditions also effect the change interval. If your towing, towing heavy loads, street racing, revving your engine, rolling coal , or driving on hot days, these all effect how long the oil can protect the wear components of your engine. Typically change intervals will be greatly reduced in these conditions.

A good way to determine your oil change interval is to have your oil tested. If your interested or would like your oil tested please call us. The installer, and purchaser have the responsibility to check for proper fit, and alignment, and valve to piston clearances.

Not checking for proper installation can result in damage to camshaft and engine components. Intake: min. Ninety percent of all issues arise in this period and have to do with inadequate lubrication. Valve lash all grinds: INT:. When sending us your camshaft s , please remove the gear s before shipping, and we highly recommend not to ship your camshaft in tubes!

Colt Cams is proud to introduce our latest grinds for the Cummins 5. We've worked long and hard to develop these great new profiles. We've dyno'ed some 50 different combinations of durations, lobe separation and installed centerlines to come up with the ultimate cam for your Cummins 5.

We have a large quantity of new cast billets in stock ready for you! Our 5. We are always willing to customize alternative grinds as well. It has gained the most popularity. This cam delivers the strongest mid-range torque and H.

P possible, but still has good bottom end and drivability. No mods are required, but we do recommend a set of springs if revving over rpm. Stage 4: Cummins 5. Similar to the Cummins stage 3 but runs a larger EXH profile. Great for max flow on large singles or compound turbo.

Click on images for a larger view. Note: Detail to fillet radius. Optional retainer plate. All cams tapped to accept this on new billets. Comparison of lobe widths to Colt Cams. Comparison of semi finished chill cast billet and finished cam.

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