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Carefirst blue choice part of dc health link

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Alliance Enrollees Ensure that you and your family receive quality health care services. Virtual Classes Log into your Enrollee Portal. Need a Doctor? Find a doctor, hospital or service in your neighborhood.

Need Medication? Find a convenient pharmacy in your neighborhood. Enrollee Services Learn more about our enrollee services and benefits. Take the Health Risk Screening included with your Enrollment! STEP 1 Visit: carefirstchpdc. Community Events CareFirst CHPDC has created community events, health programs, clinic days, resource guides and a monthly newsletter for their enrollees to stay healthy and up to date on local community activities. School-Based Health Centers.

Enrollee Portal Logging into this site you'll be able to Please contact to schedule your next appointment. Telehealth: What to Know for Your Family Find out the types of care you can receive, how to prepare for a virtual visit, what to expect, and more.

This resource is available in eight languages:. Call Enrollee Services Contact Info. Phone incorrect. Duplicate listing.

Gender incorrect. Left practice incorrect. Want to compare health plans in Washington DC? Enter your zip code below to get started. Before the ACA, 7. Since the introduction of DC Health Link, the percent of Washingtonians without health insurance has dropped to 3. Washington DC has one of the lowest uninsured rates in the country. Lucky you — this sign up window is significantly longer than the window given on the federal exchange!

Like all other state exchanges, each plan on DC Health Link covers 10 essential health benefits. These include things like prescription coverage, maternity and mental health care, and laboratory services.

In true health insurance fashion, each of these steps can be trickier than you expect. Many people need help navigating the website, estimating their income, figuring out if they are eligible for subsidies, and understanding what documents are needed for proof of income, citizenship, or identity. Luckily, you can find an assister to help you with your application! In , 3 insurers that offered individual plans on DC Health Link and will likely continue to do so in These 3 carriers include :.

In , health plan rates increase. Rates may increase again for How much your rate increases depends on where in Washington DC you live. While rate increases may seem scary, most health insurance shoppers can generally avoid rate increases entirely by switching to the cheapest plan within their metal tier.

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