the disappeared charles baxter
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The disappeared charles baxter

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I especially enjoyed the way that he presented the cultural differences between Anders, a Swedish man, and the various people he meets in America. The cultural aspect of this story reminded me a bit of Sandra Loh's "My Father's Chinese Wives," because they both explain cultural differences very well. Perhaps my favorite example from this story is when Anders notices the several men staring at Lauren from far away, and he thinks to himself, "she was pretty, but maybe Americans had other standards so that here, in fact, she wasn't pretty, and it was some kind of optical illusion.

There were so many beautiful details in this story related to scenery. Baxter uses language in a way that vividly paints a picture of Detroit in my head, despite the fact that I have never been there. I particularly noticed this when Anders is riding around the city in a cab, noticing certain neighborhoods and the types of people inhabiting them. I loved the sentence, "Anders noticed broken beer bottles, sharp brown glass, on sidewalks and vacant lots, and the glass, in the sun, seemed perversely beautiful," and the entire paragraph that follows that sentence.

Anders appears to have a revelation about America in this paragraph, connecting to the culture for perhaps the first time in his entire stay thus far. I felt like this entire story was a comment on social norms, particularly in terms of the dating culture.

There were so many instances between Anders and Lauren where he had no idea what was going to happen or why she couldn't feel the same way about him as he felt about her after such a short period of time.

He didn't understand what it meant to just "have another night" and he couldn't be like the other guys Lauren brought home who would have breakfast with her mother and then move on. I found this aspect of the piece very interesting because I personally am not a huge fan of the American dating culture, and I can see why it would be very confusing to a foreigner. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly.

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WebApr 12,  · Charles Baxter's The Disappeared offers a deep insight on literary analysis. Going through his diction, the line that stands out most is "What he first noticed about . WebMar 2,  · Response to "The Disappeared" by Charles Baxter. Baxter did a great job throughout the story of keeping my interest. I especially enjoyed the way that he . WebApr 6,  · Charles Baxter Lost his father at 18 months old. He descibed himself as lonely as a teenager. He Released his story at 63 years old, he is currently "The .