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Alcon laboratories inc case solution

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Your document is being loaded Stands as a strategic and leading company of ophthalmic pharmaceuticals, founded in the US and spread the company in 75 branches in throughout the world, supplying its products to companies. And Pakistan is one of such countries. Alcon Laboratories Inc. The study includes study of the overall industry and the healthcare industry in Pakistan.

Sudden decline of the sales in Pakistan for one year has made the company alerted to review its business in Pakistan. Eventual investigation and results have discovered many of the causes, both internal and external. The problem has been identified and the strategic management has been applied towards proposal of the solution. Majority of Alcon is owned by Nestle, incorporating in Hunenberg, Switzerland, while the operations are based in the US.

The company develops, distributes and manufactures various products for eye care and spread to more than countries, while operations are performed in 75 countries. The core key divisions of business of Alcon are, pharmaceutical, surgical and consumer vision care and other products are dry eye products and ocular vitamins. However, Novartis acquired the Alcon shares of 52 percent, owned by Nestle and became majority owner of Alcon, in August, Ds, M. Ds or even Ph. Customer Vision Care Alcon, being second largest consume vision care products manufacturer, it produces various innovative products, to meet the demands of eye care for the global consumers.

The line fo consumer care products include products for contact lens care, like OPTI-FREE line of contact line solution and a full artificial tears line, providing great relaxation and comfort for the patients, who suffer from possible dry eye Alcon, n. Furthermore, allergy eye drops of consumer care and ocular dietary supplements enhance the health of eyes, as people grow with age.

Pharmaceutical Alcon, apart from being one of the leaders in the pharmaceuticals, for the eye, also promotes itself with advance treatments, for various diseases, like infection, glaucoma and allergy, with parallel expansion of its focus into newer areas, like diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and many other diseases that are sight-threatening.

Surgical Alcon has the surgical products that are most ophthalmic surgical products comprehensive portfolio that enables to achieve optimal results, by surgeons, for their patients.

Alcon stands as one of the leader in the products of ophthalmic surgical, a premier position is occupied by Alcon in surgical suits, worldwide and promotes all kinds of ocular surgical procedure relevant products. Intraocular lenses, which are most preferred line, in the world, developed and manufactured by Alcon, with the name, AcrySofR with global share of 60 percent Alcon, n. The significant part of the culture involves responsibility to the humanity and community as a whole.

The company has a unique and diversified portfolio. This has allowed it to penetrate different consumer groups. And maintain income from different streams. Into urn, that gives a strong financial cushioning to the business.

The company has taken part in exemplified human resource management in all its function from recruitment to training of talent management. This has allowed the company to develop an inimitable resource that is aligned with the organizational goals, and mission, and which is synonymous to the organization itself. This allows the company to assess the viability of new ideas, as well as generate feedback for improvement where needed.

The innovation at Alcon Laboratories A is an inimitable resource that allows the company to stay ahead of the competition as well as maintain high leadership in the industry by having the first mover advantage in its product portfolio continuously.

The organizational culture at Alcon Laboratories A is supportive and innovative. Employees share information freely. The organizational hierarchy is flatter, which makes leadership and follower relation smooth and easy.

This organizational culture and its aspects cannot be imitated by competition. The company has employed progressive means of controlling costs and maintaining economies of scale.

In this way, prices of the products are maintained and controlled, and very few cost increases are passed to the consumers. The brand value and brand recognition enjoyed by Alcon Laboratories A is a non-substitutable resource. This cannot be imitated at all by the competition as the brand recognition and resonance has been built over the years through hard work and quality deliverance.

The Alcon Laboratories A enjoys high brand equity. This has been developed through the different stages presented by Keller in his model for brand equity. The high brand equity also reflects a high emotional appeal that Alcon Laboratories A has for the consumers.

This means that the brand fulfils not only functional but also emotional and psychological needs of the consumers. Again, this is an inimitable resource which the company has developed because of its honest and trusted relationship with the clients over some time.

Having a strong worldwide presence is significantly valuable for an organization attempting to expand its size, deals, and piece of the overall industry. It is a competitive and sustainable method to acquire incomes from new and existing buyers. Alcon Laboratories A is one of the greatest company all inclusive. Even though there are other worldwide and international chains of competing companies, Alcon Laboratories A has made a distinct name for its quality and offers.

For the time being, no competition of Alcon Laboratories A could match such an enormous international presence in terms of quality and consistency. It would require critical investment and assets to achieve this. Alcon Laboratories A offers numerous exceptional and fulfilling products that different contenders don't offer all the time. Alcon Laboratories A additionally incorporates information and detailed ingredients for its products to interest an assortment of clients.

Other competition also offers different products that are offered by Alcon Laboratories A, which means that it is not a rare resource for the company. This is because other players also have access to similar products and portfolios. Considering other businesses and players are now using this capacity as a means of expansion and penetration, it can, therefore, be imitated.

By offering an assortment of choices and ceaselessly changing the portfolio through active innovation and new product development, Alcon Laboratories A is exploiting this resource. With plenty of alternatives, the vast majority can discover something they like, and individuals who like to attempt new products and services every now and again can undoubtedly do as such with Alcon Laboratories A.

The Alcon Laboratories A brand name enables clients to enjoy and feel a bond of association with the brand. This allows consumers to feel emotionally attached with the brand, and experience it as an extension of themselves as well.

As such, this becomes a valuable asset for the company. Alcon Laboratories A is a contemporary brand name that has a premium touch to it and is upscale, modern and lively. Most other companies and competing brands don't have the quality and packaging to urge clients to engage in a way they do with Alcon Laboratories A. It would be generally simple for other companies to revamp their packaging and duplicate the plan of action of Alcon Laboratories A. In this way, the upscale and comfortable promise of the offering by Alcon Laboratories A could be imitated.

Alcon Laboratories A is effectively using this resource and enhancing the brand and the brand promise that numerous clients altogether appreciate. The value framework is made out of different other value chains of the speciality units of all associations included, for example, the organization's producers and the remainder of the inventory network. In the value chain representation, Alcon Laboratories A works directly, as well as through contracted third parties.

The inbound logistics for Alcon Laboratories A refers to producers in different designated and appointed locations by the company. Also, it also refers to selecting the finest quality raw materials from in-house production as well as from third-party contractors.

These are transported to the storage sites after which the raw materials are used for producing different products by the company. Alcon Laboratories A operates internationally directly or indirectly. The company has owned offshore shops, as well as stocks its products with other shops across different countries. The company has contracted agents in offshore countries and sites to manage product selling.

However, a majority of the products are sold directly to licensed sellers and shops locally as well as internationally. Alcon Laboratories A produces and invests in high quality and premium products. It also invests in a high level of customer servicing and marketing. All its marketing activities, however, are based on strong market research and market data.

Alcon Laboratories A invests in customer service to develop customer loyalty and build strong relations with its clients. The company invests in gaining and incorporating customer feedback and in solving customer queries effectively. This includes different departments like management, finance, legal, etc. Alcon Laboratories A has been commended and celebrated for the use of effective technology not only production but also to make the overall system of production and sale, as well as in house production more effective and efficient.

Also, the company also uses technology to communicate and connect with its consumers effectively. This involves purchasing the raw material for the final product. The company has appointed agents that work for the company in different countries and regions to purchase consistently high quality raw material so that the company can produce the finest product qualities for delivering to the consumers.

The concept of the value chain for Alcon Laboratories A helps in understanding how value is added in each process and stage of the value chain. It also helps to understand and separate useful activities from those that are not useful as such. This improves the overall bottom-line of the company and increases the profit margins for the company as well.

Alcon Laboratories A has made use of the differentiation factor to maintain higher leadership and differentiation from industry competition. Differentiation of effective leadership may be achieved through different forms and basis. Moreover, this differentiation can fluctuate from item to item, market to market and industry to industry.

Generally, the essential bases of differentiation are quality, durability, usefulness and in a few consumer loyalty, and brand image.

Alcon Laboratories A has differentiated its items and products dependent on the quality and set a completely different, and engaging consumer experience. Brand image. Aside from these things, it has developed a distinct and distinguished brand image which is additionally a premise of differentiation and encourages Alcon Laboratories A to advertise, promote and market its products and brand better than the competing players in the local and international markets. The essential premise of differentiation for Alcon Laboratories A is quality and premium taste.

It serves just premium quality products, which enables it to charge a top notch and a premium cost. It has embraced the most astounding measures as far as the nature of its raw materials used for producing its products. At each progression, Alcon Laboratories A puts forth an admirable attempt to guarantee that its product fulfils the most noteworthy quality guidelines. However, the account of value does not finish at getting incredible quality of raw materials.

It goes more remote from that point. A great deal of contrast originates from the readiness. Alcon Laboratories A prepares its product diligently to draw out the quality. Rest of the credit goes to the human resource and employees at Alcon Laboratories A. The brand carefully picks its raw materials - just when they in ideal condition.

Products are tested from each cluster in any event thrice before endorsement. This is how Alcon Laboratories A makes the quality that each client looks forward to, and is excited about. There are two primary methods for accomplishing this inside a cost leadership methodology:. The cost-based strategy and system are that it includes Alcon Laboratories A being the pioneer regarding cost in the industry and market where it operates.

Just being among the most minimal cost producers isn't adequate, as the company leaves itself wide open to aggressive attacks by other producers and players in the industry. Based on this, Alcon Laboratories A should be sure that it can accomplish and keep up the leading position before deciding on choosing the cost leadership strategy.

Alcon Laboratories A will be able to become effective in accomplishing cost differentiation by having:. However, Alcon Laboratories A should ensure contingency for imitation by competition, as well as be prepared for competing payers to imitate its cost-effectiveness strategy to decrease and control their costs, and increase the overall share of the pie for their products as well. It is therefore important that Alcon Laboratories A does not only settle for one means of cost leadership but continually improves.

This can be done through several different methods:. This section of the SWOT analysis model works with the inner variables that the organization can use as competencies and strengths to address shortcomings and ensure the business against rivalry.

Business weaknesses or shortcomings are recognized in this part of the SWOT analysis. Shortcomings are inward factors that diminish or cut off business capabilities and strengths. Alcon Laboratories A shortcomings are as per the following:. This section of the SWOT analysis and strategic model focuses on external components that opportunities for business development and advancement.

For this situation, the key opportunities accessible to Alcon Laboratories A are:. Threats are external components that decrease or breaking point of business execution. In this case of Alcon Laboratories A, the following section looks at, and assesses threats that apply to the organization in question:.

TOWS analysis will allow Alcon Laboratories A to identify and understand the strategic choices and future strategic options and directions available to the company. The TOWS matrix and analysis will help Alcon Laboratories A to look at various possible future and long term situations, and ill force Alcon Laboratories A to look at these options by questioning strategic directives such as:.

The following section highlights the various strategies that may be used through the Ansoff matrix. These strategies have been highlighted and identified through vigorous research methodologies, as well as through expert analyst data and opinion. Based on the overall internal and external analysis done for Alcon Laboratories A, this section will offer recommendations which will help the company take on strategic directions that will enhance its core competencies and capabilities, as well as reduce its chances for risks and threats?

The following recommendations are thus made for Alcon Laboratories A:. This is an important strategic recommendation as it will allow higher control to the company over its products in different markets.

The company will be able to control where its products are placed, and thereby, will also be able to enhance the accessibility and easy availability of its products. At the same time, the strengthening of the distribution network will allow the company to work more closely with end consumers by being able to reach them with the same high quality of products across different markets. This strategic recommendation will help the company reach a higher number of consumers and penetrate deeper into target consumer groups.

Also, this strategy will allow the company to increase trial and consumption and sales of its products. Unique marketing tactics will involve new and informed strategic means of communicating with the consumers and engaging them with the brand.

One way that this can be done is by making consumer co-producers for the brand. Another way that Alcon Laboratories Acan do this is through co-branding with other similar, yet dissimilar brands and companies to enjoy higher market visibility amongst target consumers. Each market and target group has distinct characteristics. This recommendation is suggested so that the company can connect better with different target groups in different markets. By adapting to different cultural and regional characteristics, the company will be able to present itself better to target consumers who would then feel a greater affinity, and more likeliness of consuming the product and the service.

Another strategic recommendation for Alcon Laboratories Ais to expand into newer regions and markets. This can be done by expanding into new markets, firstly. This expansion will give the company exposure to new consumer groups. Increase the overall consumption rate, as well as diversify income streams. Also, it will give the company related expansion exposure regionally as well as internationally.

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