is cvs health creulty free
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Is cvs health creulty free

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Parent company has nothing to do it. Types of people using it has nothing to do with it. Your morals and ethics are not really important when defining a company as cruelty-free. Yellow is companies that are concerning, like the parent company being horrid. I am really bummed to hear about Revlon no longer being cruelty-free. Being vegan coupled with her love of animals, I would think she would not have become a spokes-model for the company. And it is very sad to see so many of the Hollywood elite advertising products that are not cruelty free.

Anything for a buck I guess. Revlon was cruelty free for many years but they now sell their products in China. When a foreign cosmetics company decides to sell in China, their products must be tested on animals by law. The only exception is Hong Kong, from my understanding. From lovelywitches. Although part of China, Hong Kong has separate animal testing laws, so cruelty-free companies can sell there.

This why I specifically ask companies if they sell products in mainland China. Products sold and posted directly to customers from e-commerce websites are not required to be tested on animals.

So cruelty-free companies can sell to Chinese customers directly through their websites. Great to see this list. Jordana is owned by Milani, who is Leaping Bunny-certified! The Leaping Bunny is the most trustworthy cruelty-free certification available. However, Milani and Jordana recently obtained the Leaping Bunny certification, so they are cruelty-free. I hope not.

Being an inhumane company that goes cruelty-free is awesome. However, going from cruelty-free to inhumane? Ives and Aussie, both of which I think were previously cruelty-free? It seems most brands of anything, from soda to beauty supplies are now actually owned by a few big companies. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Click the button below to join our mailing list and download our guide.

Cruelty-Free Drugstore Brands. Updated: Jan 8, Spread the word. Cruelty-Free Drugstore Makeup. Ulta Amazon Official Site. AF94 Makeup. Official Site. Amazon Official Site. Body Care Hair Care Skincare. Altruist Skincare Sunscreen. Skincare Sunscreen. Annabelle Makeup. Anomaly Hair Care. Hair Care. Arctic Fox Hair Dye. Hair Dye. Ardell False Lashes Makeup. False Lashes Makeup. As I Am Hair Care. Astonish Cleaning Laundry. Cleaning Laundry.

Body Care Cleaning Deodorant Laundry. Auromere Hair Care Oral Care. Hair Care Oral Care. Aussie Hair Care. Barry M Makeup Nail Polish. Makeup Nail Polish. Body Care. Beauty of Joseon Skincare. Body Care Hair Care Makeup. Benton Body Care Skincare. Body Care Skincare. BH Cosmetics Makeup. Ulta Official Site. Makeup Skincare.

Body Care Skincare Sunscreen. Bulldog For Men Skincare. For Men Skincare. Baby Makeup Skincare. By Beauty Bay Makeup Skincare. Byoma Skincare. Bigelow Body Care Fragrance.

Body Care Fragrance. California Tan Fake Tan. Fake Tan. Carbon Theory Body Care Skincare. Catrice Makeup. Ceramedx Body Care Skincare. Certain Dri Body Care Deodorant. Body Care Deodorant.

Body Care Fragrance Makeup. Cleancult Body Care Cleaning Laundry. Body Care Cleaning Laundry. Cleanwell Cleaning. Body Care Deodorant Hair Care. Cocokind Body Care Skincare Sunscreen. Color Dept. Nail Polish. Coloured Raine Makeup. Colourpop Makeup. Concrete Minerals Makeup. Copycat Beauty Makeup Skincare. Covergirl Makeup. Crazy Color Hair Dye. Crazy Rumors Body Care. Crystal Body Care Deodorant. Derma E Skincare. Dial Body Care. Dinobi Cleaning Laundry.

Eco Lips Body Care Skincare. EcoColors Hair Dye. EcoTools Makeup. Ecover Body Care Cleaning Laundry. Essence Makeup Nail Polish. Eva Nyc Hair Care. Everyday Minerals Makeup. Facetheory Body Care Makeup Skincare. Body Care Makeup Skincare. Body Care Hair Care Laundry. Fiona Stiles Makeup. Flamingo Body Care Hair Removal. Body Care Hair Removal. Flower Makeup. Formula Hair Care Hair Dye Skincare. Giovanni Hair Care. Gold Bond Body Care. Sephora Official Site.

Hair Care Hair Dye. Good Molecules Skincare. Goodness Skincare. GOSH Makeup. Gypsy Women Soap Co. Hally Hair Dye. Hard Candy Makeup Nail Polish. For Men. Hask Hair Care. Haus Laboratories Makeup. Hawaiian Tropic Fake Tan Sunscreen. Fake Tan Sunscreen. Hello Products Oral Care. Oral Care. Herbal Essences Hair Care. Herbatint Hair Dye. Hero Cosmetics Skincare. Huda Beauty Makeup. Jane Makeup. Jason Wu Beauty Makeup. Jolie Vegan Nail Polish. Jordana Makeup Nail Polish.

Kristin Ess Hair Care. False Lashes Makeup Nail Polish. LA Girl Makeup. Hair Care Hair Dye Makeup. Body Care Deodorant Skincare. Body Care Hair Care. Mad Hippie Skincare. Makeup Geek Makeup. Makeup Revolution Makeup. Manic Panic Hair Dye. Method Cleaning Laundry. Milani Makeup Nail Polish. Hair Removal. Body Care Deodorant Oral Care. Nature Clean Cleaning Laundry. Noughty Body Care Hair Care. NYX Makeup. Out of Africa Body Care. OZ Naturals Skincare. Palladio Makeup Skincare.

Peace Out Skincare. Peach Slices Skincare. Physicians Formula Makeup. Pixi Makeup. Plant Apothecary Skincare. Body Care Deodorant For Men. Puracy Cleaning Laundry. PYT Beauty Makeup. Queen Helene Body Care Skincare. Real Simple Clean Cleaning.

Real Techniques Makeup. Fake Tan Makeup Nail Polish. Rosebud Perfume Company Skincare. Cleaning Period Products Laundry. Simple Skincare. Sleek Makeup. Sonia Kashuk Makeup Nail Polish. Ives Body Care Skincare. Stargazer Hair Dye Makeup. Hair Dye Makeup. Studio Makeup Makeup. Hair Care Skincare Sunscreen. Super Deodorant Body Care Deodorant.

False Lashes Makeup Skincare. The Inkey List Skincare. Sephora Amazon Official Site. The Ordinary Makeup Skincare. Sephora Ulta Official Site. The Seaweed Bath Co. Hair Care Skincare. Baby Body Care Skincare Sunscreen. This is L. Period Products. Tower 28 Makeup Skincare. Body Care Hair Removal Skincare. Tresemme Hair Care. Umberto Giannini Hair Care. Undone Beauty Makeup. UpCircle Body Care Skincare. Wet n Wild Makeup Nail Polish. Zoeva Makeup. ZuZu Luxe Makeup. Please share this post!

Apr 20, at pm. Katie says:. Nov 15, at pm. Yung says:. Jul 20, at pm. Olivia says:. Jun 03, at am. Elly says:. Jan 24, at pm. Seth Rader says:. Jan 16, at am. Erika H says:. Sep 29, at pm. Ragan says:. Mar 21, at pm. Georgi says:. Jan 29, at am. Rachma says:. Patricia says:. Jan 18, at am. Allison says:. Jan 12, at pm. Melanie says:. Jan 02, at am. Dec 14, at am. Kayla Schmidt says:.

Nov 26, at am. Nov 22, at pm. Katia says:. Nov 04, at pm. Fiona Wang says:. Oct 03, at pm. Loren Costa says:. Sep 12, at pm. Elizabeth De Pasquale says:. Aug 16, at pm. Daniela says:. Aug 09, at pm. Aly Laughlin says:. Alanah c says:. Aug 02, at pm. One common misunderstanding in the U. This means that any brand can claim this status even if their products have somehow, someway, been tested on animals. It's best to look for products that are certified cruelty-free by a third party label, such as the Leaping Bunny Program.

This is not the case in mainland China, however. All cosmetics sold or manufactured in the country must be tested on animals by law. According to Cruelty-Free Only , CeraVe sells its products in mainland China , which means they must be tested on animals in accordance with the law.

So, despite the claims on the CeraVe website that the products are "not tested on animals," no, CeraVe is not cruelty-free, since it is sold in mainland China. CeraVe has two main features that make it an ideal skincare product. The first is that the brand's products are readily available, being sold everywhere from CVS to the supermarket. In addition, CeraVe products are uncomplicated and gentle, which means they are unlikely to contain ingredients that irritate sensitive skin.

Finally, CeraVe contains ceramides, which are waxy lipid molecules that are naturally found in human skin. These molecules protect against excessive moisture loss and act as a barrier against microorganisms. But as established, CeraVe is not cruelty-free plus, it actually contains parabens. Luckily, there are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives to CeraVe's moisturizing cream on the market. Here are a few of our recommendations. A post shared by Ceramedx ceramedx. Ceramedx Ultra-Moisturizing Cream contains the same oils as CeraVe, as well as the all-important ceramides that consumers are often looking for in a skin cream.

It soothes and creates a moisture barrier in the same way as CeraVe, but is percent vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and non-GMO.

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