nuance dragon medical support
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Nuance dragon medical support

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To remain a trusted partner of choice, we prioritize the customer experience by focusing on solutions that provide the most value to our customers and stakeholders. As a result of our focused effort to deliver the best possible clinician experience, we will discontinue Dragon Medical Network Edition in North America, as detailed below.

Dragon Medical One offers significant benefits over locally installed speech recognition, including enriched functionality and a more robust speech experience. Users can access their single voice profile through the cloud for anytime, anywhere dictation. Automatic updates ensure that customers always have the latest speech recognition engine and the most comprehensive product available—without the need for downtime. The end of maintenance and support means that Nuance will no longer provide updates to the product, including security patches and fixes.

If your organization chooses to continue using Dragon Medical Network Edition after the end of the maintenance and support date, you do so at your own risk; Nuance will not be responsible for any errors with the software, bugs, security incidents, data breaches, or other errors or omissions as a result.

The retirement of Dragon Medical Practice Edition presents an opportunity to heighten your performance. Dragon Medical One users can access their single voice profile through the cloud for anytime, anywhere dictation.

Automatic updates ensure that customers always have the most up-to-date speech recognition engine and comprehensive product available, with no physician downtime. Learn more here about Dragon Medical One. Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Dragon Medical Practice Edition ended sales on March 31, Dragon Medical Practice Edition's maintenance and support contracts were not available for purchase or renewal after March 31,

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WebCustomer Support Pre-Sales Support. We want to ensure that you understand all of the features of Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and how it can benefit your clinic. . WebDragon Medical Virtual Assistant support with Nuance PowerMic Mobile Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant use cases are now supported when using Nuance PowerMic Mobile as . WebMar 31,  · Support for Dragon Medical Practice Edition ended on March 31, Dragon Medical Practice Edition will not be tested or supported on Windows The .