baxter pass california
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Baxter pass california

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Google Map. Map Key. Favorites Check-Ins. Dogs Allowed? Full Details. Trail Rankings. Add a Photo. Aug 15, near Big Pine, CA. Apr 29, near Big Pine, CA.

Comment Type:. Current Trail Conditions Unknown. Update Conditions See History. Conditions History. Add Check-In. Rate Quality. Rate Difficulty Easy. Very Difficult. Save Check-In. Not certain of the date but the trail was in poor condition heading down east. Spotted a marmot and an owl. Not a fan of the stream crossing. Aug 8, Nearby Recommended Routes. Copper Creek Trail Eastern Sierra Tour Mineral King Loop Giant Forest Loop Trail 7.

Marble Falls 6. Add Rating. Rate Difficulty optional. Save Rating. Rating Details. Difficulty ratings. Difficulty Rating. In some places it is difficult to locate. It is not recommended for stock. Save the current map location and zoom level as your default home location whenever this page is loaded. No reviews yet, be the first to write a review or ask a question.

Use trail reports to comment on trail conditions. Get Trailforks Pro. Upcoming Events. Open trail in mobile app. Baxter Pass Details Activities. Hike Mountain Bike Trail Running. Inyo County California. Black Diamond rate. T2 Mountain Hiking. Black Diamond. More Stats for Baxter Pass hike trail trail Altitude change. Your vote: 0. Layers w. Trail Style.

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Trail Guide. Sign In. Get the app. Baxter Pass Trail. Plan with onX Backcountry. Previous Next. Routes Trails. Scroll Zoom. Google Map. Map Key. Favorites Check-Ins. Dogs Allowed? Full Details. Trail Rankings. Add a Photo. Aug 15, near Big Pine, CA. Apr 29, near Big Pine, CA.

Comment Type:. Current Trail Conditions Unknown. Update Conditions See History. Conditions History. I still had no idea where Baxter Pass was, one of the two drainages rising east to the Sierra Crest. My Scion Xa was the only vehicle in sight, confirmation that this is one of the quietest trailheads in the Sierra.

I was glad I brought my bike. No chance of hitchhiking from here. More fun than hitchhiking too. I bombed down the dirt road to the valley floor, barely pedaling at all.

At Hwy I took a right towards Independence, just a short 2 miles away. I locked up my bike, then stuck out my thumb on the road to Onion Valley. A ride was a while in coming, but by am I was hiking up the trail to Kearsarge Pass.

With a lot of ground to cover, and questions about the kind of ground this would be, I blasted up the pass trying to make up for my late start. Keasarge Pass is great. Busy, but beautiful and a relatively easy way to penetrate the backcountry. Switchbacks, benches, lakes. A final long traverse, then the pass mile 4.

Upon reaching the junction I turned north for Glen Pass and briefly rejoined the highway to Canada. After about a mile, I reached my first decision point. It had been a crazy winter season in the Sierra, bringing much higher than average snow levels. What did Charlotte Col look like? So off the trail I went. A short talus hop ft down followed by a ft sand climb put me on an intermediate saddle next to a long patch of pink snow mile 8.

The terrain was wide open here above 11,ft so it was easy to see my route ahead, zero indication anyone had been there before. A vast gravel slope was mine to traverse, with a few lines of scrub pine to navigate around. I knew I needed to climb about ft to the col so I angled up and got to it.

The ground was a loose mess and the pine dense where it did exist so the going had plenty of frustrations, but the views were absolutely incredible.

The entire width of the Sierra was visible in one of the biggest panoramas I can remember. From Forrester Pass to Roads End with huge peaks filling in the middle. A gently rising slope on my side, and what looked like a cliff on the other. Eight minutes later, I was there, able to confirm that yes, it was a cliff mile 9. Trying to keep an open mind, my chest slowly tightened as I examined the north side. An extended slide was guaranteed if I was stupid enough to try that.

I ate some food, drank some water, and admired the view. When I returned to the problem at hand, I noticed that there was a seam of exposed talus on the far left of the notch, running between the snow and a short rock ridge. It too ended in snow, but 30 yards lower and on a much more reasonable slope. I can handle that. The actual doing was comparatively easy. At the bottom, a careful scoot delivered me safe across the snow to another patch of talus.

By the time I reached the bottom of this, the angle was nothing to worry about. Out of the shade now, I found a standing glissade easy to control over minor suncupping. The tough part was over in 15 minutes. The next 25 were spent on a fun slip-slide around the snowy shores of a mostly frozen lake. When I hit the far side, I was ready to call it a day. A wide bench of polished granite provided ample camp choices with epic views north over Sixty Lake Basin and beyond.

I set up to cowboy on a patch of sand, under a clear sky with the sun about to set behind Sixty Lake Col mile Sun, granite, snow, blue water, blue sky, Pop Tarts. I was moving by am, eager to see what I had earned with my adventuring yesterday. After 20 minutes of bench hopping I was wandering along a grassy lakeshore back among the trees. The abundance of small lakes and connecting channels made this feel like the Venice of the Sierra.

It also made the trail difficult to follow so I played hide and seek with it while swatting mosquitos from my legs. A lot of corners to explore and answers to observe. The fishing is probably good too. I missed it badly. I got a good view out of my blunder, but had to backtrack and settle for a steeper descent to the trail. Nothing crazy, just a bonus mile and some extra gravel in my shoes. This joy was short lived. With freshly soaked feet, I began a long traverse north on the lower slopes of Diamond Peak.

I immediately lost the trail, but could clearly see where I was headed so continued without protest. Wobbly talus interspersed with dense willow required thoughtful wandering, however. I picked up the trail again, which had paralleled above, when I turned east up the Baxter Creek drainage. After some final fiddling around boggy meadows and short cliffs, I broke through the tree line into a wide basin where the big-ish Baxter Lake wallowed in a glacier-carved ditch, grassy north shore, talus south shore mile Hardy mosquitos beat the breeze so that I was forced to don my headnet, but they could not prevent me from taking a plunge after inhaling a Clif Bar on my way around the lake.

The trail jiggled in tight switchbacks up steep talus immediately from the eastern shore. Mosquitos and living things disappeared except for the odd bunch of purple flowers. The trail crested this steep section into a hanging valley of streaking red and black rock.

A few patches of snow lingered on the steepest sections, but the gradual ascent was straight forward on an easily followed trail. A surprising left turn pointed me up one last steep slope, and I was there, panting heavily on Baxter Pass mile The views, incredible.