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Availity payer owners

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The only problem is that there is more than one firm operating multi-payer portals. WellPoint , which owns Blues plans in 13 other states, recently announced that it , too, will take an ownership stake in Availity. It has not disclosed the size of this investment. Later this year, Wellpoint plans in Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin will make their member information available to providers through the Availity portal.

More Wellpoint companies are expected to follow in According to Julie Klapstein , CEO of Availity, the company, which also includes a claims clearinghouse, already provides free information from health plans to about , physicians. Besides Availity's owners, these include national insurers Aetna and Cigna. Some state Medicaid agencies are also supplying data, and Availity can deliver Medicare eligibility information. Availity is a pioneer in the field of "real-time claims adjudication," which allows practices to determine a patient's financial responsibility during an office visit.

That allows practices to collect all or part of the bill before the patient leaves the office--an increasingly important goal as the number of patients with high deductibles and copayments grows. In addition, Availity is combining health plans' claims data with lab and pharmacy information to provide community health records on its web portal. This helps plans remind doctors of which patients need what preventive and chronic care services.

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