what is cvs health corporation oligopoly market structure
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What is cvs health corporation oligopoly market structure nuance acquisition rumors

What is cvs health corporation oligopoly market structure

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This is over As to the threat of Amazon moving into the pharmacy retail market, only time will tell how this plays out. Over the past ten years, the company has increased dividends at an annualized rate of The long-term demographic trends look favorable for CVS with a large increase in the aging population thanks to the baby-boomer effect. Pharmaceutical spending is projected to grow at around 5. Assuming no major disruption occurs through regulatory or competitive pressure, CVS Health Corporation could emerge stronger, particularly if its merger bid of Aetna is successfully adding another link to its supply chain and widening its moat.

To learn more about intrinsic value, check out our comprehensive guide to calculating the intrinsic value of stocks. We are an exclusive business podcast network which aims to educate people all over the world about how to grow financially and personally. Username or Email. Log in. Remember Me Lost password? Table 2: CVS Performance vs. Impact of e-commerce and Innovation. Faced with the significant risk of potent new entrants in the sector, CVS is seeking to revamp its business model to combat the entrants.

Our assessment of CVS's strategy suggests a combination of operations aimed at following the broad industry trends. The company's efforts are directed at modernizing enterprise functions and the creation of transformational customer-centric services. Management indicates that the aim is to grow and differentiate the company.

Towards this end, CVS is using various front and back-end technologies, data, and analytics to drive higher prescription volumes. Technology improvements involve powerful healthcare decision-making engines driven by data and analytics. The change also includes the ability for customers to use mobile devices to refill prescriptions on smartphones and wearables such as Apple Watch. CVS is also focusing a lot on e-commerce as part of their long-term strategy.

Recently, the company developed an option to pick up a prescription in the CVS Digital innovation lab. The lab itself is aimed at the rapid fruition of new market ideas, which ensures alignment of company operations with the fast evolution of digital e-commerce.

Besides, to safeguard its market position and long-term growth, CVS is also tying its future to e-commerce and digital healthcare. We expect customer-centric solutions to result in the company raising its full-year revenue expectations.

A key catalyst CVS has invested in since the downturn in is the revitalization of its business. The aim is to differentiate itself and create a competitive advantage.

In , CVS launched the HealthHUB concept, which are pharmacies that also provide personalized in-store healthcare services aimed at increasing customer traffic. We expect the expansion of health hubs to continue in as it provides a broader value proposition.

In a bid to improve the customer-centricity, CVS proposes a new retail engagement model to enhance convenience and accessibility. It involves bundling online and physical healthcare services.

We believe this will further increase the company's competitiveness. Furthermore, the company invests in MinuteClinics and health hubs to increase healthcare accessibility and affordability. Figure 1 shows a peek into the innovative, new store-model targeted to deliver a differentiated consumer health experience. The latest offering is aimed at the provision of healthcare services for chronic disease management and wellness programs in a simple, convenient, and affordable way.

CVS has already piloted over 50 health hubs in They plan to open by and by The business model is aimed at increasing the range of services and products offered by CVS to increase differentiation and the value proposition for consumers.

The retooling of its stores, we believe, will provide great one-stop shopping for healthcare services and products. In the longer term, a larger aging population will provide a favorable market of a population seeking healthcare services. Besides, healthcare spending is expected to grow at around 5. An overall favorable regulatory environment includes the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which will drive demand to attain insurance coverage where CVS is a player.

Turning to our revenue projection in Table 3, the significant revenue growth in accounts for the full year annualized result, post-Aetna merger. In we expect revenue to outperform current guidance as the company continues to expand its HealthHUB concept. We then expect revenue growth to retrace to single-digit growth but remain above the historical growth rates of the company.

Our revenue growth projections are informed by historical data but adjusted for changes in the business model and the catalysts discussed, which we expect will revamp revenue opportunities.

As seen in the table, the company operates in an industry with meager operating margins, but the scale of its operations is massive. Source: HedgeMix Limited using Finbox. The company has maintained a stable variable cost ratio , and the level of fixed costs remains relatively low, resulting in a more predictable projection of EBITDA as a share of the revenue. Furthermore, we believe that the structure of the industry may not significantly change in the projection horizon.

Net Working Capital. Table 4 accounts for a forward-looking adjustment in net-working capital to ensure that the increase in the current portion of long-term debt is captured in the calculation. Depreciation and Capital Expenditures. The company maintains a very stable depreciation profile. The historical depreciation rate has not deviated significantly over the past ten years.

We project that since the operations have not dramatically changed, adoption of the same profile over the period will adequately represent the company's depreciation and amortization. Table 5: Depreciation and Amortization Forecast.

Table 6 indicates the capital expenditures of CVS over the period. The forecast is guided mainly by history but with a margin of safety for potential new initiatives. Table 6: Capital Expenditures Forecast. Chart 2: Historical Free Cashflow. Federal Tax Rate. Discount rate range: 6. However, we do believe that CVS Health will be able to capitalize on its HealthHUB concept, its ambitious e-commerce and digitalization work with the CVS Digital Innovation Lab at the forefront and that the company will continue to improve cost efficiency from mentioned synergies.

Finally, we believe the strategic initiatives are strengthening the economic moat of the company, which is vital for future growth. New competitive threats linger both from within and without the industry and strategic initiatives from competitors can pose significant risks to the company. Externally, the possible entry of new competitors such as Amazon AMZN may cause significant and sudden disruption to CVS earnings potential in the online sphere.

Amazon would pose a threat with its vast resources, its ease of integration from a logistical standpoint, its non-traditional business models and ease of assimilation.

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