cummins engine oil
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Cummins engine oil

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Shell Rotella T5 synthetic blend 15W heavy-duty diesel oil is engineered with triple protection plus technology. The product is made using a cutting-edge technique to offer a precisely formulated oil for your 5. This technology mixes synthetic base oils with special additives to give protection against oil degradation, wear, and deposits. In comparison to other oils, it brings better oxidation protection under high temperatures. Other bonus features are protection against corrosion, improved low-temperature flow, as well as longer drain capabilities.

Cummins has thoroughly tested Valvoline Premium Blue and approved for use in their 5. Valvoline is a global leader in the production and distribution of high-quality engine oil. Cummins has thoroughly tested this product and given the approval for use in their 5. The result also demonstrates that it offers long-term protection and performance.

Besides, Valvoline designs this oil using One Solution technology that can be used on a variety of machines, including diesel, gas, natural gas, and others.

It provides better protection against the four causes of engine breakdown, which are wear, heat, deposits, and friction. This product also has excellent oxidation protection, which improves engine durability. This diesel oil shows superior deposit performance when compared to industry standards.

Furthermore, Valvoline Premium Blue engine oil will keep your engine clean and running smoothly for a long time. This premium engine oil includes a number of features to ensure optimal engine performance.

According to independent testing, the product provides 6X more wear protection. This will assure that your engine will receive the additional protection it requires. The low rate of volatility burn-off of Amsoil signature series max-duty reduces oil consumption during operation. Even at high temperatures, Amsoil 15W synthetic diesel oil retains its viscosity, thereby increasing fuel efficiency.

Amsoil also claims that your engine runs more quietly and smoothly with this special diesel oil. SynShield is a low ash oil whose composition greatly decreases the number of deposits left in the 5.

Additionally, this oil has a proven track record of delivering reliable fuel economy. Schaeffer is a household name. Its outstanding friction modifiers, Micron Moly and Penetro help reduce friction dramatically. As a result, your engine will experience less wear and emissions. Additionally, this diesel oil has a proven track record of delivering reliable fuel economy savings. It prevents oil aeration and foaming, as well as enhances oil consumption control.

Most fundamental issues, such as oxidation damage, cold-cranking startability, and low weather pumpability, are also addressed. Another benefit of this oil is that it helps in keeping the engine clean.

Users benefit from improved contamination control attributable to its superior soot-busting and deposit-dispersing capabilities. The product has superb oxidation and wear resistance in heavy-duty applications.

Besides, it is approved for use in 5. The B6. The X15 Efficiency Series helps you get ahead of future maintenance by providing faster access to digital service solutions. The model of the legendary Cummins 6. With hp and 1, lb. The information you are looking for is on cummins. Breadcrumb Home Engines.

Engines that power life Our diesel engines, natural gas engines, and alternative fuel engines are built with expertise you can depend on. Powering a sustainable world. Parts catalog Browse parts.

Industries Find the right engine for your application. Cummins Care Connect with us for customer support. Dependable power, perfect for you. X15 A line-haul legend that gives you more out of every drop of fuel. QSK60 A game changer with lower emissions and lower costs. Explore all engines. Engine technology for a world that's always on. Decarbonize with fuel-agnostic engines Cummins new fuel-agnostic engines deliver more decarbonization choices than you've ever had before with the legendary base engines you depend on.

Learn about the fuel-agnostic X Series. X15N: The future of energy transition The X15N expands your options in our selection of advanced diesel, natural gas, hydrogen, battery electric and fuel cell power. X15N among top 20 products for New power take-offs The B6. Learn more about PTOs.

Stay on the road The X15 Efficiency Series helps you get ahead of future maintenance by providing faster access to digital service solutions. Learn about smart connected engines.

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WebAug 8, The Cummins engine takes 12 or 5 quarts of oil, depending on different models. The recommended oil type are 15W40 or 5W40, depending on driving or . WebCummins premium, quality engine oil (such as OnaMaxTM SAE and SAE 15W) is specially formulated to reduce consumption and engine wear due to high temperature . WebCummins Inc. recommends engine oil with a normal ash content of to percent mass. Oils with higher ash contents, up to percent mass, can be used in areas .