who uses juniper networks
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Who uses juniper networks

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Juniper Networks References Capped? Access even more references from these marketplace competitors Work at Juniper Networks? Upgrade your profile. Work at Juniper Networks? Upgrade Your Profile. Get Free Software Advice Log in. Home All vendors Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks Verified Summary Testimonials Customer Videos About Juniper Networks.

Show more Category:. Customer Reference Ratings Juniper Networks customer references have an aggregate content usefuless score of 4.

Total ratings Reference Rating. They simply cannot be down. Juniper gear often has the lowest TCO because of the build quality and minimal requirements for servicing. Service plans are understandable and the costs are predictable. You will not have to face the 36 month plus one day gasp after the initial warranty period expires. One operating systems for all Juniper devices across all product lines Routers, Switches, Firewalls.

Both physical and virtual appliances run the Junos OS. This is a huge time-saver and requires less staff and certifications to run your Juniper gear trouble-free. Should and event occur that requires outside expertise, Juniper operates 18 worldwide JTAC centers that run on an 24x7x schedule.

Based upon the level of service commitment, you may even have a dedicated service team that knows your network inside and out. Juniper is known worldwide to reduce the TIME it takes to monitor and administer your gear. And, reduce the overall COST to purchase, run, and benefit from the most reliable gear in the industry. Acceptable Use Policy.

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In January , Cisco introduced a suite of router products that Businessweek said was intended to challenge Juniper's increasing market-share. Juniper introduced a suite of routers for the network edge that allowed it to compete with Cisco. In late , Juniper formed a joint venture with Ericsson to develop and market network switches for internet traffic on mobile devices, [39] [40] and with Nortel for fiber optic technology. In , more than US companies restated their financial results due to a series of investigations into stock backdating practices.

In January , hedge fund , activist investor and Juniper shareholder Elliott Associates advocated that Juniper reduce its cash reserves and cut costs, [67] before Kheradpir was officially appointed.

In , Wired Magazine reported that the company announced it had found unauthorized code that enabled backdoors into its ScreenOS products. By , Juniper had made only a few acquisitions of smaller companies, due to the leadership's preference for organic growth.

From to September , Juniper made six acquisitions and invested in eight companies. Often Juniper acquired early-stage startups, developing their technology, then selling it to pre-existing Juniper clients. In April , Juniper closed its acquisition of BTI, a provider of cloud and metro network technology, in an effort to beef up its data center interconnect and metro packet optical transport technology and services.

Juniper Networks designs and markets IT networking products, such as routers, switches and IT security products. Juniper is the third largest market-share holder overall for routers and switches used by ISPs. Juniper Networks' first product was the Junos router operating system, which was released on July 1, By , Juniper had developed five hardware systems and made seven new releases of its Junos operating system.

By , Juniper had diversified into three major router applications: core routers, edge routers and routers for mobile traffic. Juniper's first enterprise switch product was the EX , which was released in In a comparative technical test, Network World said the EX was the top performer out of network switches they tested in latency and throughput, but its multicast features were "newer and less robust" than other aspects of the product.

In February , Juniper introduced QFabric, a proprietary protocol [] methodology for transferring data over a network using a single network layer. Several individual products for the QFabric methodology were released throughout the year.

In February , several software and hardware improvements were introduced for Juniper routers, including a series of software applications ISPs could use to provide internet-based services to consumers. Juniper Networks introduced the JProtect security toolkit in May In September , Juniper entered the market for enterprise access routers with three routers that were the first of the J-series product family.

It used the channel partners acquired with NetScreen to take the routers to market. The gateways sold well, but customers and resellers reported a wide range of technical issues starting in , which Juniper did not acknowledge until , when it began providing updates to the product software.

Mykonos' software is focused on deceiving hackers by presenting fake vulnerabilities and tracking their activity. This backdoor was inserted in the year into the versions of ScreenOS from 6. In December , Juniper Systems announced that they had discovered "unauthorized code" in the ScreenOS software that underlies their NetScreen devices, present from onwards.

The following month Juniper announced its SDN strategy, which included a new licensing model based on usage and new features for the Junos operating system. Northstar helps find the optimal path for data to travel through a network.

Every year, since , Juniper holds SDN Throwdown competition to encourage students from universities across the world to access NorthStar Controller and build a solution around it to optimize network throughput. In March , Juniper announced a series of updates to the PTX family of core routers, the QFX family of switches, as well as updates to its security portfolio.

In October , Juniper announced a new offering called EngNet, which is a set of developer tools and information meant to help companies move toward automation, and replace the typical command-line interface. Juniper Networks has operations in more than countries. In December , Juniper issued an emergency security patch for a backdoor in its security equipment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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WebJan 12, Juniper Networks has released security updates to address vulnerabilities affecting multiple products. An attacker could exploit some of these vulnerabilities to take . WebJan 13, The 32 Juniper Networks security advisories published by the company this week cover more than vulnerabilities, roughly of which impact third-party . WebJan 4, What are the top countries that use Juniper Networks Routers? Around the world in , over companies have started using Juniper Networks Routers as .