cognizant latest quarter results
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Cognizant latest quarter results conduent philanthropy

Cognizant latest quarter results

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Bookings can vary significantly quarter to quarter depending in part on the timing of the signing of a small number of large contracts.

Our book-to-bill ratio is defined as bookings for the trailing twelve months divided by revenue for the same period. Measuring bookings involves the use of estimates and judgments and there are no independent standards or requirements governing the calculation of bookings. The extent and timing of conversion of bookings to revenues may be impacted by, among other factors, the types of services and solutions sold, contract duration, the pace of client spending, actual volumes of services delivered as compared to the volumes anticipated at the time of sale, and contract modifications, including terminations, over the lifetime of a contract.

The majority of our contracts are terminable by the client on short notice often without penalty, and some without notice. We do not update our bookings for subsequent terminations, reductions or foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. Information regarding our bookings is not comparable to, nor should it be substituted for, an analysis of our reported revenues.

However, management believes that it is a key indicator of potential future revenues and provides a useful indicator of the volume of our business over time. We disclose digital revenue as management believes it provides additional insights into the Company's business. Measuring digital revenue requires the use of estimates and judgement, there are no independent standards or requirements governing the calculation and our calculation may differ from the calculations underlying similar such metrics disclosed by other companies.

In the first quarter of , we modified our definition of digital revenue to reflect our latest assessment of digital skills, growth priorities and pricing initiatives. Cost of revenues exclusive of depreciation and amortization expense shown separately below.

Effect of recognition of income tax benefit related to an uncertain tax position d. In the third quarter of , the parties to the consolidated putative securities class action suit filed a settlement agreement that resolved the consolidated putative securities class action against us and certain of our former officers.

Non-operating foreign currency exchange gains and losses, inclusive of gains and losses on related foreign exchange forward contracts not designated as hedging instruments for accounting purposes, are reported in "Foreign currency exchange gains losses , net" in our unaudited consolidated statements of operations. Non-operating foreign currency exchange gains and losses are subject to high variability and low visibility and therefore cannot be provided on a forward-looking basis without unreasonable efforts.

Presented below are the tax impacts of each of our non-GAAP adjustments to pre-tax income for the three and nine months ended September The effective tax rate related to non-operating foreign currency exchange gains and losses varies depending on the jurisdictions in which such income and expenses are generated and the statutory rates applicable in those jurisdictions.

As such, the income tax effect of non-operating foreign currency exchange gains and losses shown in the above table may not appear proportionate to the net pre-tax foreign currency exchange gains and losses reported in our unaudited consolidated statements of operations.

The recognition of the benefit in the third quarter of was based on management's reassessment regarding whether this unrecognized tax benefit met the more-likely-than-not threshold in light of the lapse in the statute of limitations as to a portion of such benefit. Constant currency revenue growth is not a measure of financial performance prepared in accordance with GAAP. The sale of the Samlink subsidiary, which was completed on February 1, , negatively impacted revenue growth for the three months ended September 30, in Financial Services, Continental Europe and Europe-Total by basis points, basis points and basis points, respectively.

For the nine months ended September 30, , revenue growth was negatively impacted in Financial Services, Continental Europe and Europe-Total by basis points, basis points and basis points, respectively. Stock Repurchases under Board of Directors' authorized stock repurchase program:. Question: Two years ago my husband took an early retirement when offered by his company.

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Scott cognizant. DeMarrais cognizant. Notes: a In the third quarter of , the parties to the consolidated putative securities class action suit filed a settlement agreement that resolved the consolidated putative securities class action against us and certain of our former officers. Notes: a Constant currency revenue growth is not a measure of financial performance prepared in accordance with GAAP.

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Adjusted Operating Margin 1. Adjusted Diluted EPS 1. Investor Relations Contact:. Media Contact:. Tyler Scott. Jeff DeMarrais. VP, Investor Relations. VP, Corporate Communications. Three Months Ended September 30,. Nine Months Ended September 30,. Operating expenses:.

Selling, general and administrative expenses. Depreciation and amortization expense. Income from operations. Other income expense , net:. Interest income. Interest expense. Foreign currency exchange gains losses , net. Other, net. Total other income expense , net. Income before provision for income taxes. Provision for income taxes. Income loss from equity method investment. Net income. Basic earnings per share. Diluted earnings per share.

Weighted average number of common shares outstanding - Basic. Dilutive effect of shares issuable under stock-based compensation plans. Weighted average number of common shares outstanding - Diluted. September 30, December 31, Current assets:. Cash and cash equivalents. Short-term investments. Trade accounts receivable, net.

Other current assets. Total current assets. Property and equipment, net. Operating lease assets, net. Intangible assets, net. Deferred income tax assets, net. Long-term investments. Other noncurrent assets. Total assets. Its gross margins declined 60 basis points YoY and 20 basis points QoQ to IT talent shortage, e-hiring lead to surge in fake CVs Candidates shown the door after companies detect fraudulent documents in background checks.

All News Videos. Cognizant board bound to notice underperformance, execution challenges: Wedbush Report speculative, Board fully supports strategic direction, management team: Cognizant. Cognizant aims to maintain financial services growth rate amid digital pivot Company pares revenue guidance, CEO says 'no significant slowdown' in IT services demand. Cognizant net profit jumps Infosys profit up 3. Contours of hybrid work model by early Cognizant India chief Rajesh Nambiar The events of the past few years have actually prompted people, not only in India but also worldwide, to question their life and choices including how and where they work.