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After state Senate Finance Committee Chair Steve Ogden announced that he will not be running for his seat again in — without ruling out any other positions — Rep. John Otto, R-Dayton, announced his candidacy on Sept. Austinites are finalists in the Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition, an annual contest for films that bring awareness to water conservation issues. All films in the finals may be viewed at www.

Virginia Brown Recreation Center, Rm. B, Blessing Ave. UT campus, Gebauer Bldg. The sooner we can do that, the clearer we can do that, the more likely we are to get the budget that we all want next year. E-mail randy austingreenart. Faircloth, who advocates for secular policies in Washington, D. Lamar Ste. L, House to pass the Youth Promise Act. Texas Capitol, Congress. C-1, MonkeyWrench Books, E.

North Loop, Travis High School, E. Oltorf, RSVP required. For venues, see www. City Hall, W. So according to Gomez, Crews should ing she had a reputation as a union-buster and who backstage-managed the last round review her own actions and decide whether of union negotiations, claims that it would be she acted correctly in firing Wyatt. City Council and board company policy. Mayor Lee Leffingwell thoroughly investigated and campaigned in part against addressed.

While acknowledging that he and more information will become available. Moreover, he noted what should can always stand for improvement. Leffingwell with StarTran at all, and all for the protec- said. Instead, it looks like it will be up to the ize without any interference from the Capital Metro agency or board.

N been done to Wyatt. Post columnist E. Dionne Jr. Texas Freedom Network hosts. First Baptist Church of Austin, Trinity, Riverside, Father Greg. Music and a silent auction precede the talk. Hilton Downtown, E. Fourth, North Loop. Free donations accepted. Go forth, citizens, and check out new website www. We offer new and slightly used lighting, cabinets and more, all at reduced prices. Come see us at Comal, just east of downtown.

Put your e-signature on the line, and keep Austin old. The list goes on. In exchange for all that, Grayco is seeking a sole exception: increased height allowance to 90 feet on some of the six tracts vs.

In this subdistrict, buildings must be set back 50 feet from the south side of Lakeshore Boulevard; Grayco complies, in one tract increasing the setback to feet. Between Lakeshore and the water, the whole area is already public parkland with a trail. Some neighborhood advocates have protested the heights over 60 feet on principle. Can it be? All emerged from extensive stakeholder processes, countless citizen volunteer hours, and project-specific suggestions from neighbors, planning professionals on city staff, city boards, elected officials, environmentalists, and activists.

As a result, the proposed South Shore PUD is a veritable goodie basket of features, contributions, and amenities corresponding to every hot-button issue in Austin.

It follows or exceeds every set of design standards the city has established. It follows transit-oriented develop-. Both have similar density and heights up to feet. Grayco also agreed to remove from the project the land it owns immediately adjacent to Riverside, allowing for future transit-oriented development in keeping with a master plan, if and when rail in the corridor comes to pass. For example, advocates for people with disablities got a requirement for accessible housing into PUD standards.

City Council is likely to address whether affordability needs to be deeper, as East Riverside is a lower-income area and to older units would be removed — along with the people who live in them.

Resident Dawnna Hyndman, whose apartment would be razed, filled out a comment form, plain-. Thank you for listening. Whatever the final outcome, city staff should be commended for attentively birddogging this project, as well; they persuaded Grayco to include more good-design provisions, such as step-backs for building heights.

The urban design site plan has become nicely detailed, creating greater confidence in how the project will look and feel. First, design by a top-tier architecture firm, renowned for national excellence in creating beautiful, contextsensitive projects on this scale. Second, a great public park.

If Grayco engaged the two developers on both sides, together they could transform the dull waterfront stretch of parkland along Lakeshore into a stellar neighborhood amenity. Thousands of new residents are going to spill into that park once all three major projects are completed.

Could Grayco lead the team to make it happen? Tim Kaine so much depends on the continuing success laid out important seats in the run-up to the of the state strategy. Kay state in the country Bailey Hutchison, can do it, you can.

Senate candidate Bill which has both polit- White chats with fellow Dems, including former Washington will also ical and symbolic play a role: If health state party chair Molly Beth Malcolm, right. That seat belonged to economy is facing.

There were onstage appearances from rancher-turned-gubernatorial primary contender Hank Gilbert and deli owner cum lieutenant governor hopeful Marc Katz, while the two big senate primary rivals played a game of early adopter one-upmanship: Houston Mayor Bill White reminded everyone that, under his chairmanship, the Texas Democratic Party sent its first e-mails, while former state Comptroller John Sharp burnished his techfriendly credentials as the man who brought.

Meanwhile, the other big name looking for a ballot slot, contender for governor Tom Schieffer, took a more low-key approach. Buoyed by the recent endorsement by the House Democratic caucus leadership, he continued his charm offensive by simply working the floor. Opponents of the project will hash out their differences with Water Treatment Plant No. Here are some of the key talking points to expect: Austin Water Utility: WTP4 is needed to meet estimated future peak-demand levels. Enviros: AWU has historically overestimated demand, attributing population growth to single-family homes rather than condos, for example, and to water-siphoning chip-manufacturing jobs that are now being outsourced.

Using flawed assumptions about both conservation and water use, AWU also underestimates how long water use can remain flat, even as population increases as in drought-conscious San Antonio. AWU: WTP4 is needed to replace the 42 million gallons per day lost when Austin decommissioned the Green Water Treatment Plant last year and to create redundancy in the system so that older plants can be repaired.

Enviros: Cities with comparable populations have an average of 1. Enviros: Going into debt for WTP4 will further jeopardize resources for conservation efforts on which the utility is already underachieving: AWU aims too low on conservation goals, historically underspends its own conservation budget, and makes unwise decisions on the conservation funds it does spend, and then uses the results to justify further low expectations. Enviros: Conservation would be equally beneficial for job creation, as it would require the repair of faulty irrigation systems, computerization of sprinkler systems, and installation of low-flow toilets and rainwater harvesting systems.

AWU: WTP4 will draw water from Lake Travis — a reservoir on the Colorado River — rather than directly from the river itself, which means less direct impact on wildlife and ecosystems downstream. Enviros: Because Lake Travis is part of the river, the difference between the two is minimal. As for its economic impact, many Lake Travis business owners fear the plant will suck the lake dry. Delight in two of the most celebrated ballets of all time in one remarkable production, featuring world premiere choreography by Stephen Mills.

Franklin said Quintana got out of the car with his gun and flashlight in hand, and pointed the flashlight at Franklin. Quintana frisked Franklin and told him he was going to put him in the back of the patrol car until he could roust Sanders and Smith. Minutes later, Smith had been shot in the chest and Sanders was dead.

But did Officer Quintana have a legal right to stop and detain Franklin that morning after Franklin had parked the car? Those are the questions that at press time are still before Travis County Court at Law.

Franklin was on parole at the time, and several weeks after the shooting was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana — police say they found his fingerprint on the inside of a baggie recovered inside the Mercedes. Ostensibly, the question before Hohengarten is limited strictly to whether police had reason to approach Franklin, but the answer to that question has a broader implication: If police had no cause to approach Franklin, was there any reason for Quintana or any other officer to be inside the Mercedes, or to attempt to wake Sanders?

Police had been on the lookout for a white van that had reportedly been used in a string of robberies during which at least one victim had been shot , and they had information that at least one witness had seen suspects get out of the van and enter a gold-colored station wagon. Just days before the Sanders shooting, police had received several calls reporting random shots fired in the parking lot of the Walnut Creek complex; callers also reported the incident being connected to a station wagon.

So on May 11, according to prosecutors, when Quintana spotted the Mercedes wagon, he had ample reason to want to see who was in the car. While neighbors support restoring the studio, many oppose landscape design plans that call for removing historic trees and vegetation and replacing them with prairie grass and small cedars.

Another sticking point is a long-range plan to demolish the historic centennial wall in foreground , although it appears to be safe for now, due to lack of funding. A bystander took this photo of the scene of the May 11 police shooting at the Walnut Creek apartments.

A blanket covers the body of Nathaniel Sanders II. This was a consensual encounter. McMinn argues that there was no direct connection between his client and the robbery reports, the white van, or the reports of gunfire linked to a station wagon.

McMinn said. That took precedence over hitting my lights and camera. Separation of Church and Taser After nearly three years of legal wrangling, it appears the city of Austin will have to go to court to defend the actions of Austin Police Department employees involved in the termination of rookie Officer Ramon Perez.

In January , Perez was still on probation and thus not covered by civil service law when he refused an order to Taser a man who looked like a heart-attack candidate — a factor officers are to consider when deciding whether to use the electroshock weapon.

Perez was shortly thereafter transferred to a night shift; two months later, he was ordered to see APD psychologist Carol Logan. Perez was told the meeting was geared toward helping improve communication with his supervisors — as it turned out, he was being evaluated in a fit-for-duty review, a review he ultimately failed, according to Logan, because of his religious beliefs as a nondenominational fundamentalist Christian. Perez chose the latter option and sued, saying that his firing was motivated by religious discrimination.

Hoping to have the whole affair dismissed, the city sought summary judgment in the case and prevailed on several points — having itself dismissed as a named plaintiff, for example, and on the notion that Perez was fired for refusing to violate the constitutional right of the man he failed to shock. But the city lost on the key question of whether Perez was discriminated against based on his religious beliefs. The city then appealed the decision to the 5th U.

Circuit Court of Appeals — and lost. The case now heads back to district court where, presumably, a trial date will be set — unless, of course, the city decides to cut its losses and settle.

Forensics Under Fire There has been much nail-biting in courthouse crowds across the country since the February release of the National Academy of Sciences report on the state of forensic science. The report, to put it mildly, was not flattering.

In an effort to figure out what should be done, now that the forensic cat has been let out of the bag, Vermont Sen. Also making an appearance at the committee was Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt, who knows a thing or two about police department-housed crime labs. Still, forensics also create problems, he said, because of the lack of empirical research in most forensic fields.

Giannelli said. It would allow forensic science to develop a strong scientific basis and limit evidentiary challenges regarding the reliability of forensic evidence. Eco Hotel vs. The two-story brick building at W. Fifth would be demolished; the site could become surface parking in the interim. Starwood Capital Group has requested up-zoning to central business district-central urban redevelopment district for a highrise, planned at about feet along Fifth Street potentially dropping to 35 feet on the Warehouse District side.

At press time, people had signed a petition to preserve the district www. With the recent Wall Street scandals and bailouts, however, some corporations have become a bit skittish about being seen in public and are actually hiding their light under a bushel. Take professional golf tournaments, which are usually gaudy displays of corporate tagging, with logos on everything from tote bags to Tiger Woods. Open, the corporate presence was conspicuous in its absence.

They host fabulous hospitality tents, with lavish food spreads and open bars, inviting their primo clients to hobnob with bankers, munch on foie gras, and sip martinis from glasses etched with the bank logo. We are right-sizing our hospitality for the current environment and tone and mood of the country. Ah, progress! Take something as basic as voter registration. America proudly asserts that everyone has a civic duty to vote, yet most jurisdictions make registration a cumbersome and costly process.

Instead, why not offer sign-ups online? The good folks in Oregon are doing just that. Using the Internet, people can now direct that agency to transfer their signatures to election officials and — bingo! Both Arizona and Washington state have already implemented this process with great success, enhancing democratic participation by their citizens. Why not your state?

For information, connect with the Oregon Bus Project: www. Can Cap Metro weather the recession, balance its books … and run the buses and trains on time? For many, that patience ran out long ago. Whichever side you choose, you still have time to give your two cents — but do it now, because by next year, it might cost you three cents.

On Sept. Somewhere in there, Cap Metro has to figure out how to balance the needs of transit-dependent citizens and suburban commuters while teetering on the edge of financial disaster. On the other, Cap Metro not only needs to keep the buses and eventu-. Now, much has been written — both here and in the local daily — about how the agency got under water, and one can certainly make the argument that it jumped in.

While the agency draws revenue from a number of sources, almost three-quarters of income derives from sales taxes. As you may have noticed, the whole damn world, Austin included, is in a major economic recession. When the economy crashes — taking with it consumer spending and thus sales taxes — the effect on public agencies is direct and brutal. About the time that drawdown on the reserves was done, the economic crisis hit, unfortunately coinciding with a spike in oil prices.

Metro execs. We try to do that in a number of ways, but having a reserve there is most prudent. The major areas of flexibility: fares, service, and salaries. A rise in fares has been pretty much inevitable. Similar rises would occur in prices for multiple-trip passes. When initial budget projections earlier this summer showed the agency in danger of a cash shortfall, Hume and company asked that the fare increases be accelerated to January Martinez was pleased with the shift in stimulus money, but others were not.

The Downtown Austin Alliance, a strong supporter of the much-troubled and endlessly delayed Leander-to-Downtown rail line the MetroRail Red Line , worries that not spending the money on construction of additional rail sidings and station enhancements will further set back the launch. How Bad Is Bad Enough? We need to back up a bit and make a slight correction to the record.

Not Really. Those are not insignificant factors. Which brings us to FY , which begins Oct. Capital improvement projects like the Red Line enhancements best serve that interest. This is a one-time fix. Members of Amalgamated Transit Union Local which represents Cap Metro vehicle drivers and mechanics have long criticized MetroRail as being little more than a shiny display toy for Cap Metro management — and a diversion of money from the fixed route bus service and MetroAccess service to customers with disabilities.

Those services are used by an overwhelming majority of Cap Metro customers, compared to a relatively small number who will use the Red Line. Based on YTD new Subaru retail sales www. Wednesday, September 23, p. Audience discussion, questions and answers.

Watch live on Cable Channel 6. Call-in questions during show to or send e-mail to smolen foxsmolen. Questions will be answered live. Model 9LA. Stk Z Subaru average EPA city estimate is Actual mileage may vary. UT UT shuttles, event shuttles, etc. Other income Other income 0. Noticeably absent from this list: new buses. The forecast projects what the agency will have taken in and spent in FY , which concludes at the end of this month.

The budget reflects staff predictions for FY Clearly, the agency is mainly dependent on sales tax revenue, and salaries and benefits take the biggest bite for expenses.

The number combines grants for operations and capital expenditures, the number only operating grants.

A public hearing on the budget will be held Monday, Sept. Bus routes 17, , and 4 stop nearby. Cowman points to the referendum that authorized the rail system. Cuts or Castrations? There really are very few ways of tightening your belt in an organization like Cap Metro. All free. Cap Metro then chopped the routes down to two, running north-south on Congress and east-west along Fifth and Sixth.

By this point, ridership was at eight passengers per hour; then Cap Metro imposed cent fares, and that number dropped to two. MetroRail starts delivering commuters to the Convention Center, at the southeastern end of Downtown. The need for a Downtown circulator to get those passengers to jobs elsewhere — say, at the northern end of Downtown, such as the Capitol and UT — would seem obvious.

First, this requires some explanation: Technically, none of those drivers you see operating Cap Metro vehicles is officially a Cap Metro employee. They are actually employed by one of three labor subcontractors: StarTran, Veolia,. And this disci— Michael King pline would have been applied to any employee.

The unidentified women, said Wyatt, are not his co-workers nor union employees but management employees of StarTran who earlier this year apparently filed complaints. This arrangement works around conflicts between state and federal law — basically, state law forbids Cap Metro a quasi-state agency from collective bargaining with labor unions, while federal law requires collective bargaining if the agency is to get federal funding.

Thus, the employees are supposedly bargaining with entities other than Cap Metro. While drivers and mechanics for all three subcontractors are represented by ATU , most of the jobs — and the bestpaying ones — are within StarTran, the one that Cap Metro directly created. Hume has tried to make it appear that management is taking one for the team, while leaving the union workers untouched — nonbargaining administrative employees are getting no pay raises this year, and 37 vacant positions of are going unfilled.

Meanwhile, StarTran employees are getting 1. Also worth noting: The budget slashes travel expenses — perhaps an indirect response to grumbling that Cap Metro CEO Fred Gilliam spends too much time on the road.

The overall result: An impressive 2. Hume is at least frank about what is going on. These are slick people. Twelve people. What kind of [savings] is that? Who are they bullshitting? But in fact, how much wiggle room will the board have to dispute staff recommendations and make changes? Demand more spending, and the attempt to build a cash reserve might vanish. One possibility might be to further cut capital spending, the thing that helped deplete.

A good portion of the bus fleet is nearing the end of its anticipated year life span. And if the economy continues its downhill slide and sales tax revenues fall even further, then what? You can change the oil today or do an engine overhaul tomorrow. New or Old. Hernandez, editor of the anthology.

Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states or in all GEICO companies. Government Employees Insurance Co. These companies are subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Sundays 11 am - 1 pm first time is free! Experience a theatrical extravaganza that infuses traditional Japanese music with the beat of world rhythms. Saturday, September 19, p. Long Center p. Groups: She recalls the memorable experience, with the author sitting in front of her.

It was swift and daring and so much fun. It is a tribute to Robert Rauschenberg, a great American artist who died only last year. Everything starts.

Finally, the puppet receives clothes and basic features for the face. Simple things are often better. For more information, call or visit www.

By keeping it as simple as possible. The show features little dialogue, and Hopkins says he has tried to restrict the story to its most basic elements. But the thing about puppetry is its ability to distill things down to their essential form. The show also received a workshop presentation at the Puppetry Conference earlier this summer.

We examine one thing at a distance, but when we get closer, we see something else. One of his masterpieces, Monogram , was made out of a police barricade, parts of a shoe, tennis balls, a tire, and a taxidermied goat.

On a more cerebral level, there are some really interesting issues. All characters in the play are puppets except the factory boss; slaughterhouse animals are made from the same materials as the workers. The materials are cheap and disposable, and the puppets are not built to last indefinitely. The strings holding them together remain in view. But as it begins its ninth season, ACT is on the move again.

Now, the company that brought us Carol and Eartha and Stritchy will be hosting stellar musical performers in the Long Center for the Performing Arts. You know every damn song, and you leave not only laughing but realizing what a contribution the man has made to the American songbook. The Jungle runs Sept. For more information, e-mail info troublepuppet. This is now: when Third World cultural memes virus swiftly through the Internetted strata of moneyed nations and metastasize among the meatspace populace.

When video manipulation blurs the division of real and unreal and collapses recorded history to an anachronistic clusterfuck. You want to bust these. Who you gonna call? The digital, hamportrait of Aimee Weber. What defines an organization is, of course, them and have their work sent to us over the strung by the analog: Is this a problem of what that organization does and the peo- Internet or through the mail.

And we use it to focus? Executive Director Todd Simmons — who has cally interesting as we can make it. For Oh, the list goes on and on. But does that their work is too elaborate to show in a club off the ground.

You can get into some really high tech equipment and needing to calibrate it fully over that they were using as fundraisers to establish- scene with delusions of neo-Warhol? The executive director shakes his head. In, you know, real life. The staff at AMODA want to redefine their project toward the original vision: a museum of digital art, after all. And the proposed solution? Visit AMOA for art activities and performances in the galleries! Doctorow Random House, pp. Langley is the elder brother: an atheist, an inventor, a conspiracy theorist, and a lungscarred World War I veteran who reads aloud poetry to his blind younger brother, Homer.

The mellifluous opening line of a W. All are played, sashayed, and occasionally laid by the Red Goddess Joan, a lefty Mata Hari with a singular itch for plural publicans. Mee directed by David M.

The beautifully crafted 16 inch thick rock walls are made from native limestone, quarried, trimmed and built by hand. The house has been beautifully preserved inside and out. A delicious country breakfast will start your day off right on Saturdays and Sundays. Our accommodations will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated! Our experienced staff will see to your every need. Within minutes of our Robert Trent Jones, Jr. The Stagecoach Coffee Shop serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Nestled among towering oaks, elms and persimmon trees, this traditional Greek Revival style mansion, complimentary cottages and log cabins are located on two acres of landscaped grounds surrounded by a picturesque picket fence. The grounds offer a mini tour of early Texas dwellings.

Texas markers and one National Register marker attest to the authenticity of the Rose Mansion, two beautifully restored log cabins, a summer kitchen cottage and a larger Greek Revival cottage. The warmth and charm of this home awaits you, your home away from home. Enjoy any of our four suites, each with its own private bath and custom themes.

Unwind in the bar after a long business day Escape to romantic seclusion This quiet secluded oasis has a wide variety of cottages with a welcoming price range!

Each of the 7 guest cottages and 2 guest rooms at Stonecreek Settlement brings the flavor and textures of a different Texas town destination to mind. Each cottage and room feature kitchenettes with microwaves, mini-refrigerators and coffee makers with complimentary coffee.

But usually I am more prepared than I was this year. Or so I thought. Suddenly, two hours before the event, I was in a panic about what to wear. Should I try to whip together a mask of feathers glued to my sunglasses?

Or should I just stay in bed and sleep through it all? I had a white satin shirt that I knew I wanted to wear with it, black velvet pants, and, of course, my cowboy boots. Clasping a large. Chanel brooch to my collar, I was thrilled with the look — and the amount of time it took me to pull it all together.

But then I was too tired from the preparation and considered just staying home. But that was out of the question. Arriving at the Austonian, I boarded the construction elevator with a number of other feathery and bespangled guests; we were sprinkled with rain as the elevator took us high into the sky.

I began to feel less and less like a swan or firebird and more and more like a condor flying up to its nest high in the Andes. Deplaning at the 33rd level, we were greeted by what appeared to be a very large tutu, but upon closer inspection, it was made entirely of calla lilies. With the degree view of the world and the rain and lights twinkling below us, it was simply breathtaking. Two gorgeous twentysomething girls, sisters Sofia.

The Mandarin Flower Co. Becky Beaver wore a fabulous Marchesa gown in black and gold and ruled the night like a queen. But even if there was only one event I attended this season, it would have to be this party. Sounds like its opening event, Tuesday, Sept. Sounds essentially like the formula established by the founders of the magazine but with some huge changes that promise to give Austin a kind of fashion show that we rarely see around here.

With vendors in tents around the Long Center and a whole lot more, the week sounds pretty fab. Or to-get-married-for.

Or to send a loved one or maybe yourself. Write to our Style Avatar with your related events, news, and hautey bits: style austinchronicle. William Cannon, www. The place is small enough to feel intimate, yet all the tables have sufficient room to allow a sense of privacy. All the seafood is freshly caught, and there are no growth hormones or antibiotics in the chickens, no hydrogenated oils, and no trans fats.

Everything, start to finish, is made from scratch. Even the iced tea tastes as though someone put some effort into it, and the restaurant has a full-service bar with a good selection of high-end beers and exotic cocktails. Our first visit was a total success. The cold cuts and cheese were excellent, but the rich explosion of flavor from the homemade olive spread was what really caught our attention.

The boudin balls were the best thing we tried at the Cypress Grill. This is one of those dishes where all the ingredients have to be perfect, and they were — especially the beans, which were creamy without turning to mush.

Authentic, tasty, and fairly priced, Cypress Grill is highly recommended for folks who love Louisiana cooking. Thursday, Sept. I ; some proceeds benefit Susan G.

Komen for the Cure. Friday, Sept. Nine wineries between Johnson City and Fredericks-burg will each feature complementary samples of sausage dishes from area restaurants and caterers paired with Hill Country cabernet sauvignons. More info at www. Saturday, Sept. Sixth, , www. Reserve at cameron 34thstreetcafe. The book is available at Whole Foods, Peoples Rx, and www.

Wednesday, Sept. Inspired by such visionaries as Rachel Carson, Wendell Berry, Joel Salatin, and Michael Pollan, our country is experiencing a small but important paradigm shift away from the chemical-dependent, big agribusiness, factory-farm model to one where small, sustainable family farms are once again feeding fresh, local food to their neighbors.

The author went on to describe her own development into an avid organic gardener and explained how she chose the Texas farmers and ranchers who are profiled in her new book. They told stories of wells gone dry during the drought and the need for commercial or agricultural water rates for urban farmers.

Another major concern was their feeling that supposed food safety regulations developed by and for big agribusiness such as the National Animal Identification System, among others are being used to put small operators out of business.

I spent quite a bit of time this summer researching state egg-grading regulations, which were developed for giant factory farms but have been adopted into the Austin city code, and how these regulations are used to remove ungraded eggs from Austin restaurants and grocery stores.

The family farms and ranches that feed us need our political as well as our financial support. Poor pinot blanc has a reputation for being dull.

Its main problem is that in most areas, the grape never develops enough acidity. To mature to its highest potential, pinot blanc requires cool to cold climates. In the right hands, the grape makes a sexy wine with lightly perfumed aromas and just enough acid to keep it clean and interesting. North America does a fair job with the grape, especially in British Columbia; unfortunately, those wines seldom make it into the U.

At once laid-back Austin and Downtown chic, the new Mexican restaurant is one of three small eateries on the ground floor of , the story condo tower at Third and Nueces. It occupies a choice spot, across a cul-de-sac plaza from Austin Music Hall; best of all, the patio overlooks a long, verdant stretch of Shoal Creek.

In the evenings, the street and sidewalk cafes out front are alive with strolling live-music patrons and well-dressed folks out for a night on the town. One small-plates menu is offered all day, from early lunch or weekend brunch until the late, after-show crowd shuts the place down. The vegetarian option was stuffed with mushrooms and decoratively dribbled with three sauces, which lent roasted-garlic and ancho-chile flavors. The roasted pork quesadilla was almost sinfully rich with asadero cheese and avocado, but was balanced by a piquant pineapple-habanero salsa.

The lamb pops — small chops presented as finger food — were quite tasty, served with the same sauce as the mushroom quesadilla although the bed of plain baby spinach begs rethinking. All three bocaditos were outstanding. Described as tostadas, each dish in fact. The pork melds the flavors of goat cheese, pepitas, and a chipotle agridulce. We also enjoyed two soups of the day, both of them delicious standouts.

Vegetarians may be nonplussed to find that combo their one option throughout the menu. Each taco was made distinctive by unusual sauces and a sophisticated combination of flavors, textures, and colors. When we made the mistake of thinking an order of tostadas would fill us up on our first visit, we gladly compensated with dessert. The mango flan is a silky treat, but the tres leches cake proved disappointingly grainy.

The soft leather chairs were comfortable throughout a multicourse meal. Now that the weather is cooler, the patio with about as many tables as the interior dining area, some covered is the place to be. The happyhour sunsets go perfectly with a house mojito or one of the many other cocktails and well-priced wines offered. Who says urban living has to be stressful? Damn good barbecue. The Gospel Brunch on Sundays has become so popular that reservations are a must for both seatings.

MLK, Find standard sushi offerings, featuring edomae Tokyo-style sushi and some signature rolls. Sixth, The beautifully lit bar is the perfect place to make your pitch. Second, Sixth , The lamb with hot cumin, ma po do fu, and boiled beef with spicy sauce are all excellent. Try the Ahi Tower. Now going cross-cultural with breakfast tacos.

Meat with two sides, done right, and it changes every day. Try the roast beef and sweet-potato pie. MoPac, Especially recommended are the catfish, collards, fried okra, red beans and rice, and the addictive boudin balls.

We recommend the arroz con albondigas, the mariscadas, and the pupusas. Seventh, Beef anchors the menu, assisted by chicken-fried everything. Dozens of homemade pies and sturdy coffee, too. Menu items have a Southwestern flair, with surf, turf, and venison. I, Braker, The shaking beef makes us quiver! Insist on the Chinese menu, and be adventurous. Henna Blvd. Barbara Jordan Blvd. The subs and clubs here might SHOP For Southerners, this is the familiar food features some seasonal seafood items in just do that.

Try MoPac, Especially recommended are the www. The shakclaims to fame. The beautifully lit bar is the perfect ing beef makes us quiver! Beef anchors the menu, Street outpost continues to be the destination back in the Seventies and Eighties, with long assisted by chicken-fried everything. Dozens for Downtown Thai food and atmosphere. Guadalupe Ste. B-5, Try the banchan tidbits and the noodle dishes or the sushi train in the next room.

You can also grill at your table. Lamar, Plan early for the lunch hour, when lines are out the door. If your sweet tooth needs a root canal, try something from the taqueria. First, Its thick countrystyle pork ribs are legendary, and this place has live music most nights. Ethereal pancakes, fluffy omelets, homemade hash browns, and ancho-chile-spiked barbecue sauce compete with really wonderful hamburgers.

Try the chorizo burger. I Ste. D Southpark Meadows , The hot and sour soup also leaves a pleasant, peppery afterburn. William Cannon , Mexican Coca-Colas at a reasonable price. Try the birria lamb and the perfect picadillo. Congress, Try the homemade cobbler.

Check out the sandwich menu for light lunch fare. G, Look for island fusion at night. Get a fresh-fruit liquado on the side. Anderson , The half-pound burgers are tasty and massive, and the menu also offers chicken-fried steaks. The portions are big, and the service is fast and efficient.

All services not available in all areas. Valid for residential customers only. To receive all services, Digital Cable, remote and lease of a Digital set-top box are required. Not all equipment supports all services.

Pay Per View events are an optional service available for an incremental charge. Channels may vary by area. Subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply. Call for details. All other corporate brands and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. All Rights Reserved. The bad news is, the previous sentence is only true if you happen to be at the Alamo Ritz, Wednesday, Sept.

Then — and, presumably, only then — CF2 will have its theatrical world premiere in a benefit screening for the Austin School of Film, courtesy of Fantastic Fest. CF2, which wrapped production all the way Alamo Ritz, with cast and crew in attendance. For more info, visit www. Did I forget to mention that the Game Developers Conference is in town? The festival runs Sept. This is where the cool kids of gaming, like Brandon Boyer of hip gaming blog Offworld and Adam Saltsman of Canabalt and Gravity Hook fame, will be loitering.

Trip, World of Goo, and Splosion Man, which can be downloaded to select platforms. Only Luddites use their iPhones to actually call people. The other summits covering game audio and game writing have all the usual unknown names behind very recognizable games like Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3. Mark your calendars for Oct. E-mail gaming austinchronicle.

The titular character, fueled by the volcanic ego of Klaus Kinski, wants to build an opera house in the wilds of Iquitos but first must get a ton steamboat over a mountain.

Those highs and lows coil as one. He sounds amazingly calm within these fevered inner landscapes — perhaps writing was therapy — but knows preserving history is important to myth. The crew, victorious, finally gets the boat over the mountain, and Herzog gets in one last joke. Here are some of the major nominees. As always, I start with the writers. Of the five nomination slots, 30 Rock has four.

Ted never got any traction with viewers and was allowed to burn off its episodes this summer. Mad Men is simply the finest thing on TV at the moment. Enough said. Now, for the actors. These nominations are typically perplexing because the Emmy crowd seems to love rewarding the same individuals over and over again while overlooking other exemplary performances.

This is evident in the following category. Carell makes it look easy. Give him a trophy, already. This is actually a well-rounded list of nominees.

My second choice would be Simon. Parting for a moment from my usual braying for Baker, who is deliciously droll in a mediocre procedural.

Her work flies under the The Mentalist seem better than it really is. Again, many good choices here, but my the telecast. As always, stay tuned. Come in for. Let us help you get your message in front of the thousands of people coming to the three-day festival! This project is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Cultural Arts Division and by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts and an award from the National Endowment for the Arts, which believes that a great nation deserves great art.

Premium Malt Beverage. Please drink responsibly. While no details have been confirmed as far as a release date or label, the album, which was recorded in New York in March, is currently in the mixing stage. That speaks far more about the song than anything I did. The lyrics struck me in a way that the music sounded automatic. It made such sense to my soul and my spirit. I just latched onto it. First Aid As the vitriolic health care debate continues in Congress and across the nation, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians beats its drum a little louder.

The nonprofit remixes the traditional model, circumventing insurance companies to connect local musicians directly to medical Seton Family of Hospitals , dental St. Second the more reason to physical therapy. For the comthan 90 Austin acts across the city. HAAMbassadors plete list of participating businesses and the music will be stationed at each show collecting donations that schedule, visit www.

After moving its operations from Cincinnati, the longstanding FM-turned-Web radio station, presently marking its 27th year, began broadcasting live from the ME-TV studios on South Congress last week. Random Play After negotiations with a potential investor fell through, Room went into default on its lease earlier this month.

Vinyl versions are in the incubator for next year. I think our music lends itself to that way of celebrating the grandeur in the mundane. You get back as much as you put in.

The album is an of a shattered mirror. Evidenced cholic atmosphere. Thrusting Balmorhea into uncharted terri- with. There were no rules. Yet like the intermittent traffic breaking up the natural resonance of the Colorado River, founders. Their guitars intertwine with relative ease based composer Rafael Anton Irisarri. Having recently completed the Vinyl owner Brian Sampson takes a turn at song gently fades away. All is well. Beneath the bridge that divides Columbus, Texas, the Colorado River treads so slowly that the current appears to be moving in both directions.

A slightly trodden path winds through the thicket, leading to an embankment where evergreen trees shade the waterway below. Butterflies flutter overhead, and a tattered barbed wire fence marks the point of no return.

It was here that William B. DeWees, a colonist and blacksmith from Kentucky and one of Stephen F. The color of it is far deeper and richer than any I have ever before seen. Strong emphasis was placed on the issues facing brachycephalic dogs such as Pugs and Bulldogs.

It would be wise for both the breeders and the judges of the brachycephalic dogs to be mindful of these respiratory limitations and to reward those dogs who breathe better i. Those of us who. Facial head conformation is inherited as a polygenic trait so selection pressure can be applied to improve health without making any changes to a breed standard.

We cannot allow the anti purebred faction to demonize our purebred dog population yet our failure to acknowledge and correct health issues under our control makes us our own worst enemy.

We must take every opportunity to inform the public and our critics of our efforts on behalf of not only purebred dogs but all dogs. The breakout sessions following the conference were dedicated to developing an action agenda. The progress has consisted of a position paper, an attempt to develop a contract for puppy sales, and support of an Advisory Council on the Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding.

It was admitted that their work so far has not had a great effect on dog breeding in the UK. The Kennel Club has made changes to certain breed standards and has imposed health criteria for awarding a CC.

A journalist attending the conference has suggested that HSUS take no action on purebred dog breeding in the US as the two sides are diametrically opposed. To date I have not seen any publication which summarizes the conference or any suggestions regarding ensuing steps.

I feel that the conference allowed an exchange of ideas and was a forum for information for all that attended.

I did not allow the publication of my presentation but have willingly and will continue to correspond to questions from the attendees and the other speakers. What is next? My question is: Who and how will this policy be enforced and how can anyone determine how the judge is using his or her cell phone in the ring? For me - written standards will do with the cell phone off.

Desmond Murphy Unless it is an emergency I do not think judges should use cell phones in the ring. But they can use them to view standards? How do we know that they are not looking up the results from the day before? That is why not being able to see a Catalog is an antiquated policy?

Many judges were already using electronic devices in their ring prior to passing this policy. The device may ONLY be used at the judges table, we may not carry it into the ring. Prior to the implementation of this policy, enforcement should have been thoroughly analyzed; perhaps it has and we are not aware of it??? Betty Graham This policy is not enforceable. The world is a complicated and these days a connected place.

No cell phones while engaged in judging, stewarding or exhibiting. Michael H. What a relief it was not to haul the cumbersome book of standards through airport screening and to and from the show. I turn my back so the ring steward cannot see my Ebay screen.

I pretend I am viewing the standard, even though I have already marked my book. I hear some grumbling from the exhibitors and realize I have not passed out the ribbons and I am 10 minutes behind schedule. My screen is blank. I push all buttons in a frantic state of mind trying to get the damn thing to work. I begin to panic and I take an immediate bathroom break. Already 15 minutes behind schedule, I quickly run to a fellow colleague and ask if they have their hardcopy of the standards.

With a sigh of relief I push the power button on the IPhone and realize I need a pass code to access the phone. I interrupt my fellow judge to gain access to his phone and he suddenly realizes he has forgotten his passcode for his new IPhone.

Of course if the judge has carried the phone out into the middle of the ring for privacy, then onlookers would have the right to be suspicious and make a complaint. That will be much better than hauling the fat heavy notebook of printed standards around. On balance I think this new policy is a great help to judges and a recognition that technology is not going away. I will also, in due course, retire as a Trustee of the Kennel Club and therefore as a Member of the General Committee. I will of course retain my Membership of the Club and will be happy, on an ad hoc basis, to help the Club in any way that it feels that I can be of assistance.

I believe that time has now arrived and that it is therefore appropriate to move on and for me simply to return to the occasional judging appointment and to enjoying showing our dogs. Finally, and probably most importantly, I believe that the range of skills and the abilities of both the General Committee and the Staff of the Kennel Club have never been stronger and more diverse and that the Club, under that leadership, will have a very sound future ahead of it.

I would particularly like to thank both the Committee and the Staff for the very strong support they have provided to me over the last nine years. Without that support, I would undoubtedly have decided to bring my tenure to an end several years earlier! I wish the Club every possible success for the future.

Nancy Cowley for this marvelous win. There may yet be gold and silver and platinum to be found in them there Grand Championship titles but skeptics —of which there are many— see the GC titles and colors as a band-aid in risk of rapidly losing its adhesion in addressing the very real and costly problem of declining registrations and revenues at the AKC.

If the puppy buying public can be convinced that purchasing a purebred dog from the litter of a Bronze Grand Champion bitch is a better option than buying — oops, I mean adopting— a shelter dog, then by all means, Bronze Grand Champions Rule.

It remains to be seen whether or not the color-coded Grand Champions can bring in real green and sustain a steady revenue stream or entice new purebred dog owners and breeders to partake in AKC events or add to its registry.

With that kind of return on investment, perhaps the AKC ought to look into supplying k and hedge fund services for its breeders and owners! With so much invested in our dogs, why not let the AKC invest in the future of its constituents, too! Despite an outcry from owners and breeders, the bill proceeded. Last Thursday, May 12th, a public hearing was held on the bill but no vote was taken.

The following day, with little or no public notice, a substitute measure was passed by a vote of and is likely to quickly move through the Texas Senate. Laws that put limits on breeding and owning dogs are gaining momentum across the country and once a number is established, it can always be reduced— to one, or even zero. Who would ever want to be faced with that kind of choice? Gloria Geringer.

Loraine Boutwell. Lowell K. Greater Ft. Cragsmoor Buddy Goodman Judge Mrs. Handler Larry Cornelius. Meadowlake Simply Sinful Judge Mrs. Faye Strauss Judge Mrs. Columbus Kennel Club Pekingese Ch. Palacegarden Malachy Judge Mr. Stephen F. Kenneth A. Brighton Lakeridge Encore Judge Mrs. Catanyas Latin Lover Judge Ms. Born: Harry: Born Philadelphia, Pa. Lisa: Orlando, Fl. Reside: Mechanicsville, Maryland Married: 25 years. Lisa: To stay involved in the sport they love. Harry: Sense of humor, true to myself and my convictions, true friend and family man.

Lisa: Loves family, dogs, fun loving, loves sports, happy go lucky. Harry: Strange as that is, it is seemingly accepted for some people and not others. Top dogs should compete against top dogs. To be the best beat the best. Lisa: Stay and face the competition head on!

All of these statistics are based on All Breed competition. These are the most current statistics available to the fancy. In any event the Ronnie Irving decision was the shocker of the year for the dog world both in the UK and internationally. Not so much his decision but the timing of the decision.

At least two or three years ago Mr. Despite what many people think a powerful show chairman in the UK has a power position which far outweighs that of the chairperson of the AKC of say the last 20 years. Beagles 13 in. Beagles over 13 in. On a recent trip from the Maritimes to Ontario for shows and then onto Salisbury, Maryland for the Poodle Club of America, we experienced every type of weather. Leaving Halifax for Montreal Quebec, the weather was a warm typical spring like day, the temperature about 10 degrees Celsius.

Driving for 4 hours we drove straight into freezing sleet, and snow covered roads. This continued for 10 hours of driving. We had to stop in Quebec City 3 hours short of our goal that day to give the driver and passengers a rest from the stress of driving in those conditions. The dogs were shocked to have to come out of their warm beds for a blast of cold and driving snow. And this was April 22nd! Arriving in Ontario for the shows the weekend was cold and windy with temperatures hovering around the freezing mark all weekend.

In one week we experienced every type of weather, snow, sleet, freezing sleet, rain, wind, sun, heat and humidity. Poodle Club of America is a great event. It is a National unlike no other, the air conditioned building, completely sodded rings with a white picket fence and landscaping complete with white topiary standard poodles!

Indeed the Top. People and pointers traveled from all over to this quiet spot in Southeast Wisconsin- even as far as New Zealand and Australia. The host site is set at the Olympia Resort, where coincidently German Shorthair National was a week prior, and there will be a Dachshund National following the Pointers. Wisconsin, in the springtime, does not have a set weather forecast to make it easy.

Set in a picturesque valley at the Kettle Moraine State Park, the pointers and their handlers dealt with a gambit of weather from sun to rain to chilly winds.

Everyone took what Mother Nature had to offer and went with it. Especially at the end of the day, when steaks on the grill were a reward to all the handlers that trudged through the Wisconsin terrain.

The following day was the Hunt Test, held at the same location, but with a blazing hot sun and little wind. Even with the lack of. Wednesday was considered a light day, where there was enough downtime for most people to take in the sites and shop-apparently the outlet malls were a popular spot.

For the APC board members, they had to start their morning with a board meeting. There were a lot of positive comments from the information provided, from attendees of the seminar; they came out with a new outlook and awareness towards reproductive health. As the day went on, more and more pointers were appearing throughout the Olympia Resort. Once settled in at the Olympia Resort, there was an opportunity for everyone to meet at the Hospitality room for a Welcome Party.

The Welcome Party was a nice time for sharing travel stories getting to Wisconsin and catching up with each other. The food had incorporated the host state theme of: various cheeses, local pastries, and of course, Wisconsin brews. Welcome Gift Bags were handed out at the party. Thankfully, if one can roll themselves out of bed in the morning, there was scheduled Continental Breakfasts provided for the rest of the week in the Hospitality Room; each day sponsored by a regional pointer club.

What would be an outdoor agility story without a quick mention of the unpredictable spring weather? Well, agility had to deal with some setbacks because due to a thunderstorm with hail the night before; the course had to be rushed set up early morning on a non-mowed grassy course full of dandelions. As the afternoon went on, the temperatures became hot and humid. The timing was perfect for everyone involved because agility was completed before another round of rain made its way to the area.

Plus, the rest of the events were indoors, which takes us to Futurity and Maturity judging. Last April the attention of the world me included , turned to England, and the Royal Wedding. We were watching a fairy tale come to life, making us all believe that the happy ending still is possible. After so many tragedies, cataclysms, and terrorist attacks, this event came as an intermission, a relaxation in our daily lives.

So with deep respect and much love I want to talk about one not so well known but much cherished breed: the Lancashire Heeler. He founded the city of Londonius, which became London, and Brutus became Britain. Continuing with legends; the Trojan kings descended from Dardanus, who was their early ruler. They show two arguments supporting this theory; British royal family members are circumcised, and the word Britain derives from Brit Hebrew for pact, or Brit-Mila, for circumcision, which symbolizes the pact between God, and Abraham.

In the beginning during the Iron Age the lands now known as Lancashire were part of the territory of Celtic tribes known as the Brigantes who lived along the Fylde Coast of Lancashire. The Brigantes were among the most powerful tribes in pre-Roman Britain.

Apparently those tribes operated more-or-less autonomously and independently, only coming together for ceremonial purposes, or in the event of war, when they united to form powerful guerrilla armies.

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Keep reading to learn more about Angie K. Angie is one of the newest supporting faces from season 3, which premiered in September The Salt Lake City, Utah, native initially pleaded not guilty but then changed her plea to guilty in July She was sentenced to 6.

We are Greek. We will find another event to wear our matching heels to. Angie is a hairdresser and the owner of the Lunatic Fringe Salon, according to her Instagram bio. The business has locations in Utah, Idaho and Ohio and offers various hairstyle services. During episode 13 of season 3, Jen and husband Sharrieff Shah gave Angie a check for several thousand dollars for throwing a lavish birthday party for Sharieff. In return, Angie found a different way to get revenge rather than do the same thing that Jen did to her.

The Captain Marvel star shocked fans with her brand-new look on social media. The "Late Night" host ridiculed the House speaker for his "incredibly cocky" remarks in April. The ex-president's old words come back to haunt him. Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves McConaughey celebrated their son Livingston's 10th birthday with "Nothing fancy…just us," she shared alongside a new photo of their youngest son.

When Salma Hayek showed up to the Golden Globes, she absolutely stunned in a shimmery, spiderweb-esque gown from Gucci. The dazzling design featured fringe sleeves, a corset-like bodice and a sunburst of jewels coming from the center. New York City : Thomas L.

Phillips, Jr. Retrieved 26 January Rumored to be inspired by Angie Bowie, it was actually inspired by Marianne Faithful after her relationship with Jagger collapsed. Demand Media. New York City : Bloomsbury Publishing.

Archived from the original on 9 February Hollywood, California : Virgin Records. I'd recently had my daughter born, whose name was Angela, and the name was starting to ring around the house. But I'm into writing about my babies. Angie just fitted. I mean, you couldn't sing 'Maureen' New York City : Back Bay.

While I was in the [Vevey drug] clinic, Anita was down the road having our daughter, Angela. Once I came out of the usual trauma, I had a guitar with me and I wrote Angie in an afternoon, sitting in bed, because I could finally move my fingers and put them in the right place again I just went, 'Angie, Angie'.

It was not about any particular person; it was a name, like 'ohhh, Diana'. I didn't know Angela was going to be called Angela when I wrote 'Angie'. In those days you didn't know what sex the thing was going to be until it popped out. Archived from the original on 5 January Retrieved 1 January Retrieved 19 June Ultratop Retrieved 25 February GfK Entertainment charts.

Irish Singles Chart. Single Top Top 40 Singles. Retrieved 4 October Swiss Singles Chart. Official Charts Company. Top Adult Contemporary: — Record Research. Archived from the original on 21 October Retrieved 21 October Cash Box magazine. Retrieved 5 September Archived from the original on 5 March Retrieved 8 October Hung Medien. Retrieved 2 March Archived from the original on 15 July Retrieved 25 December — via Google Books. Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana.

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