juniper network odyssey access client download
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Juniper network odyssey access client download information about caresource be insurance

Juniper network odyssey access client download

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Mobility drives the need to harness user and device data to control network access and to ensure secure, appropriate network connectivity. Pulse Secure Odyssey Access Client OAC delivers total control over secure, safe, and appropriate enterprise network connectivity, regardless of access method, allowing the consistent enforcement of organizational security policies for all users.

Your ideas. OAC delivers comprehensive support for the advanced protocols required for secure network access. It provides robust security for both wired and wireless networks, fully ensuring the safety and integrity of user credentials and transmitted data. OAC secures user authentication and network connectivity, ensuring that users connect to the appropriate network in the appropriate manner, that login credentials are not compromised, and that user and device credentials and transmitted data remain secure and private.

One OAC client can be deployed and used for both wired and wireless Through its common user interface for both wired and wireless access, OAC delivers a simplified user experience that reduces training and support costs, allowing organizations to standardize on a single network access client across their business, regardless of network connection.

OAC also provides localized versions, with translated user interface and documentation. OAC secures authentication and connectivity for all users, regardless of network connection type, and delivers port-based security and enforcement of network access policies. The claims being validated include the U. Please contact Pulse Secure for the version number of the evaluated client.

All clientside cryptographic xsec operations are performed using the Odyssey Security Component cryptographic module. Figure 1: Odyssey Access Client in an OAC and the SBR Enterprise Series combine to ensure that only authorized users access the network; that user connections are configured correctly; and that transmitted credentials and data remain secure. Together, OAC and the SBR Enterprise Series deliver powerful network access policy management, robust user authentication, and durable network security with unparalleled network control, usability, and speedy deployment in standards-based, Figure 2: Odyssey Access Client can serve as the agent for UAC, working with existing and new network components to deliver comprehensive network and application access control 4.

For details on supported features by platform, please consult the specific OAC edition s documentation, which may be found at Ensures network access and security across a variety of different platforms without necessitating any changes to the access client software.

Supports most EAP types in order to support the authentication protocol or protocols that best address your network security needs. Seamlessly enables all of the benefits of EAP, including: Credential security using Transport Layer Security TLS for cryptography Data privacy The industry s strongest available encryption of data communicated wired or wirelessly across all platforms.

Client security and policy enforcement features Client lockdown, which prohibits a user from editing or modifying any administrator-defined WLAN or wired Additional entries for home networks or hotspots can be defined, but only with the appropriate organizational permissions.

Ensures that the client remains in complete, constant compliance with your organization s access and security policies. Makes sure that a user cannot accidentally or purposefully disable or exit OAC. Includes an enhanced user interface with additional elements that become active only upon connection and interoperation with UAC, creating a complete network and application access control solution.

Enables a complete access control solution that is adaptable and scalable, combining user identity, device security state, and network location to create dynamic, session-specific access control policy for each user and each session leveraging the network you have in place today. Works with any Supports multiple adapter cards simultaneously.

A single client for use in wired, wireless, and mixed networks simplifies deployment of client software for a new or existing network infrastructure. Localized versions enable organizations with users for whom English is not their native language to use OAC effectively.

Enables the deployment of securewired and wireless connectivity and control across worldwide organizations and enterprises. Automates client distribution via integration with common enterprise deployment tools, including Systems Management Server SMS.

Command line export to script preserves network configurations across installs and uninstalls. XML-based scripting language automates distribution of settings. Single, unified installer provides a simple, integrated way to install any OAC edition. Can be installed as a background task with no user interaction required through silent installation option.

Can implement a hidden registry setting that is checked when any upgrade occurs, enabling machine account networks, profiles, and auto-scan lists to be merged during an upgrade to preserve existing configurations. Eliminates the need to touch every endpoint device on initial configuration, subsequent changes to network and security settings, or changes to network security policies delivering substantial time and cost savings. Simple and user-friendly Straightforward user interface includes at-a-glance connection information and status.

Provides uncomplicated yet comprehensive user controls. Auto-scan lists for most platforms allow the user to associate with any network listed. Self-administrating, requiring no user interaction.

If desired, client stealth mode can hide icons and splash screen from users. Enables users to move seamlessly between different networks home, office, hotspot, other. Makes it easy for users to connect to the network and be productive securely, while delivering dramatic savings in training, helpdesk, and support costs.

Consistent user and administrative experience One client supports wired and wireless Common user interface look-and-feel, terminology, and feature sets across all of OAC s supported OS platform versions. User experience can be customized, if desired.

A common tool is used to administer and provision clients across all supported OS platforms and editions. Simple, consistent user and administrator experience, decreases training and support costs. Trouble-free maintenance and support Offers enhanced troubleshooting capabilities, including comprehensive debug logs. Includes a scan airwaves tool for enhanced network planning and troubleshooting.

Log to File gathers information useful to technical support staff and network administrators; logging levels are controllable via the user interface. Trace and debug logs are accessible and configurable from the Odyssey Access Client Manager. Simplifies network diagnostics and troubleshooting, reducinproblem diagnosis time to decrease support costs and increase productivity.

Access, configure, search, and save trace and debug logs, saving support and troubleshooting time. User interface permissions provide uniform enforcement of security policies. Preferred networks feature allows administrators to configure networks for users in priority order, associating with a higher priority network when users are in range.

Preemptive networks feature allows administrative configuration of priority networks to which users can be associated when they are in range. Wireless suppression restricts a user s wireless connectivity whentheir endpoint device is connected to a wired network. No default connection restricts user connectivity to an availablenetwork as a default state.

Prevent users from deselecting OAC as the default wireless access client for a chosen wireless adapter. Increase compatibility with third-party wireless applications by enabling the application to temporarily disable OAC when the application needs to operate or transmit. Restrict the length of time that a temporary or scanned wirelessnetwork may remain configured in OAC; or enable OAC to forget the network ever existed. Ensures across-the-board enforcement of an organization s security and access policies, and ensures that users are connected to the appropriate network in the appropriate manner, restricting their connectivity in select situations to specific offering s.

Increases compatibility withthird-party wireless applications, enhancing usability and saving administrative or helpdesk calls and time. Delivers additional protection, to assure that users and devices cannot inadvertently or intentionally connect to networks that should not be trusted. Delivers machine authentication support. Login names can be automatically provisioned. Supplies automatic login scripts. Simplifies connection from wireless only devices.

Prompts user for user name. Significantly improves and simplifies network connectivity while ensuring network security, and improves administration processes.

Prompt for user name and automatic login scripts ensure the secure use and connection of a single device employed by multiple users as well as enabling easy background access by network managers. Supports xsec for more robust, government-approved encryption, using AES for in-transit data when operating over Microsoft Windows Vista and with adapters and drivers.

Compatible with U. Provides government certified and validated security and encryption that stringently protects transmitted credentials and data from breach or theft. OAC is suitable for all organizations and enterprise networks. Note: Please contact Pulse Secure for the version number of the evaluated client.

OAC is also available in specific editions developed to leverage the particular features and capabilities of different operating systems and software, such as Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Linux, and Apple Mac OS. Our services allow you to maximize operational efficiency while reducing costs and minimizing risk, achieving a faster time to value for your network.

Pulse Secure ensures operational excellence by optimizing the network to maintain required levels of performance, reliability, and availability. From devices to data centers, from consumers to cloud providers, Pulse Secure delivers the software, silicon and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking.

The company serves customers and partners worldwide. All rights reserved. All trademarks, service marks, registered marks, or registered service marks are the property of their respective owners. Pulse Secure assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracies in this document. Pulse Secure reserves the right to change, modify, transfer, or otherwise revise this publication without notice. Government agencies and secure. Chief among these obstacles. This ensures. Table of Contents Section 1: Executive summary Open Directory Apple s standards-based directory and network authentication services architecture.

This document assumes familiarity with the Juniper. Introduction The CWSP exam, covering the objectives, will certify that the successful candidate understands the security weaknesses inherent in WLANs, the solutions available to address those. Mobile devices offer great potential for making your enterprise run faster, smarter, and more profitably.

However, mobile devices can create considerable challenges for your IT organization, since they. Table of Contents Executive Summary Trend Micro Incorporated reserves the right to make changes to this document and to the products described herein without notice. Before installing and using the software, please review the readme files,.

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Odyssey Access Client de Juniper, Free Download by Juniper Networks, Inc. Juniper Odyssey Access Client - REALMS, Free Download by Juniper Networks, Inc. Menu. Windows Share. Juniper Odyssey Access Client - REALMS download. Choose the most . Odyssey Access Client for Windows Odyssey Access Client for Windows Mobile/CE Odyssey Access Client for Linux Odyssey Access Client for Macintosh Odyssey Certificate Authority .