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Jon allison caresource

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Conditions that are often the most expensive to treat. Richmond greets one of her regular patients, who has had type 2 diabetes since In the exam room, Dr. The patient agrees, and Dr. Richmond orders the diagnostic test. For diabetics, tests like these could mean avoiding serious and deadly complications such as amputations, blindness and kidney failure.

But lab tests can be expensive. In the past, Dr. She says a lot of that has changed since the Affordable Care Act took effect. John Kasich administration officials say Medicaid expansion through the Affordable Care Act has worked for many Ohioans. A recent report found Medicaid expansion has helped more than , people across the state -- most of whom were previously uninsured.

States could get more flexibility to restrict who qualifies for Medicaid. They could reduce doctor reimbursements. And so instead of having to write off that amount we're now getting reimbursed. McFarlane-El acknowledges the federal health law is not without its problems. She urges lawmakers debating the future of the Affordable Care Act not to take the country back to a time, before the law took effect, when high numbers of uninsured patients flooded into the health care system.

So are many health care organizations that have invested millions of dollars of new business into the Miami Valley, including Dayton-based health insurance company CareSource. Look, we know that there will be changes to our health care system going forward. CareSource is planning to open a big new building, bringing hundreds of new jobs to downtown Dayton.

The facility is expected to open in the next few years. Search Query Show Search. As the future of the Affordable Care Act ACA remains unclear, payers have to decide whether or not to stay in the marketplace exchanges or leave them in Some have already made this decision, while others are still grappling with it. Looking ahead to , Jon Allison, executive vice president, business development and integration, CareSource, Dayton, Ohio, says the insurer is preparing to offer coverage in the states in which it has plans-Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

We also saw the marketplace as an opportunity to serve a larger population, while ultimately helping consumers take responsibility for their healthcare. In addition, we see the marketplace as an affordable option for our members who transition off of Medicaid.

As Congress continues to reshape the ACA, we remain committed to providing coverage for the population we have served for our year history. San Francisco-based Blue Shield of California is another insurer that is planning to stay in the marketplace exchanges.

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