what is the meaning of the word nuances
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What is the meaning of the word nuances lack of nuance

What is the meaning of the word nuances

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The behavioural details that dominated in the earlier production are now abandoned in favour of psychological states and their nuances. Both essays bristle with ethnographic detail, and are notable for their analysis of the nuances of social formation in a protean frontier-zone.

Probably unknown to the arrangers, adjustments in subtle nuances bowing, articulation, timbre appropriate for string writing were made by the veteran string musicians. Extreme vocal virtuosity, expression, and attention to nuances of vocal timbre, for example, are traits prized by both operatic and rock singers.

Not every verbal nuance reflects mood or aspect - we haven't even gotten to the voices yet. The distinguishing nuance consists in the fact that the third element intentionally produces the conflict in order to gain a dominating position. The focus upon gendered cultural flows, rather than static socio-economic positions, gives nuances to the contributions that deal with political, economic and social issues.

It is a view based, in the first place, on a misleading oversimplification of the nuances and complexities of different political ideologies of the time. Paradoxically, then, although the difference between invalidation and nonvalidation may seem but a nuance , it matters greatly.

There was no room in his production for the nuance of postwar modernism. The writer argues that there is a need among learners for a heightened critical awareness of web-source nuances. The latter have usually been defined as merely 'political', but recent research has made it possible to nuance that definition.

She is alive to its nuances and is able to set it in a broad intellectual context. These categories were given to the interviewer to bring nuance to answers that could otherwise have been missed by them.

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Dictionary Definitions Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Essential British English. Essential American English. You can agree or disagree with our perspective, but at least acknowledge that vital nuance.

I do not envy him this ministry of reconciliation, which is fraught with complexity and nuance. Mistakes happen, nuance is often lost, and everything is seen through a prism of who is winning and who is losing. I grinned, watching every play of emotion on his face, and carefully weighing every nuance in his tone of voice. One feels that in the three centuries since Monna Lisa love has taken on a new and subtler nuance.

He lived in London until his death, without once leaving England; and that gives to his pictures a distinct nuance. Each company established for the performance of this comedy gave a fresh nuance to the combinations which the show permitted. Each carried its own nuance , its quite separate implication, and somehow the later term took higher ground. New Word List Word List. Save This Word! See synonyms for nuance on Thesaurus. Smoothly step over to these common grammar mistakes that trip many people up.

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But other characters in the film … are sketched less fully. And in this rare instance, the family-friendly franchise isn't a bland, pabulum compromise but a more inspired, nuanced alternative. This more psychologically nuanced self-examination requires that we honestly challenge our beliefs and summon the courage to act on that information, which may lead to fresh ways of thinking about our lives and our goals.

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Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Retrieve it. Term » Definition. Word in Definition. How to pronounce nuances? Alex US English. David US English. Mark US English. Daniel British. Libby British. Mia British. Karen Australian. Hayley Australian. Natasha Australian. Veena Indian. Priya Indian. Neerja Indian. Zira US English. Oliver British. Wendy British. Fred US English. Tessa South African. How to say nuances in sign language? Examples of nuances in a Sentence Phil Mickelson : The little nuances of getting the ball in the hole have been slightly off but it was a day today that could have been really low, it had a lot of potential and I ended up making too many bogeys and letting some birdie opportunities slide.

Washington State University : There's a lot of these sort of nuances that I think we tend to ignore. Charles Krauthammer : The Chinese are extremely sensitive about these nuances in diplomacy, they've been at it for four thousand years, and the rules were laid down by Kissinger and Nixon when they made the opening, and it was that we'd be allies of Taiwan, but we would have to observe certain rules… that Taiwan is part of China.

Melissa Murray : Yvonne Hsu was right there, asking really good questions, thinking about not only the sort of nuances of the issue, but also what's the best way to explain this to the public so that they understand what's actually at stake. Popularity rank by frequency of use nuances

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Define Nuance and Pronounce Nuance (Learn English With Nate)

a subtle difference or distinction in expression, meaning, response, etc. a very slight difference or variation in color or tone. verb (used with object), nu·anced, nu·anc·ing. to give nuance to; to . Jul 22,  · nuance (n.) "slight or delicate degree of difference in expression, feeling, opinion, etc.," , from French nuance "slight difference, shade of color" (17c.), from nuer "to . Jun 13,  · According to Merriam-Webster, “nuance” is an abstract noun that refers to a subtle distinction or variation, a subtle quality, or sensibility to, awareness of, or ability to express .