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Partner Article. By Christine Soo , Timothy M. Devinney , David F. Midgley , Anne Deering ,. View Details. HBR Article. By Bradley R. Staats , David M. Upton ,. By Ava Seave ,. Thank you, for helping us keep this platform clean. The editors will have a look at it as soon as possible. Self publishing. Share Embed Flag. TAGS cognizant global ecosystem platform collaboration assets enables processes improved revenue vendor leveraging www. You also want an ePaper? Three key success factors in favor of Cognizant success are its "born global" philosophy, Two-in-a-Box client-relationship model, and C2.

While the "born global" philosophy differentiates Cognizant from its India peers in the market, its client-relationship model layers strong stress on customer satisfaction.

These, layered with its virtual ecosystem for collaborative project and knowledge management, give Cognizant a competitive position in the market. C2 is a "game-changer" for Cognizant as it shifts the competitive field from labor arbitrage to intellectual arbitrage — that too irrespective of geographic location. This greatly benefits Cognizant 's position in the global services space. Key benefits that C2 brings to Cognizant include: improved client servicing, stronger global delivery models, improved process compliance, consistent quality in deliverables as well as client experience, and improvement in efficiency levels.

IDC analyzes the environment's features, functionalities, and capabilities with the objective to understand its key success factors as well as investment and improvement areas. The analytical opinion reflected in this study is based on inputs from the following sources: Live demonstration of C2 and discussion at Cognizant 's delivery center Discussions with end users and developers of C2 Review of Cognizant 's key wins, press releases, corporate announcements, and financial performance for year-to-date IDC's worldwide research on adoption of Web 2.

First, outsourcing projects are becoming increasingly complex and there is a strong move toward transformation initiatives. While pricing models and accountability can be tied to contract terms and conditions, as well as risk appetite of IT SPs, when it comes to innovation in service delivery, the competitive environment gets increasingly complex.

This is because each SP needs to leverage its strengths and capabilities, based on respective service portfolio and target markets, to drive innovation. This exercise becomes more difficult for outsourced services that involve global resources, multiple delivery centers, and a broad spread across technology solutions and industry verticals. Moreover, innovation cannot happen overnight, it has to go from conceptualization to adoption and offer business value to the end client.

Bracing against the economic slowdown, Cognizant is one of the top 5 India-centric IT SPs that have achieved a strong level of success in the face of economic slowdown; in Cognizant 's case, this is driven by innovation in its delivery model through its intellectual property IP — C2. Cognizant credits its "born global heritage" as a key market advantage that has led the company to be a preferred global services partner for businesses across industries.

Fueling Cognizant 's success and growth is its in-house developed C2 collaborative delivery ecosystem, which has helped the SP grow from strength to strength. While the macroeconomic environment continues to be weak, Cognizant has witnessed stable demand for business and IT services as clients have moved forward to implement erstwhile delayed projects.

Cognizant states that "online virtual workspace has improved our operations significantly and underpins the strength of our global delivery model. Facilitating this, Cognizant has approximately account managers and client partners. Given the success this strategy has borne for Cognizant , the company intends to continue its investment in front-end client relations, rather than pulling back in the face of economic slowdown.

Given that the U. Cognizant Business Consulting CBC practice has experienced continued success and has become a key component of Cognizant 's strategic agenda. The SP has rightly realized that providing offshore capabilities is not enough, and the optimal alignment of business expertise with technical experience will greatly improve Cognizant 's competitive position in global markets.

C2 is Cognizant 's primary focus area and is also the basis and key facilitator for Cognizant 's other three investment areas, namely, client engagement, global delivery, and service enhancement. Cognizant defines C2 as an "intelligent delivery ecosystem where knowledge assets are contextually embedded to well-coded atomic level business processes that enable seamless work execution by global teams operating in a real-time environment.

C2 is an ecosystem that encompasses three basic aspects, namely, processes, people, and knowledge objects to create a unified platform where structured processes can be leveraged by teams of people for knowledge access and creation — at the right time. What enhances C2's position is the level of intricate meshing and miniaturization of the aforementioned three basic aspects into templates and artifacts or knowledge assets that can help teams deliver on microprocesses, irrespective of geographic presence.

This enables the ecosystem to enhance global delivery through consistency and predictability. Launched in October , C2 is currently the de facto global delivery and collaboration platform across Cognizant 's global delivery centers.

Essentially, C2 has two parts: First, a high-powered knowledge management system, made possible by Web 2. The ability to get relevant expertise just-in-time and within the context of a project task enables Cognizant to improve efficiency levels. Second, a standardized project and workflow management system that facilitates collaboration and automatically coordinates complex and dynamically changing global projects. With C2's embedded delivery management system, necessary process templates, samples, and best practices are pushed to the project manager on program initiation, in an industry-specific or technology-specific area.

This ensures a predictable, repeatable, and reliable way to produce the project's master plan, thereby assuring best practices are followed with each new engagement.

This integrated platform is taken to the next level by incorporating "unstructured knowledge" through blogs and wikis with the collaboration platform itself. Inputs from these unstructured resources are closely monitored and qualitatively reviewed to avoid any "false-positives.

Key metrics for C2 include: There are approximately 64, associates linked online for collaboration through blogs, wikis, and forums, resulting in more than 5 million page views per month. C2 supports over 10, unique active bloggers and participants that generate approximately 2, posts each month.

The forums cumulatively contain more than 10, business queries and continue to grow by additions each month. The technical community has more than , posts with approximately 1, queries added each month. There are more than 4, unique documented learning, assets, and case studies, which have been qualitatively reviewed and approved by key technology leads and business heads.

By enabling collaboration within its business ecosystem, Cognizant has done well to eliminate challenges that come with geographical distance and managing a diverse workforce. Key features of the C2 ecosystem include: In C2, processes guidance is integrated with delivery within an execution environment. This helps associates maintain project quality with adherence to templates, procedures, and checklists. The online repository of knowledge assets i. To enable this, knowledge assets, artifacts, and deliverables provided within an execution environment are linked to the task while the team is empowered to make better decision through the interlinks.

Real-time governance is enabled as C2 platform automatically captures metrics at the point of task. Online status checks are available to project managers across multiple assignments for each project task with availability and utilization data of resource groups, as well as individuals. This helps project managers maintain project quality, project budgets, as well as adherence to delivery timelines.

C2 allows real-time governance at project and task levels, across multiple stakeholder organizations and business units that are involved in enabling global delivery. Therefore, irrespective of geographical location, project teams are able to initiate, execute, monitor, and deliver assignments. This enables project associates to troubleshoot in real time and lead to a faster resolution time in any project issues. C2 can offer secure access to client representatives and alliance partners on specific project assignments.

This enables Cognizant to leverage the knowledge base of its key partners on complex projects while giving the client visibility to the project flow, as well as real-time access in achieving specific milestones. In some instances, Cognizant has been successful in deploying C2 agents within the customers' environment. C2 features an "Ask George" tool that enables Cognizant associates to post queries on technical issues, emerging best practices, and individual knowledge growth queries, which are addressed by relevant technology and practice leads.

This team reviews unstructured information presented and qualitatively reviews it to a structured knowledge format based on Cognizant 's taxonomy. This monitoring team also ensures queries raised within the system are quickly resolved by the appropriate team of experts. Process Flow Using C2 A key feature of C2 is the user-friendly nature and automation of the platform that improves the efficiency level of associates irrespective of geographic location and technical space.

Typical workflow process using C2 is as follows: First, the project manager, or an associate, enters project details into the C2 system. Once the project details are entered, the system suggests the most-suited process flow based on the information entered. In the event of writing a new process, relevant guidelines, checklists, and samples including recommended codes for application development assignments are included at the project kickoff stage.

In selecting the process template, key steps are automatically uploaded by the system to ensure that the assigned project manager does not exclude any process elements. Once synchronized with the system, the resources selected by the project manager receive allocated functions on their individual "Team Space," along with the relevant artifacts for each task assigned to them.

In the project management stage, the project manager and assigned module leads have access to real-time reports from within their respective work environments.

C2's benefits extend beyond Cognizant 's internal environment to encompass customers and partners alike. In addition, these benefits are at various levels. Key benefits of C2 are: Improved client servicing: By leveraging C2, Cognizant is able to offer its global clientele high-quality delivery and efficiency for its projects through its global delivery engagement model.

C2 enhances Cognizant 's ability to offer pricing and delivery flexibility and to address challenges arising from complexity in global projects.

In addition, through C2, clients get an expanded delivery engine that comprises of global knowledge management, component-based development library with reusable assets, and an orchestration platform based on workflow and rules.

This, coupled with compliance monitoring across the project life cycle, provides improved visibility of project status and performance — which in turn increases the capability benchmarks for Cognizant as an organization Improved governance and compliance: With C2, project managers can not only closely monitor their assignments but also constantly improve the process flow and avoid human errors.

In addition, C2 can incorporate clients to be part of the overall delivery ecosystem relevant to their project that gives a high level of confidence especially in case of offshore engagements. Consistent quality: By virtue of creating reusable knowledge assets and setting up a de facto delivery model, C2 enables consistency in project approach, delivery, and quality. In addition, with high level of visibility to the project flow, C2 improves accuracy and impact of decision making across project stakeholders.

Higher productivity and improved efficiency: C2 enables reduced effort and time for project execution. The setup time is reduced by leveraging process templates within the system that guide project managers with the process flow and the key elements they must include into the overall workflow. This is supplemented by a host of knowledge assets, which are provided to project resources within context of their individual tasks. This significantly lowers the time to kick off an assignment.

In addition, real-time collaboration among geographically distributed teams facilitates just-in-time knowledge, leading to improved efficiency levels during project execution. More importantly, C2 enables "Right Knowledge" dissemination at the right time through structured as well as emergent knowledge that is embedded into C2's core process and delivery platform.

This structured knowledge dissemination will enable Cognizant to build a stronger workforce over the long term. Employee focus: C2 enables Cognizant employees to share their knowledge and skills with a wider audience outside their project teams and groups to build a network across multiple divisions.

This breaks down hierarchical barriers within the organization and improves work environment. While most India-based IT SPs have their in-house tools and systems for project management, C2's distinct characteristic is the level of intricate interweaving of knowledge assets with business processes focused on just-in-time knowledge acquisition by leveraging collaborative tools. The ecosystem supports a technical community with over , posts with approximately 1, queries added each month. At this rate, Cognizant will need to continuously invest in its platform and look toward storage management tools that can help sustain the growth of C2.

As more partners and customers come on board, C2 investment in security and risk assessment will be paramount. While Cognizant has the available cash flow and inclination to invest to further improve C2 and make it more collaborative, the allocation of revenue-generating resources is a high number. Taking collaboration toward presence-aware, real-time communication: Currently, there is limited integration of C2 with the company's overall IP telephony environment, and Cognizant has already made plans to invest in telepresence solutions.

Understandably, this will be a significant cost to the company and therefore a phased implementation route is most suitable. While there are plans to include additional capabilities, the next big wave of innovation should be in process automation that will lower the resource head count required to run C2. Managing ever-increasing knowledge assets, which is a critical task, also accounts for a significant share of the company's resources.

There is evident opportunity for Cognizant to leverage C2 to strengthen its position in the global IT services landscape. There are few global players in the market that can leverage the strengths and capabilities that C2 brings to the table. Key opportunities for growth of C2 include: IT infrastructure services ITIS : Cognizant has been looking to strengthen its skills and capabilities of its ITIS practice and has been open to exploring the acquisition route to facilitate nonlinear growth.

Pepperweed's IP includes well-defined IT Infrastructure Library ITIL -based processes, tools, and frameworks that would also be included in the C2 framework thereby further strengthening the knowledge asset repository of the ecosystem. The SP has done well in focusing its innovation efforts toward global delivery and client management. Cognizant needs to fine-tune its marketing message from the benefits of using C2 toward what benefits clients can achieve from leveraging C2. Currently, the client focused messaging is based on three key elements: First, consistency in global delivery with flexibility in delivery models; second, global knowledge management with component-based development library; and third, orchestration platform based on workflow and rules.

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