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Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. In February , Backster attached polygraph electrodes to a Dracaena cane plant , to measure at first the time taken for water to reach the leaves. The electrodes are used to measure galvanic skin response and the plant showed readings which resembled that of a human.

This made Backster try different scenarios, and the readings went off the chart when he pictured burning the leaf, because according to him, the plant registered a stress response to his thoughts of harming it. He argued that plants perceived human intentions, and as he began to investigate further, he also reported finding that other human thoughts and emotions caused reactions in plants, which could be recorded by a polygraph instrument.

He termed the plants' sensitivity to thoughts "Primary Perception", and published his findings from the experiments in the International Journal of Parapsychology in Controlled experiments that have attempted to replicate Backster's findings have failed, [13] [14] [15] and the theory was not accepted since it did not follow the scientific method.

The results seemed to be spontaneous; repeatability is still a problem, for him and the people who tried to perform his experiment. His lack of control experiments were criticized and explanations, such as that the polygraphs were responding to static electricity build-up and humidity changes, were put forward.

The reliability of the polygraph test itself has been questioned. Biologist Arthur Galston told St. Petersburg Times , "We know plants don't have nervous systems. But they do have little electrical currents flowing through them and are subject to outside manipulation. Backster explained that they did not follow the exact laboratory techniques which he had used to perform the original experiments and he has not attempted to repeat them himself.

In Kari Byron , Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci from the science based program Mythbusters also tried to replicate the results of primary perception. They used the same polygraph Stoelting and took it a step further by using an EEG machine, but all tests failed. Backster's work became popular and drew public attention, [6] and his findings were similar to the beliefs of Hindus , Buddhists and New Age followers.

Some parapsychologists criticized his work, suggesting the results were due to "his own telekinetic abilities". Marcel Vogel claimed to be able to duplicate this effect "using plants as transducers for bio-energetic fields from the human mind". Backster's work caught the attention of the Church of Scientology founder, Ron Hubbard. Hubbard officially used the polygraph as an " E-meter " and he too, published plant communication experiments on tomato plants. They performed some of these experiments using a model of polygraph machine identical to the one used by Backster in his original research, while other experiments were performed with an EEG instrument, which is based on a different technology than the polygraph.

Experiments where the team employed the same model of polygraph machine used by Backster showed positive results with the plant reacting both to actual harm, as well as thoughts of harm. In another segment of the episode, the team tested with an EEG by connecting it to a plant to check whether it would "see" eggs being catapulted randomly into boiling water. The EEG instrument registered no change in the plant and the myth was considered as "busted" in that particular segment of the episode.

The differences between the two technologies likely played a key role in the differing results. In an episode of Adam Ruins Everything that discussed the pitfalls of forensic science, there was a cutaway during the segment which criticized polygraphs and also referenced Backster's Primary Perception experiment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cleve Backster. Lafayette, New Jersey. San Diego, California.

Publications, ISBN Street, N. Retrieved John Hunt Publishing. Police Polygraph.

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