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Glendale adventist health bambi labor and delivery

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Reluctantly, her husband attended the retreat, feeling uncomfortable with the idea of going to a place where only men were meeting. When he returned home, he presented his wife with a bouquet of flowers as he kissed his two daughters on the forehead. As he went to place his suitcase in the bedroom, the girls began asking Ramirez what had happened to their father.

When he returned, he began interacting genuinely with the family, asking what they had done over the weekend. As he picked up the youngest, he offered to take his girls out for ice cream. They looked at each other. He had never interacted with them like this. Maria Ramirez realized that God had answered her prayers. Her husband had experienced a conversion. More impressive than these statistics, however, is the fact that it was all done by young people. More than 2, Seventh-day Adventist teenagers and young adults knocked on doors in Orlando, Fla.

In preparation for the outreach, participants gathered in the nearby convention center for training. The meeting was opened with testimonies about the impact of The Great Controversy on individual lives. Following the testimonies, four young adult employees from the Central California Conference trained attendees to go door-to-door requesting donations, for which a copy of The Great Controversy was offered.

The four young people who trained the participants have had significant experience. The donations generated by participants were given to S.

Service and Love Together , a local ministry focused on helping homeless individuals, low-income families and children who are living at or below poverty level. We loved outreach! Upon entering the house of a very friendly lady, Beltz and her older brother, AJ, were able to pray with her and leave a copy of The Great Controversy with her.

The community management asked Beltz and her brother to leave the neighborhood shortly thereafter. It was awesome to see that God sent us to connect with this resident at just the right time! I was blessed to be part of it! The Carmichael congregation held their worship service in the fellowship hall so that the. Church members prepared and served lunch to the teens.

Participants received a short workbook where they could record notes and ideas for witnessing. Northern California Conference follow Him. Reiber encouraged the kids to follow Jesus in the way they reached out to others. He also spoke about good and bad motivations for witnessing. He then encouraged them to call or text a friend and share Jesus right then.

Garza spoke about the daunting task of telling the whole world about Jesus. The students learned that if they share Christ with those they know, they can make a difference in the world. In addition to the programs, the youth enjoyed getting to know their peers from around Northern California. The teens appreciated a Sabbath out of their ordinary routines, geared especially for them.

He also learned an important truth. Encounter was the outgrowth of a three-fold mission developed by the youth pastors, which they plan to implement in their individual churches and at conference-wide events. The otice is hereby given that a regular session of the Northern California Conference of mission can be summarized in three words: Seventh-day Adventists is called to convene at the Pacific Union College Church in Encounter, Mentor, Serve.

James E. Woodson, Executive Secretary. In his message, Aaron Nakamura removed layers of clothing from a three-piece suit to a surfing outfit to illustrate that attendees could start living for Christ by not judging others based on outward appearances. Participants rotated to different stations where each prayer was emphasized. That really hit me. After lunch, participants had the opportunity to take part in one of three outreach activities: feeding the homeless on Skid Row in Los Angeles; a community walk and canned food drive for the needy in the local community that included passing out GLOW Bible tracts; and a nursing home outing in which participants sang and interacted with those they visited.

That rally continued all day Sunday. The event, usually held in Roseville, Calif. Lewston Morris, Whittier church youth ministries director, spoke on making the decision to take the first step toward living for Christ daily. He used his own testimony and relatable youth-oriented terms. The ACTS prayer activity focused on four different types of prayer adoration, confessions and proclamations, thanksgiving and.

This weekend was a huge weekend for SCC young people. Parents have come to me, excited to see events catering to young people that help guide them to Jesus in a practical and interactive sense I share that excitement!

The honoree was a charter member of the Breath of Life church who served with untiring dedication as community services leader for more than 25 years. Lee Jr. James G. They store the food inside the church and later haul it to the parking lot, package and distribute it to needy families twice a month. Associate Pastor Eustace Laurie center , who is now attending seminary, However, one indicaregularly assisted Antonette Simpson on food bank days, offering prayer tor is the BOL Food to kick off the food distribution and ending with an inspirational talk to those homeless people who stayed afterward for a hot meal.

Known as one who tends to avoid the public spotlight, Simpson was genuinely moved and overwhelmed by the accolades she received at the GLAR Gala, as well as the show of support by so many fellow members and friends. It was 17 degrees below zero when they loaded the moving van, and the people who loaded took only an hour and 15 minutes to finish.

Sermons and Sabbath school alone cannot sustain a spiritual life, he said. Nor will reading Christian publications and watching broadcasts talking about God.

Christians must spend time with God on their own. We need to be reaching into the Word of God and have a relationship with Jesus. We need faith. David had faith in God. As we continue to develop our relationship with God, our faith can be strengthened, too. Case replaces Bernie Anderson, who moved with his family to Apopka, Fla. They moved from Columbus, Wis. We very much enjoyed our time there.

It was sad to say goodbye to friends; we have a lot of. Notice is hereby given that the 33rd Constituency Session of the Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is called to convene at 10 a. The purpose of this meeting is to receive the quadrennial reports, to elect conference officers, departmental directors and the Executive Committee; and the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the session.

According to constitutional provision each organized church is entitled to two delegates-at-large and one additional delegate for each fifty 50 church members or fractional majority thereof.

This meeting is called for the purpose of receiving reports from the officers, electing a Board of Directors for the ensuing quadrennial term, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the delegates. All duly elected and accredited delegates at any regular or special session of the Nevada-Utah Conference of Seventhday Adventists will be recognized as delegates of any Association session.

Joseph Kidder as the keynote speakers. Kidder, associate professor of Christian ministry at Andrews University, will speak Thursday through Saturday evenings and for the Sabbath morning service. The Reno Area Convocation will be held Aug. Lake Tahoe camp meeting continues to be planned and organized by an all-volunteer lay committee with members from northern California and Nevada.

Darlene Spratt from the Reno area serves as the planning committee chair. She and the other volunteers are committed to making the camp meeting a Christ-centered experience for all who attend. Our biggest challenge is. We just keep following where He leads. Plus, the campground is located in a wooded area with walking trails and local wildlife that appeals to campers.

Tahoe camp meeting is unique in that it provides opportunities for evangelism not found at most Adventist camp meetings. Attendees share the campground with people from many walks of life. They are encouraged to make friends with their neighbors and invite them to the seminars and meetings. Last year, several expressed an interest in returning. Camp hosts Yvonne and Wes Reimche attended the Sabbath afternoon concert. The ABC truck will be there to help campers stock their libraries and pantries.

RV and tent camping sites are available. For those who do not camp, many hotels are available near the campground, and parking is available inside the campground. Joseph Kidder, associate professer of Christian Ministry at Andrews University, will be the keynote speaker Thursday through Saturday evenings, including Sabbath morning. Tahoe, CA at Be sure to specify the Adventist camp meeting to receive a reservation in the camp meeting loop.

Early reservations are recommended, as space in the camp meeting loop fills up fast. For more info about the campground, visit www. For more information, visit tahoecampmeeting. In , she and her husband Chad a pilot and her two children Alyse, 9, and Taylor, 7 moved to the Phoenix, Ariz. Since moving to Phoenix, she has also worked as the business and office manager at Thunderbird Christian Elementary School.

I invite our Arizona family to come by so I can get to know each one. We wondered how Judy would survive this hurdle. But she did. After McGee. McGee has been a vital Center. As In , she was hired as the retail marketing ABC manager, she scheduled the bookmobile director at Pacific Press, where she worked with stops throughout the state to service remote 20 Adventist Book Centers across the nation, areas, provided income and entertainment at overseeing marketing, advertising, and event.

Dan and Linda Hovanski, members of the Hilo. Over the years, the number has grown to an average of 70 kids every month. A large sign is posted in front of the church, and kids hand out personal invitations before each meeting. Lots of kids make new friends through the club. Then they complete a craft. After the closing prayer, children often linger for a little play time while their parents socialize.

Organizing and running a club is a lot of work. How could I not do it? President Ralph Watts opened the first day with a devotion from 2 Chronicles 26, focusing on the life of Uzziah. Watts reminded the pastors that success does not guarantee the absence of failure, and many times, pride is the greatest enemy.

He challenged the pastors to keep their focus on Christ, the High Priest, and asked that a time be set aside that morning for pastors to pray in small groups. The business for the day began with Watts sharing news, resources and requirements with the ministers. They addressed continuing education, professional accountability, family. Gary Johnson, treasurer, reported that saw a modest increase in tithe, and encouraged the pastors to thank their members for their faithfulness.

Jesse Seibel, youth and communications director, reported on the many conference events and lay driven efforts that have resulted in baptisms and discipleship. Youth leaders, Pathfinder leaders and young adults are committing their time and resources in creative ways. Sharon Quick highlighted the need for all volunteers working with children to be enrolled in Shield the Vulnerable, an online training for recognizing and preventing child abuse.

He also led the group through a survey of. Paulien brought Dr. Jon Paulien leads not only a wealth of pastors through a survey academic content, but of the Gospel of John.

They are personally invested in the lives of every patient and their family. They celebrate joyous occasions like births, but also share in sorrow and support those who have lost a loved one. Grieving families mourn in diverse ways, and the Adventist Health facilities provide bereavement support for those varied needs. As the staff provides support to the grieving, they understand that each one of these families grieves differently, and they meet the different needs accordingly, according to Julie Sciligo, bereavement and patient care volunteer coordinator, Feather River Hospital.

Many of the Adventist Health facilities provide support to families for up to a year after losing their loved ones. However, everyone is welcome to be a part of the program. The facilities have support groups that meet periodically, and each of these groups are as diverse as the people who attend them. Shortly after the loss of a loved one, the family receives a sympathy card signed by the staff and the chaplain that served the patient.

The chaplains stay in contact with the families and send them regular mailers to help them cope with grief. Once a year, the staff organizes a remembrance service, where families of patients who have passed away come together to remember their loved ones. Following a responsive reading, they light a candle and say the name of their loved one who has passed away.

It is alright if there are tears. It is one of the few places that their grief is safe. We are privileged to be able to offer rituals that can help them heal. White Memorial Medical Center, located in the Los Angeles area, provides a support group called Little Angels for families who have dealt with a stillbirth or miscarriage. Ingrid Suarez, R. Suarez had seen many women agonize through the loss of their child and realized that there was a need for such a program.

The group meets once a month and provides a space for families to grieve. The families light a candle in honor of the child that has passed away and release a balloon into the sky. Herrera comes in contact with women right after their loss. Sometimes the women are inconsolable and some are stoic, numb with pain and in denial. She recalls one such story where a woman whose child had passed away denied help and seemed dazed and confused.

Herrera continued to talk to the woman despite being rejected. She handed the woman a New Testament Bible, the woman began violently sobbing and Herrera was able to reach her. Herrera states that empathy is important when trying to reach those who are grieving.

Her personal close encounter with loss helps her connect with mothers. When her son was critical as a result of an accident, she was surprised to see how many unconditionally loved and provided her support. People never forget the loved one who has passed away, Herrera says, but knowing she helped make the pain of loss a little less for the families gives her the peace to continue.

Families light candles and say the name of their loved ones who have passed away in remembrance at Sonora Regional Medical Center in Sonora, Calif. Feather River Hospital Provides More friendships run deep. For one couple, it has even than Relief meant finding a new life partner. FRH, located in Northern California, provides the sensitive support that many hospitals provide but it also caters to those who are grieving and just need a group of friends.

That is what we try to do here in Feather River Hospital. A group of 50 or more meets weekly for brunch and occasionally goes on fieldtrips. The brunch is a grand affair with cheerful music, friends and laughter. Sciligo believes that grief is made lighter with the love of friends and their support. Some of the members of the group have been attending for five years or more, and the. Seeing that twinkle return to their eyes makes what I do all worth it.

Employees in charge of bereavement support groups face the difficult task of dealing with grief and mourning families every day. Grief is constant even as one individual learns to cope with it, there is another facing fresh loss. All we can do is take the day as it comes and show empathetic love to one another.

Nelson states that this is because grieving is a spiritually uplifting experience. Sharing such an intimate moment with someone and God is always uplifting. Fontoura recently assumed a new role as leader of the health and wellness initiative, a strategic priority for LLUH.

The program selects 1, students each Larry Kidder year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship at any college or university of their choice.

In addition to financial support, the Gates Millennium Scholars Program provides personal and professional development to its students through leadership programs along with academic support. As she finished her keynote, the 1, women who had traveled from throughout Southern California to attend the event stood to their feet, applauding. Health screenings and assessments available onsite included a body fat assessment sponsored by the Southern California Conference; and screenings for bone density, macular degeneration, oral cancer and stress.

Audiences were full for morning and afternoon breakout sessions led by experts on nutrition, exercise, cholesterol, weight loss, vision, organization, stress management and financial wellbeing, among others.

During the sessions, experts answered questions and provided information that could be put into use immediately. During her keynote address, Joan Lunden, award-winning journalist, challenged attendees to become the CEOs of their own health. The musicians enrolled in the program are provided tools to aid them in developing music careers in the 21st century: performance opportunities including playing with the Symphony Napa Valley , service as musical ambassadors, development as self-managers, and the ability to provide music education.

PUC is serving as the. By supporting and collaborating with the department of music at PUC, the campus is benefitting from professional artists with incredible talent and skill. The practice habits and presence of the Fellows are energizing Paulin Hall. They also have an impact on smaller groups as they give demonstrations, lectures and recitals.

The meeting will Urbana-Champaign, adjourn at or before p. Graham, Chair majors; and Jennifer Heather J. Knight, Secretary Hunt, a flautist who.

Living at Pacific Union College provides a unique environment for the Fellows as well, one that is helping them hone their talents as performers, musical ambassadors and educators.

Emmerson left his nine-year career as a California state legislator in December He now handles state relations and advocacy for the California Hospital Association in Sacramento. Weniger Awards for Excellence for In , he was elected to the California State Assembly and then to the California State Senate in during a special election.

He was known for his kindness, expertise, broad professional influence and dedication to excellence. The Weniger Society also posthumously honored Australian theologian and historian Arthur Patrick, noted for his insight into denominational academic issues and for his significant contributions to Avondale College.

Over the course of 17 years, his work there included serving as director of the Ellen G. Patrick died last year following a battle with cancer. Student Scholarship for students attending accredited North American The purpose of the meeting is 1 to receive reports from the University Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities.

Weniger scholarship recipients specified by the Bylaws, and 4 to transact such other business as may be must demonstrate excellence in spirituality, academics, civic service and submitted by the Board of Trustees. Ricardo B. Kido noted the improbability of such events, described their backstory, and showed a trailer of the PBS film during a keynote address for the Charles E.

Weniger Society Annual Awards. The society honored Kido along with La Sierra alumnus and former California State Senator Bill Emmerson, for their contributions to their communities, the church and the broader world. Her background includes academic administrative posts at several universities and colleges, including St. John Fisher College in Rochester, N. Louis, Mo. Weniger my entire life. My father was active with the society for years and so this was truly an honor.

She was Hoshino, who grew up in Sunnyvale, Calif. Hoshino began working at the college immediately after graduation. She eventually oversaw the Campus Center and Student Association, working closely with campus clubs and students leaders. During her 23 years of service at PUC, Rita was a beloved mentor and friend to thousands of students. Rita Hoshino was known far and wide for both her years mentoring students at Pacific Union College and for her hobby of portraying Ellen G.

It was after this that Hoshino began investing in what was only a hobby before: portraying Ellen. She was also a favorite at Pathfinder camporees, church services and camp meetings. The Adventist Attorneys Association, which formed in the early s, has been meeting regularly ever since.

About 50 Adventist attorneys met in Monterey, Calif. The two Monterey area Adventist churches worked together to welcome the visitors. The older Adventist attorneys share the bond of having had to battle cultural norms within the church that questioned whether law was a suitable profession for a Christian. Many of these attorneys serve the church directly in some capacity. The president for the next two-year term is Geoffrey Hayton, a former academy principal currently.

Many others do not work directly for the church, but maintain practices in everything from criminal law to family law, immigration, personal injury, etc.

Kerry Heinrich briefed the group on the difficult issues related to the Affordable Care Act facing Adventist hospitals. Tom Wetmore, from the General Conference, presented proposed changes in the tax laws regarding political activity by churches. Carol Adams organized a panel to address the elimination of bias in the legal profession and legal ethics. Judge Marla Anderson stressed the importance of demeanor and courtesy in the practice of law.

One of the goals of the association is to encourage one another spiritually, including encouraging students to integrate Christ into their professional lives. Law school is a difficult environment for students. The time pressures tend to crowd out spiritual pursuits unless deliberate efforts are made to include time for worship and fellowship.

In addition to the annual conferences, last year, the association sponsored meetings in Vallejo and Loma Linda. About two dozen attended a reception in her honor. In Loma Linda, attendees enjoyed a reception honoring Dr. John Graz, director of public affairs and religious liberty for the General Conference. Additional events are being planned for Upcoming annual conferences are planned for Sacramento in September and Hawaii in All who work in the legal field, including paralegals, court reporters, legal secretaries, etc.

For more info: ajreinach churchstate. Info: Sandra, Student talent is showcased in an evening of one-act plays featuring student directors and actors. Info: , drama lasierra. Info: Wanda, presented by Lydia Calhoun at the Paradise Valley church, E.

Cactus, Phoenix, p. Info: www. March 15 Focus on the understanding For recipe ideas, visit www. Info: Rosa, March 9 Arizona Conference Office, N. Scottsdale Rd. Training is for everyone March 22 Fresno Westside church. Guest presenter, apmoa7 hotmail. Melanie Cruz, NAD asst. March 22 Areas 4 and 5. Info: Marlyn, Paradise Valley church, E. Cactus Rd. Info: Kiwanis Park, Tempe. Info: Marlyn, consultations, and massage. Learn how Bounce house and ; treasurers, Claudia, Info: health tempeadventist.

Sonora church. Gospel Harmony Concert, Friday, 7 p. Info: ; Facebook: Mesa Palms church; website: mesapalmschurch. Pastors, chaplains, evangelists, departmental leaders and administrators, students, local church lay leaders, and all church members are invited to attend. Info: or www. RSVP by April 22 by text or e-mail timcar4 gmail. Info: Lindsay, Every former student and every former staff member invited! Lodi Fairmont church, South Fairmont Ave.

Ralph and Terry Bain. Local church health leaders and teams encouraged to attend. Info: Health Ministries Department, , www. Guest presenter S. Music by Country Hills Drive, Antioch. Clinicians John Rochelle Holman. Info: new friends, prayer partners, beautiful Education Department, Info: Naomi Parson, nparson0 gmail.

Info: Education Department, Meadows. Info: Hispanic. Advertisments Ministries Department, , www. Info: church office, For couples wanting to deepen and strengthen their marriage.

Paulin Hall. Bach and his sons. A recital by a group of the best post-graduate musicians from around the world, who are housed on campus. PUC church sanctuary. Rachelle Berthelsen Davis. Conducted by artist in residence Asher Raboy, presents their annual winter concert. Perfect for classes, retreats, reunions, weddings, or vacations. Scholl Canyon Estates, E. Chevy Chase Dr. Reception to follow.

Freewill donations received at the door. Glendale City church, E. California Ave. Info: , www. Camarillo church, Las Posas Rd. Info: ; Office. Blood tests, pap smears, mammograms, nutrition presentation, health seminars and more. Central Spanish church parking lot S. Alvarado St. COM or AdventistSingles. Free day trial! Join thousands and thousands of active Adventist singles online.

Free chat, search, detailed profiles, match notifications, 10 photos! Witnessing opportunities to the world through articles, friendships, chat, forums. Since Adventist owners. Thousands of successful matches! Top ranked. Take advantage of a volume-rated discount. Be assured you are moving with one of the best! Call Marcy at Visit us at www. An interracial group exclusively for Adventist singles over Stay at home and meet new friends in USA with a pen pal monthly newsletter of members and album.

Flexibility is provided through some online and many on-campus programs. Financial aid may be available. For more information, call or visit www. City medical facilities and shopping. On-site church, independent living, nursing home and transportation as needed. Website: www. With V. Become a Pen Friend, ask friends and church members to join you. Invest in your health and call for more information or visit www.

Richards campmeeting sermon cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes. Wanted: lapidary equipment, rock cutting saws; blacksmith tools, anvils; high-end woodshop equipment and lathes. This position is limited to students who have finished only one year of law school. Duties include legal research and other projects. You write through our address. We read their letters and forward to you. From the comfort and safety of your home you can.

White home in St. Helena, California. This position requires an interest and understanding of Ellen G. The qualified individual should be physically active, have good communication skills and grounds and maintenance abilities.

Box , Westlake Village, CA ; stephen puconline. Please submit curriculum vitae and cover letter to Human Resources at www. For further information, please contact Mr. Vesa Naukkarinen, or vnaukkar swau. Entire house upscaled: marble, tile, granite, stucco, lighting, faucets, floors. For pictures, contact: bdonellesdrawer yahoo. This fine home features upgraded sunroom, office space, floor-window coverings, plumbing fixtures, electric overhaul, security system.

Recently installed climate control systems, wheelchair ramp, ample storage space, mature landscaping. Price of furniture is negotiable. Contact Genie, or Yucaipa Valley Real Estate Lic. Large kitchen. Open floor plan.

Garage and barn. Residential well. Wood stove and furnace. Call for pictures. Large home, bedrooms, 7-bathrooms, 2-laundry rooms, 2-large kitchens with large dining areas, plus apartment.

Being used as residence, room and cottage. Built-in income. Bee hives. Six miles to church school. April vespers at 6 p. April reunion at 10 a.

Lunch provided. Call school office at Pastor Walt Groff, speaker, Sabbath worship, a. Alumni Golf Tournament on Sunday. Info: at www. Visit alumni. Only a 3-minute walk to the beach! Sleeps 4. Affordable rates. Visit: www. Four bedroom vacation home on the North Woodlands golf course. For rates, photos and reservations call: , , or e-mail schultz crestviewcable.

Survivors: husband, George; son, Robert, two grandchildren. Served as a nurse in Adventist Health and home health care. June 13, , Maui, Hawaii; d.

Served as a dentist. July 1, , Yucca Valley, Calif. Survivors: wife, Nellie; son, Steve; daughter, Caroline Pitman; two grandchildren. May 26, , Clive, Alberta, Canada; d. Served as academy and elementary school teacher. Survivors: son, Gerald Roberts; three grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; four great-great-grandchildren. Survivors: daughter, Toni Nickell; five grandchildren. May 26, , Standford, Calif.

Survivor: wife, Maria. June 12, , Fresno, Calif. Survivors: daughters, Jennifer Goss, Rebecca; one grandchild. April 9, , Hilo, Hawaii; d. May 23, , Loma Linda, Calif. Survivors: Murdoch, Tricia Stagg; five grandchildren; great-grandchildren; brother, Masao; husband, Joseph; sons, Jeremy Clayborn, three great-grandchildren.

Survivors: wife, Jan. June , Paradise, Calif. May 31, , Caldwell, Idaho; d. May 30, , Stockton, Calif. Angwin Survivors: daughters, Kristy Mabee, Karen Puckett; four grandchildren. Survivor: daughter, Sharon Chapman.

Survivor: wife, Lillian. March 27, , Los Angeles, Calif. May 30, , Loma Linda, Calif. Antioch, Calif. Helena, Calif. Survivors: son, Stephen; daughter, Karen; four grandchildren; four great-grandchildren. Served the church in Vietnam, the Philippines, Africa, and Pacific Union College; as an elementary school teacher and church musician. The Recorder management reserves the right to refuse any advertisement, especially ads not related to the needs and practices of the Church membership.

Acceptance of any advertising shall be considered a matter of accommodation and not a matter of right, nor shall it be construed to constitute approval of the product or service advertised.

Payment Payment in advance must accompany all classified advertisements or they will not be published. Display ads for known advertisers will be billed.

To pay by credit card, please call How to Submit Advertising Classified ads must be sent with payment to the Recorder office commdept puconline. Display ads should be arranged with the editor alicia puconline. Please note that these are the advertising deadlines for the Recorder. Your local conference news deadlines will be earlier. Read what he has to say about the time spent in paradise.

PAGE 4 Too many people 7 out of 10! Be one of the three! We rejoice that brought a 4. God has blessed His people along with a growing faithfulness to Him. For this we thank God. The Hawaii Conference treasurer will provide you with some accounting snapshots in his column. God, through His prophet, says that the tithe is His Malachi I, for sure, pay my taxes but I return tithe.

God allows you and me to determine the amount of our offerings, but He established that tithe is 10 percent. In a sense, we only begin giving to God once we have returned our tithe. Our offerings, then, become expressions of our love for God.

My mother taught me how to write my name long before I went to school. I can remember the thrill of writing my name on many of the things that belonged to me. It gave me a sense of ownership. Real problems can ensue, however, when this childhood habit is carried into our adult lives; when we engrave our names on things God claims to be exclusively His. God calls it robbery. Many today incorporate a business model in their finances. A business model seeks to maximize profits in order to increase income and lower expenses; to buy low and to sell high; to gain the most and to give the least.

Business models have their place; they stress goals, planning, budgeting and efficiency. Business models have much to offer but they do not reflect the primary teachings of Scripture. Jesus modeled the Kingdom of God and so should we. Christians who follow a business model will first pay their bills and then return tithe and give offerings if there is any money left over. Amor Gatinao , 50, nurse at St.

Her husband claims that his wife did not have the right PPE. Eleuterio Gibela , 68, hospital domestic worker employed by Medirest which provides porters, caterers and cleaners for hospitals in the United Kingdom, on May 2. Emelita Hurboda , age unknown, self-employed registered nurse based in Nottingham, England, date of death unknown.

Marcelo Jaochico , 56, barrio doctor for 16 years in Calanasan, Apayao , one of the most remote provinces in the Philippines and Chief of Pampanga Provincial Health Office, on March Oscar King Jr.

Kenneth Lambatan , 33, nurse on the Clinical Research team at St. Eriberto Lozada, Sr. Francisco Avelino Siy Lukban , age unknown, academician and geriatric cardiologist who practiced holistic healing at the Capitol Medical Center, on March Jasper Magat , 46, administrative staff and healthcare worker at East Avenue Medical Center, Philippines, date of death unknown.

Christine Mandegarian , 54, health care worker for 31 years at Altamont Nursing Home, New York, on April 15, one week before her 55th birthday. Simeon Marasigan , 71, neurologist and founding president of the Dementia Society of the Philippines, on April Sonny Mendoza , 47, nursing student in Connecticut, on April She had hoped to retire early and pursue filmmaking. Eliseo del Rosario Moya , 75, administrative director of radiology at several area hospitals in West Covina, California, on April Ruben Munoz, Jr.

Teofanes Natavio , 74, nurse at John D. Grace C. Ocampo , 50, nurse in New York, in May. Arvin Pascual , 44, nurse at the Dr. Paulina J. Her husband and youngest son also contracted the virus but recovered. Nenita Proctor , Lorna Retener , 60, nurse and educator in Miami, Florida, on April Nilda Ronquillo , 65, nurse, on March 23 in Glendale, California.

Marlene Sabadini , age unknown, nurse at King Fahd Hospital in Medina, Saudi Arabia who was working at the emergency department of the hospital, on June Victoria Salvan , 64, patient attendant in a long-term care facility in Montreal, Canada, on April 17, weeks away from retirement. Julius Sana , 40, health care support worker at St. Her husband, Tony , also contracted the virus and had died two weeks before. Rina Tagamolila , 52, physical therapist in Champlin, Minnesota, on April Her son, Luis Jr.

Louis Torres , 47, director of food services at a nursing home in Woodside, Queens, on April 8. His year-old mother, Lolita , died a day earlier on April 7.

Adela Baldwin White , 47, healthcare worker from Grimsby, United Kingdom who was working for a mental health trust and also worked shifts in care homes, in December, two days after the Pfizer vaccine was approved in the U. Housekeepers are responsible for non-clinical services such as catering, cleaning, equipment and supplies as part of a ward team in a hospital department.

Peter Legaspi Yu , 63, attending physiatrist at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, rehab consultant and owner of a few rehabilitation medical clinics in Indiana, on October Antonio Zantua , 81, retired anesthesiologist who spent the majority of his career in Iowa, on March 24 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He had just received his British citizenship in February. Lazaro Duremdes , 64, driver and intake clerk who would pick up patients at the airport, help them settle into the facility and drive them to Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, at Laguna Treatment Hospital in Huntington Beach, California, on January 3.

Virginia Pineda-Garcia , 71, a community pediatrician in Pasig City, hailed as a doctor for the urban poor, on April 2. Zarina Rose , 42, registered nurse at Centennial Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, who tested positive at 32 weeks pregnant but was able to save her son in an emergency premature labor procedure, on February 9.

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Average Adventist Health Labor and Delivery Nurse yearly pay in the United States is approximately $89,, which is 28% above the national average. Salary information comes from 48 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. Please note that all salary figures. Sep 29, In the Regional Rankings List by U.S. News & World Report, Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL) ranked #17 in California and #10 in the LA Metro Area. Adventist Health Glendale also received its 11th consecutive A grade from patient safety organization The Leapfrog Group, the only hospital in Glendale or Burbank to receive the top grade. Labor and Delivery Nurse. $, per year. 9 salaries reported. Licensed Vocational Nurse. $ per hour. 2 salaries reported. Nurse Navigator. How much does a Registered Nurse make at Adventist Health in Glendale? Average Adventist Health Registered Nurse yearly pay in Glendale is approximately $,, which is 62% above the national.