disgaea d2 gunner availity llc
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Disgaea d2 gunner availity llc novartis alcon products

Disgaea d2 gunner availity llc

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You can also raise it further by giving them the right kind of master that specializes in guns. The aptitudes for HIT and SPD for both classes have one stat above average and the other below average, guess its a balance.

Just basing this all on quick glances at weapon mastery and aptitude so i havent put thought into evilities which could change things. LordMagus 9 years ago 4. Etna is actually pretty good with guns, if you're not limiting yourself to generics. But yeah, I keep a thief around for treasure chest bustin', and while you don't NEED a thief for stealing, the crazy range they can get on their stealing hand skill can be pretty On the other hand, I never saw any reason to raise a gunner.

Say, can you hear that? It's the sound of the Reaper Judeas 9 years ago 5. Asagi can use guns too and you get her around chapter 5. And then God created Saturn Unimatrix Zero One posted You are kidding right? The thief can steal stats too. You do realize the thief has a 6 in starting movement. You do realize the gunner called a gunner for a reason.

It because he good with guns. Gun damage are not effected by ATK Damage. You just don't know how to use her. Her skills are helpful. Explosion barrels come in handy when the theif is level Get her second eviltiy gel body.

That doesn't seem very helpful at all. It's always cool to post advice, but telling people that they're doing it wrong in a game like Disgaea is pretty lame. He insult the thief class. Called her weak. And Saying a class is weak is pretty lame. And since Clearly gunner is the choice for gun classes.

You would think he would pick gunner. The name even has gun in it. Like pick me if you use guns. Next i'm going to be told the priest is a useless class. Even though she has good healing abilities and offers boost to defense.

Then again he probably thinks my master thief is weak. Theif isn't weak. It has the stats for guns for a reason. Because they are good with guns. Guns don't use atk for damage. The game offers very useful data for people who don't know what weapons requires what stats. Zombie in castle. Very helpful acutally. The Gunner is unlocked by both leveling a Thief to level 15 and having a unit with a level 5 Gun Mastery, then passing the associated bill in the Dark Assembly.

The Gunner is unlocked by getting both a Warrior and Clergy to rank 1, then completing the associated quest. The Gunner appears as an obtainable unit. A character named Diez draws heavy inspiration from this class' design. Disgaea Wiki Explore. Absence of Justice Absence of Detention. Alliance of Vengeance Disgaea 5 Complete. Defiance of Destiny. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! Policy Manual of Style. Explore Wikis Community Central.

Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. Categories : Classes Humanoid Classes Add category. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. EDF Soldier - Strider. Brute Warrior - Cheerleader - Gunslinger - Ranger.

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