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Clay change healthcare

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Coming soon! Do you want to be a part of the Clay Health community? We are currently building our online and in-person experiences. To be the first to know about our offerings, click below:.

You are heard and believed. You are part of the solution. You get a choice in your healthcare decisions. You are not alone. We believe in hassle-free healthcare. We coordinate your care, navigate your payment options and create the right team to support all your healthcare needs. Yes, your whole team will work in sync! Your entire well-being is cared for.

One of our core beliefs is that physical health impacts emotional health, and emotional health impacts physical health. By addressing your complete needs, you heal more fully, have better health outcomes, and live a more empowered life that positively impacts the world around you.

You have the best team. Clay clinicians are trained with expertise in the intersection of physical and emotional well-being. We promise to provide you an empowering healthcare experience that is compassionate, comprehensive, and female-focused. Coordination of your care and information.

The convenience of scheduling and appointments. Affordability of your healthcare experience. Collaboration of your healthcare team.

Prioritizing solutions that are in your control 1st. Evaluation, education, and accountability of your health profile: sleep, exercise, nutrition, stress, and your relationship is where we start.

Your core healthcare team is all in one place, working together collaboratively to create and implement a complete care plan to elevate your health. Our job is to support all of you. We are women doing life together. You are invited to join community groups of women going through similar life experiences.

To recover, I built a comprehensive, physical and emotional well-being healthcare team to guide my journey. As I began to heal, I used my financial services, healthcare administration, and nonprofit career experience to build better healthcare solutions.

First, I started by forging solutions via patient advocacy and fundraising for scientific research and, ultimately, building my first businesses in the health and well-being space.

I came to believe the most significant way I could impact the healthcare experience was to work directly with hospital systems and private practice physicians. I built a consulting practice to guide providers through improving their business structures, patient experiences, and finances. Through it all, I have seen the broken parts of our healthcare delivery for patients and providers and the deep desire to get it right.

Now, I am using the collective patient and provider experiences and incredible people I have met on my journey to build Clay Health. Barriers in healthcare can all lead to missed or delayed diagnosis, increased anxiety and depression. We want to help people, plain and simple. Clay is a project born from personal experience, so we get it. We believe the world can be more innovative without being less private.

You should trust us to give you the privacy you deserve. We want results for people. That means research, evidence-based decisions, and efficacy without compromising our other values. Reshape perceptions Clay is an audio-first app for anyone that helps monitor and improve mental wellness. How clay helps you start easily Clay is as simple as making a phone call.

Say it to clay Clay uses your voice and what you say to identify growth areas, all with no judgement. You can always just start recording and say whatever you want.

We have prompts to choose from, if you're in need of a guide.

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Healthcare. "ďAs a member-owned organization, Jax Federal Credit Union serves thousands of business and individual customers in Clay County. By working with the Clay Economic . Clay Carter works at Change Healthcare, which is a Healthcare Software company with an estimated 15, employees. Found email listings include: @c Read . Financial healthcare solutions for optimized productivity and revenue. Process clean claims, improve payment accuracy, and streamline denials and appeals management. Enable .