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Dow 30 34, Nasdaq 11, Russell 1, Crude Oil If you did not select an MCE you will be automatically assigned to one. If you pay the Fast Track invoice and are determined to be eligible for HIP then your HIP Plus coverage will begin the first of the month that your payment was received and processed.

You are offered the opportunity to make a Fast Track payment before you have been found eligible for HIP. From the date you receive your initial Fast Track invoice you will have 60 days to make a payment to start your HIP Plus coverage. If you do not make your contribution or Fast Track payment within 60 days and your income is less than the federal poverty level you will be enrolled in HIP Basic where you will have copayments for all services and you will not have dental, vision or chiropractic.

If you wait more than 60 days to make a payment and your income is more than the federal poverty level, then your application will be denied and you will have to reapply for HIP coverage. You may have someone make your Fast Track payment on your behalf.

If a health care provider makes a Fast Track payment for you, the provider should ask you to complete a form that gives them permission to make this payment PDF. You can pay your Fast Track invoice or POWER account contribution to your new health plan and your coverage will start the month in which your payment is received and processed.

Only make a payment to the health plan that you want to be your HIP coverage provider. You will not have the opportunity to change your health plan until Health Plan Selection in the fall. If you applied and did not receive a Fast Track invoice it could be because you are eligible for another coverage program — such as if you indicated that you are pregnant, disabled, a former foster care child or on Medicare when you applied.

If you are ultimately found eligible for HIP, you will receive an invoice for your POWER account contribution, and your coverage will be effective the first of the month in which your initial POWER account contribution is received and processed. HIP Plus provides the best value coverage and includes dental, vision and chiropractic services.

HIP Plus can be cheaper because you do not pay any other costs or copayments when you visit the doctor, fill a prescription or go to the hospital. HIP Plus members pay an affordable monthly contribution, based on their income. The following table shows these amounts. Your benefit year will be a calendar year running January to December. Your eligibility year will remain unique to you. You still have to go through your redetermination process each 12 months. This will occur based on what month you entered the program.

You may change your health insurance provider during the open enrollment period from November 1 — December 15 each year. HIP Plus members receive more visits for physical, speech and occupational therapists than the HIP Basic program, and coverage for additional services like bariatric surgery and Temporomandibular Joint Disorders TMJ treatments is included. With HIP Plus you can get 90 day refills on prescriptions you take every day and can receive medication by mail order.

HIP Basic benefits include all of the required essential health benefits. It does not include dental, vision or chiropractic services, or services for bariatric surgery and temporomandibular joint disorders TMJ. And, there are more limits on annual visits to see physical, speech and occupational therapists.

HIP Basic members do not have a simple, predictable monthly contribution. Instead they are responsible for paying for copayments at the time of service.

HIP State Plan benefits include all of the required essential health benefits, and some enhanced benefits such as dental and vision. Instead you are responsible for paying for copayments at the time of service. These extra benefits make it easier to see your doctor so you can get important care during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy benefits will end 12 months after your pregnancy ends. Call Member Services at to make a payment with rewards today. Click here to learn how you can earn My Health Pays rewards. HIP Fast Track. What is Fast Track? How do I make a Fast Track payment? Payments made with the online application Anyone who applies for Indiana Health Coverage Programs online will have the opportunity to make a Fast Track payment by credit card when completing the application.

Payments made while your application is being processed If you do not apply online, or choose not to make a Fast Track payment when you apply, you will still have the opportunity to make a Fast Track payment while your application is being processed.

What if I am not eligible for HIP? Do I have to make a Fast Track payment?

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Visit Indiana Blog. Order Brochures. Advertise with IN. Contact Us. Local Tourism Contacts. For Teachers. For Media. About IDDC. Tour Indiana. Campaign Kits. Other Sites VisitIndianaGolf. Turkey Run State Park. Home Things To Do. Things to Do IN Indiana. So Much to do That's Uniquely Indiana There are so many things to do during an Indiana getaway, so come for a day, a weekend or longer. Census demographic data for Indiana, the median age is Although the largest single religious denomination in the state is Catholic , members , most Hoosiers are members of various Protestant denominations.

The largest Protestant denomination by number of adherents in was the United Methodist Church , with , Indiana is home to the Benedictine St. Meinrad Archabbey , one of two Catholic archabbeys in the United States and 11 in the world. Indiana has a constitutional democratic republican form of government with three branches: the executive, including an elected governor and lieutenant governor; the legislative, consisting of an elected bicameral General Assembly; and the judicial, the Supreme Court of Indiana, the Indiana Court of Appeals and circuit courts.

The Governor of Indiana serves as the state's chief executive and has the authority to manage the government as established in the Constitution of Indiana. The governor and the lieutenant governor are jointly elected to four-year terms, with gubernatorial elections running concurrently with United States presidential elections , , , , etc.

The governor can call special sessions of the General Assembly and select and remove leaders of nearly all state departments, boards and commissions. Other notable powers include calling out the Indiana Guard Reserve or the Indiana National Guard in times of emergency or disaster, issuing pardons or commuting the sentence of any criminal offenders except in cases of treason or impeachment and possessing an abundant amount of statutory authority.

The lieutenant governor serves as the President of the Senate and ensures the senate rules are acted in accordance with by its constituents.

The lieutenant governor votes only when needed to break ties. If the governor dies in office, becomes permanently incapacitated, resigns or is impeached, the lieutenant governor becomes governor. If both the governor and lieutenant governor positions are unoccupied, the Senate President pro tempore becomes governor.

The Senate is the upper house of the General Assembly and the House of Representatives is the lower house. Both the Senate and the House can introduce legislation, with the exception that the Senate is not authorized to initiate legislation that will affect revenue.

Bills are debated and passed separately in each house, but both houses must pass them before they can be submitted to the Governor. The General Assembly has no authority to create legislation that targets a particular community. It also can oversee the activities of the executive branch of the state government, has restricted power to regulate the county governments within the state, and has exclusive power to initiate the method to alter the Indiana Constitution.

The governor selects judges for the supreme and appeals courts from a group of applicants chosen by a special commission. After serving for two years, the judges must acquire the support of the electorate to serve for a year term. Local circuit courts are where most cases begin with a trial and the consequence is decided by the jury. The Supreme Court has original and sole jurisdiction in certain areas including the practice of law, discipline or disbarment of Judges appointed to the lower state courts, and supervision over the exercise of jurisdiction by the other lower courts of the State.

The state is divided into 92 counties , which are led by a board of county commissioners. The remaining two counties, Dearborn and Ohio, are combined into one circuit. Many counties operate superior courts in addition to the circuit court. In densely populated counties where the caseload is traditionally greater, separate courts have been established to solely hear either juvenile, criminal, probate or small claims cases.

The establishment, frequency and jurisdiction of these additional courts vary greatly from county to county. There are 85 city and town courts in Indiana municipalities, created by local ordinance, typically handling minor offenses and not considered courts of record. County officials elected to four-year terms include an auditor, recorder, treasurer, sheriff, coroner and clerk of the circuit court. All incorporated cities in Indiana have a mayor and council form of municipal government.

Towns are governed by a town council and townships are governed by a township trustee and advisory board. Among individual categories, Indiana ranked above average in budget transparency 1 , government digitization 6 , and fiscal stability 8 , and ranked average in state integrity In a study, Indiana was ranked as the 10th hardest state for citizens to vote in.

From to , a resident of Indiana was included in all but one presidential election. Indiana Representative William Hayden English was nominated for vice president and ran with Winfield Scott Hancock in the election.

Hendricks was elected vice president in He served until his death on November 25, , under President Grover Cleveland. He remains the only President from Indiana. Indiana Senator Charles W. Fairbanks was elected vice president in , serving under President Theodore Roosevelt until Marshall , who served as vice president from until Indiana has long been considered a Republican stronghold, [] [] particularly in Presidential races.

Indiana was one of only ten states to support Republican Wendell Willkie in Bush won the state by a wide margin while the election was much closer overall. The state has supported a Democrat for president only five times since Twenty years later, Franklin D. Roosevelt won the state again in Johnson over Republican Barry Goldwater. While only five Democratic presidential nominees have carried Indiana since , 11 Democrats were elected governor during that time. Before Mitch Daniels became governor in , Democrats had held the office for 16 consecutive years.

Indiana elects two senators and nine representatives to Congress. The state has 11 electoral votes in presidential elections. Historically, Republicans have been strongest in the eastern and central portions of the state, while Democrats have been strongest in the northwestern part of the state.

Occasionally, certain counties in the southern part of the state will vote Democratic. Marion County, Indiana's most populous county, supported the Republican candidates from to , before backing the Democrats in the , , , and elections. Indiana's second-most populous county, Lake County, strongly supports the Democratic party and has not voted for a Republican since Five Indiana cities were mentioned in the study.

On the liberal side, Gary was ranked second and South Bend came in at Among conservative cities, Fort Wayne was 44th, Evansville was 60th and Indianapolis was 82nd on the list. Indiana is home to several current and former military installations. The largest of these is the Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division , approximately 25 miles southwest of Bloomington , which is the third-largest naval installation in the world, comprising approximately square miles of territory.

The Army's Newport Chemical Depot , which is now closed and turning into a coal purifier plant. Indiana was formerly home to two major military installations; Grissom Air Force Base near Peru realigned to an Air Force Reserve installation in and Fort Benjamin Harrison near Indianapolis, now closed, though the Department of Defense continues to operate a large finance center there Defense Finance and Accounting Service.

The last decades of the 19th century began what is known as the "golden age of Indiana literature", a period that lasted until the s. Indiana developed a reputation as the "American heartland" after the publication of several widely read novels, beginning with Booth Tarkington 's The Gentleman from Indiana , Meredith Nicholson 's The Hoosiers , and Thompson's Alice of Old Vincennes A unique art culture also began to develop in the late 19th century, beginning the Hoosier School of landscape painting and the Richmond Group of impressionist painters.

The painters, including T. Steele , whose work was influenced by southern Indiana's colorful hills, were known for their use of vivid colors. Indiana has an extensive history with auto racing. The name of the race is usually shortened to "Indy " and also goes by the nickname "The Greatest Spectacle in Racing".

The race attracts more than , people every year, making it the largest single-day sporting event in the world. Indiana is also host to a major unlimited hydroplane racing power boat race circuits in the major H1 Unlimited league, the Madison Regatta Madison, Indiana.

Muncie has produced the most per capita of any American city, with two other Indiana cities in the top ten. Although James Naismith developed basketball in Springfield , Massachusetts in , high school basketball was born in Indiana.

In , Naismith visited an Indiana basketball state finals game along with 15, screaming fans and later wrote "Basketball really had its origin in Indiana, which remains the center of the sport. Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts have roots back to as the Dayton Triangles. They became an official team after moving to Baltimore , MD , in In , the Colts relocated to Indianapolis, leading to an eventual rivalry with the Baltimore Ravens.

While in Baltimore, the Colts won the Super Bowl. In recent years the Colts have regularly competed in the NFL playoffs. The following table shows the professional sports teams in Indiana.

Teams in italic are in major professional leagues. The Purdue Boilermakers were selected as the national champions in before the creation of the tournament, and have won 23 Big Ten championships.

The Boilermakers along with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have both won a national championship in women's basketball. Pioneer Football League. Missouri Valley Football Conference. Big Ten Conference men's ice hockey. Independent football. Southland Bowling League women's bowling. In , Indiana had a civilian labor force of nearly 3.

Indiana has an unemployment rate of 3. Despite its reliance on manufacturing, Indiana has been less affected by declines in traditional Rust Belt manufacturers than many of its neighbors.

The explanation appears to be certain factors in the labor market. First, much of the heavy manufacturing, such as industrial machinery and steel, requires highly skilled labor, and firms are often willing to locate where hard-to-train skills already exist.

Second, Indiana's labor force is primarily in medium-sized and smaller cities rather than in very large and expensive metropolises. This makes it possible for firms to offer somewhat lower wages for these skills than would normally be paid. Firms often see in Indiana a chance to obtain higher than average skills at lower than average wages. Northwest Indiana has been the largest steel producing center in the U.

Indiana is home to the international headquarters and research facilities of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in Indianapolis, the state's largest corporation, as well as the world headquarters of Mead Johnson Nutritionals in Evansville.

Indiana is in the U. Corn Belt and Grain Belt. It has a feedlot-style system raising corn to fatten hogs and cattle. Along with corn, soybeans are also a major cash crop. Its proximity to large urban centers, such as Indianapolis and Chicago, assure dairying, egg production, and specialty horticulture occur. Other crops include melons, tomatoes, grapes, mint, popping corn, and tobacco in the southern counties. Many parcels of woodland remain and support a furniture-making sector in southern Indiana.

In , CEO magazine ranked Indiana first in the Midwest and sixth in the country for best places to do business. Tax is collected by the Indiana Department of Revenue.

Indiana has a flat state income tax rate of 3. Many of the state's counties also collect income tax. Property taxes are imposed on both real and personal property in Indiana and are administered by the Department of Local Government Finance. Indiana does not have a legal requirement to balance the state budget either in law or its constitution. Instead, it has a constitutional ban on assuming debt.

The state has a Rainy Day Fund and for healthy reserves proportional to spending. Indiana is one of six U. Since , Indiana has been one of a few states to hold AAA bond credit ratings with the Big Three credit rating agencies, the highest possible rating. Indiana's power production chiefly consists of the consumption of fossil fuels, mainly coal. It has 24 coal power plants, including the country's largest coal power plant, Gibson Generating Station , across the Wabash River from Mount Carmel, Illinois.

Indiana is also home to the coal-fired plant with the highest sulfur dioxide emissions in the United States, the Gallagher power plant, just west of New Albany. In , Indiana had estimated coal reserves of 57 billion tons, and state mining operations produced 35 million tons of coal annually.

While Indiana has made commitments to increasing the use of renewable resources such as wind, hydroelectric, biomass, or solar power, progress has been very slow, mainly because of the continued abundance of coal in southern Indiana. Most of the new plants in the state have been coal gasification plants. Another source is hydroelectric power. Wind power has been growing rapidly. Estimates in raised Indiana's wind capacity from 30 MW at 50 m turbine height to 40, MW at 70 m, and to , MW at m, in , the height of newer turbines.

Indianapolis International Airport serves the greater Indianapolis area. It opened in November and offers a midfield passenger terminal, concourses, air traffic control tower, parking garage, and airfield and apron improvements. No airlines operate out of Terre Haute Regional Airport but it is used for private planes. The various highways intersecting in and around Indianapolis , along with its historical status as a major railroad hub, and the canals that once crossed Indiana, are the source of the state's motto, the Crossroads of America.

There are also many U. These are numbered according to the same convention as U. Indiana allows highways of different classifications to have the same number. For example, I and Indiana State Road 64 both exist rather close to each other in Indiana, but are two distinct roads with no relation to one another. The project was divided into six sections, with the first five sections linking Evansville to Martinsville now complete. The sixth and final phase from Martinsville to Indianapolis is under construction.

When complete, I will traverse an additional miles km through the state. Most Indiana counties use a grid-based system to identify county roads; this system replaced the older arbitrary system of road numbers and names, and among other things makes it much easier to identify the sources of calls placed to the system. Such systems are easier to implement in the glacially flattened northern and central portions of the state. Rural counties in the southern third of the state are less likely to have grids and more likely to rely on unsystematic road names for example, Crawford, Harrison, Perry, Scott, and Washington Counties.

There are also counties in the northern portions of the state that have never implemented a grid or have only partially implemented one. Some counties are also laid out in an almost diamond-like grid system e. Such a system is also almost useless in those situations as well.

Knox County once operated two different grid systems for county roads because the county was laid out using two different survey grids, but has since decided to use road names and combine roads instead. Notably, the county road grid system of St. Joseph County, whose major city is South Bend, uses perennial tree names i. Ash, Hickory, Ironwood, etc. There are exceptions to this rule in downtown South Bend and Mishawaka. Hamilton County's east—west roads continue Indianapolis's numbered street system from 96th Street at the Marion County line to th street at the Tipton County line.

The remaining miles are operated by 37 regional, local, and switching and terminal railroads. The South Shore Line is one of the country's most notable commuter rail systems, extending from Chicago to South Bend. Indiana is implementing an extensive rail plan prepared in by the Parsons Corporation.

Indiana annually ships more than 70 million tons of cargo by water each year, which ranks 14th among all U. Indiana's constitution was the first in the country to implement a state-funded public school system. It also allotted one township for a public university.

In the s, Caleb Mills pressed the need for tax-supported schools, and in his advice was included in the new state constitution. In the Legislature ruled that African Americans could not attend the public schools, leading to the foundation of Union Literary Institute and other schools for them, funded by donations or the students themselves. Although the growth of the public school system was held up by legal entanglements, many public elementary schools were in use by Most children in Indiana attend public schools, but nearly ten percent attend private schools and parochial schools.

Indiana public schools have gone through several changes throughout Indiana's history. Modern, public school standards, have been implemented all throughout the state. These new standards were adopted in April The overall goal of these new state standards is to ensure Indiana students have the necessary skills and requirements needed to enter college or the workforce upon high school graduation.

In , the Indiana Department of Education reported that the state's overall graduation rate was Indiana has a strong vocational school system. There are vocational schools in every region of Indiana, and most Indiana students can freely attend a vocational school during their high school years and receive training and job placement assistance in trade jobs.

The largest educational institution is Indiana University , a multi-campus university system; its flagship campus was endorsed as Indiana Seminary in Indiana State University was established as the state's Normal School in ; Purdue University was chartered as a land-grant university in and is also a multi-campus institution. Many of Indiana's private colleges and universities are affiliated with religious groups. The state's community college system, Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana , serves nearly , students annually, making it the state's largest public post-secondary educational institution and the nation's largest singly accredited statewide community college system.

The state has several universities ranked among the best by U. Purdue's engineering programs are ranked eighth in the country. In addition, Taylor University is ranked first in the Regional College Midwest Rankings and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has been considered the nation's top undergraduate engineering school for 24 consecutive years. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 13 January This article is about the U.

For other uses, see Indiana disambiguation. For the passenger train, see Hoosier State train. State in the United States. Hoosier Hill [2] [a]. Confluence of Ohio River and Wabash River [2] [a]. Flag of Indiana. Main article: History of Indiana. Above: a map showing extent of the treaty lands. Below: one of the first maps of Indiana made , published showing territories prior to the Treaty of St.

Mary's which greatly expanded the region. Note the inaccurate placement of Lake Michigan. Main article: Indiana in the American Civil War. Main article: Geography of Indiana. Further information: Climate change in Indiana. Main article: Time in Indiana. See also: List of counties in Indiana and Indiana statistical areas. See also: List of municipalities in Indiana. See also: Indiana locations by per capita income.

Main article: Government of Indiana. See also: United States congressional delegations from Indiana and Indiana's congressional districts. The Indiana Statehouse top houses the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of state government. Main article: Politics of Indiana.

See also: Golden Age of Indiana Literature. Main article: Sports in Indiana. Indianapolis Colts Indy Eleven. See also: Hoosier Hysteria. Main article: Economy of Indiana. See also: Taxation in Indiana. Further information: List of Generating Stations in Indiana.

See also: List of airports in Indiana. See also: List of colleges and universities in Indiana. Indiana University Bloomington. The public Indiana University system enrolls , students. Purdue University. The public Purdue University system enrolls 67, students, not including Purdue Global. See Hodgin, Cyrus Retrieved January 23, The Michigan Territory was established in from part of the Indiana Territory's northern lands and four years later, in , the Illinois counties were separated from the Indiana Territory to create the Illinois Territory.

See John D. Barnhart; Dorothy L. Riker Indiana to The Colonial Period. The History of Indiana. See Mecklenburg, Rick May 1, Archived from the original on January 17, Retrieved August 13, See Henderson, Mark May 2, Archived from the original on November 9, Retrieved August 17, See Dresang, Joel July 30, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Retrieved August 14, In the U. Census, Indiana's center of population was located in Hamilton County , in the town of Sheridan. See "Population and Population Centers by State".

United States Census Bureau. Archived from the original on May 8, Retrieved November 21, Indiana Historical Bureau. December 7, Retrieved November 6, United States Geological Survey.

Retrieved October 21, The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Retrieved April 8, The bird commonly known as the Red Bird or Cardinal Richmondena Cardinalis Cardinalis is hereby adopted and designated as the official state bird of the state of Indiana.

The tulip tree liriodendron tulipifera is hereby adopted and designated as the official state tree, and the flower of the peony Paeonie is hereby adopted and designated as the official state flower of the state of Indiana. Indiana Department of Natural Resources. January 26, Say's Firefly became Indiana's state insect when legislation proclaiming it as such was signed by Gov.

Eric Holcomb on March 23, The Indianapolis Star. Inside Indiana Business. February 19, The poem of Arthur Franklin Mapes, Kendallville, Indiana, the title and text of which are set forth in full as a part of this section, is hereby adopted as Indiana's official poem.

The river commonly known as the Wabash River is adopted and designated as the official river of the state of Indiana. The regal type rock 'Limestone' which is found and quarried in south and central Indiana from the geologic formation named the Salem Limestone, is hereby adopted as the official stone of the State of Indiana.

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