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Elemica portal

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Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, introduces Elemica Customer Portal Assistant that includes a self- service data management solution. Many Elemica clients have been asked by their customers to go to leading customer ordering portal solutions to look for new orders or enter invoices. This requires customer service to manually log into the portals for orders and invoices, review, and then re-key orders, invoices, confirmations, and ship notices into their ERP solution.

This is an ongoing cycle that wastes time, is costly, and error-prone. The CPA integration is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. The subscription is free of charge of BASF suppliers. In future, order confirmations, shipping notices and invoices are created directly from the PO via the portal. That ensures a transparent process free of errors and mismatches for you and us.

Now you have completed your registration and are ready to get started. You can also create as many accounts as needed for your organization.

For further information, please have a look at the collected links and documentations on the right side of the screen. As supplier, you can look forward to a variety of benefits: End-to-end transparency allows you to access the latest PO changes at any time; sources of data entry errors and mismatches are eliminated: Information is updated within minutes; we and you see the same information worldwide and around the clock; no more need to sort through paper PO changes Better payment on time ; payment status is always transparent: Mismatches between PO and invoice are avoided; you can check the status of your invoices yourself similar to what some suppliers already do in World Account today Together, we lead the way to an industry solution : We are working to make this the industry standard for the chemical industry, so you and all our suppliers can use one portal to communicate with many customers This is what the purchase-to-pay process looks like when using VIP:.

And this is how the transition works: The onboarding process contains three steps: If you as a BASF supplier for direct procurement have a yearly PO count within or above double-digit range, we will contact you via e-mail and you will have the opportunity to inform yourself of the transition.

Please note: Also suppliers who are currently already using a portal solution for electronic data exchange with BASF e. WorldAccount, Crossgate ect. These various solutions are going to be replaced by VIP. A few weeks later, Elemica will send you a registration link and will guide you step by step through the registration on the portal.

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Learn More. One platform. Infinite possibilities. Schedule a meeting. Global Headquarters E. News Careers Legal Contact Imprint. For an overview over the Elemica registration process, please have a look at the chart below. You can also find a preview of the surface and the major features of the portal by watching the following video. Afterwards, we and Elemica will need some time for the configuration of your account.

Before the first BASF order will be sent via the portal, you will receive a go-live message containing important information about the final transition steps. If you are a supplier for several different BASF companies, you will therefore have a transition period during which you will receive POs via the portal from some companies, while still receiving them via the former way from others.

We will of course send you a separate go-live message before the go-live of each company on the portal. This account is needed to pause and resume the registration process. Further information and contacts: For further information, please have a look at the collected links and documentations on the right side of the screen. Support contacts. Go-live Checklist. Elemica Homepage.

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